Martial Peak Chapter 5803: Ninth time



  In that situation, he thought he couldn’t escape under Yang Kai. Perhaps he could make Yang Kai pay some price in desperation, but it would definitely not be too big.


  I never thought that this killing star was just teasing own in this way, and then he hurried away again!


  Why? Why…


  the next moment, he knew why.


  Just standing in shape, behind has extremely ferocious aura wrapped around the monstrous hostility quickly approaching, that aura is stronger than Yang Kai which has become 9-Rank.


  The pseudo Royal Lord turned his head quickly, and at a glance, he saw the figure that was rushing towards the own. He had felt the aura from a distance, and had seen the figure from a distance. Seeing you again at this moment is still heartbreaking.


  ”The Chaos Spirit King!” His face was panicked.


  In an instant, the Chaos Spirit King was approaching, and the opponent’s anger was as fierce as an erupting volcano, but he didn’t care about his fake Royal Lord that was blocking the road. It seemed that he just pulled away a roadblock and faced him. He slapped a fist casually, and then passed him, chasing the Human Race Killing Star.


  ”Wow…” The figure suddenly buckled, a mouthful of ink and blood spewed out, aura languished, and the power of ink collapsed uncontrollably.


  Even if it was a casual blow, under the anger of the Chaos Spirit King, the power of this blow was definitely not to be underestimated. In addition, this Black Ink Clan fake Royal Lord was just stunned by the whip of Yang Kai. He was unprepared for this and was seriously injured.


  raises the head looked, the figure of the Chaos Spirit King was drifting away in the field of vision, and his mood was ups and downs. He couldn’t help but gloat in his pain and couldn’t help but laughed “ha”.


  Yang Kai This guy is being chased by the Chaos Spirit King!


  No wonder he didn’t have time to pay attention to own. At this moment, he couldn’t help but think of an old saying of Human Race.


  The wicked have their own grievances!


  Aren’t you Yang Kai very good? Haven’t you been promoted to 9-Rank? But no matter how powerful you are, facing an angry Chaos Spirit King, there is still only one who is chased and killed to flee.


  Pray secretly in my heart, that Chaos Spirit King ten million/countless must work harder and kill Yang Kai!


  Just as the smile bloomed, it suddenly stiffened on his face.


  In front of Void, layer upon layer ripples suddenly appeared, as if stones were dropped from the calm lake surface, the ripples spread, and a figure came from virtual reality.


  He seems to have stepped out from another space, and he is already close.


  ”You…” The pseudo Royal Lord suddenly changed his face. At this moment, he realized that own should have made a mistake.


  ”You seem to be very happy?” The Yang Kai who had gone back and forth looked at the fake Royal Lord a little strangely.


  The other party doesn’t answer, so he turns around and runs away.


  If he had just met Yang Kai, he still had a desperate fight, that is, he wanted to bite off a piece of Yang Kai. Then at this moment, after being seriously injured by the Chaos Spirit King, this idea has disappeared.


   At the peak, he could not be the opponent of this killing star, not to mention the severely injured body at this moment.


  He deliberately!


  This killing star is definitely intentional!


  His move just to use the Chaos Spirit King’s hand to weaken own‘s strength, and then use the space divine ability to kill a carbine, he has no idea of ​​letting off own at all.


  From the beginning, he wanted to kill own!


  ”What are you running!” Yang Kai was a little impatient, frowned and drank. Chaos Spirit King noticed that his aura had been turned and chased. If he didn’t want to fight against Chaos Spirit King, he had to hurry. Fight quickly.


When the words fell, Space Principle had already been activated, and the surrounding Void suddenly became sticky, like a bog. The pseudo-Royal Lord was struggling for a moment.


  The spear has been sacrificed, and Yang Kai killed it with the gun.


  The fierce Internal Qi struck from behind, this fake Royal Lord was forced to turn around to deal with it, staying in the last scene in the field of vision, it was the tip of the gun that was constantly expanding in the pupil!


  Ink and blood splattered, heads burst, and two figures passed by. Yang Kai did not stop and swept forward quickly. The corpse of behind‘s pseudo-Royal Lord stood still, still in a defensive posture, silently accusing him of his deceit.


  After a few breaths, the chased Chaos Spirit King passed through here again, and once again flung a fist at will. This time, the body blocking the road also exploded into ashes.


In   Mild Soul Lotus, Lei Ying whispered to Fang Tianci: “Boss is too insidious.”


  Fang Tianci has a serious and authentic saying: “The battle against the enemy is omnipotent. There is nothing insidious or insidious.”


  With this Senior/true body’s current strength, it’s not too difficult to kill a fake Royal Lord, but it’s always going to be a fight. The fake Royal Lord can barely be considered a powerhouse at the level of Royal Lord, just because it’s built by Black Ink Clan secret skill, it’s hard to play Out of full strength.


  When behind is chased by powerful people like the Chaos Spirit King, it is naturally not a wise move to fight against the fake Royal Lord.


  With the help of the Chaos Spirit King, weaken the power of the pseudo Royal Lord, and then change the direction to kill the carbine, which can naturally solve the opponent easily.


  With this effort, the chaser became the help of Yang Kai’s unknowingly, so why not kill a fake Royal Lord so effortlessly.


  Of course, it is also the Chaos Spirit King spiritual wisdom who is not high enough to do this. If you are a strong man with normal thinking, Yang Kai‘s move may not have any effect.


  Fleeing still remains, chasing and killing more.


  In the furnace, the world is jumping up and down.


  Yang Kai has no clear direction. Anyway, the Chaos Spirit King is hanging around, and the world is running around in this furnace.


  If you encounter a strong Black Ink Clan, you can kill it. If there is Human Race, you will take a detour to warn you in advance to avoid being involved in this storm.


   His current strength may be worse than that of the Chaos Spirit King, but if he wants to escape, the Chaos Spirit King has nothing to do with him. However, the spiritual wisdom of this guy is not high. It is determined that Yang Kai has robbed best quality Open Heaven Pill. Chasing steadily.


  time passed by, and there were fewer and fewer Black Ink Clans. Of course, there was a reason for being killed, but the bigger reason is probably that the survivors were hiding.


  At the moment in the furnace world, the situation is extremely unfavorable for the Black Ink Clan side. There are as many as four Human Race 9-Rank Open Heaven. They are scattered everywhere in search of Black Ink Clan powerhouses, intending to kill to the last one/being ruthless, and the only Royal Lord on the Black Ink Clan He was hit hard and his whereabouts are unknown.


  In this situation, Black Ink Clan doesn’t have the capital to fight Human Race. Naturally, it uses various methods to hide and wait for the world in this furnace to close.


  Although most of them know that when Universe Furnace is closed, it will be another **** battle, but they have no more choices.


  time gradually passed, Yang Kai was a little disappointed.


  No trace of Manaya was found, nor the whereabouts of the other three Spirit Pills.


The world in the furnace is still very vast after all. Maybe there are some places he has not explored, or maybe the three Spirit Pills have been refined, or they have fallen into the hands of one of the two races. It’s all possible.


  And if this guy like Manaya is all about hiding, it won’t be easy to find him.


  In no hurry, when Universe Furnace is closed, he can give Manaya a good look and let him know what despair is.


  In this Universe Furnace trip, Human Race not only broke the Black Ink Clan powerhouse, 9-Rank gave birth to four people, and Yang Kai also had a wealth of best quality Open Heaven Pill. This Spirit Pill can be brought back to Mi Jinglun for refining. In short, This time, blood is earned.


  Until a certain moment, the power of Void‘s main road suddenly oscillated, and only the faint chaos remained and quickly disappeared.


  The Ninth Avenue Evolution is finally here!


After this time, it should not take long for Universe Furnace to close.


  While chasing the Yang Kai’s Chaos Spirit King all the time, it seems that he is vaguely aware of something, his mood is getting more and more irritable, and his speed is faster.


  However, since the beginning of its pursuit of Yang Kai, it has not been close to Yang Kai. At this moment, no matter how hard it is, it is still to no avail.


   “Old Second at the helm!” Yang Kai suddenly snorted.


  At the helm…at the helm!


  Mild Soul Lotus, Fang Tianci’s mouth twitched slightly.


  What does Boss consider this powerful flesh body? But when I think about it carefully, the three brothers squeezed into this big boat named flesh body, it was quite appropriate.


  Thinking in his heart, Fang Tianci did not have hesitates and immediately took over flesh body.


  But it did not take over all of it, mainly because Yang Kai still occupies most of the dominant position of flesh body, and he can’t control it all.


  It’s not that Yang Kai is defending him, but Yang Kai has to distract him at the moment. Fang Tianci only needs to control flesh body to avoid chasing by the Chaos Spirit King, and does not need much control.


  The handover with each other was extremely smooth. From the perspective of an outsider, there is no change in Yang Kai at all. He is still escaping quickly. The Chaos Spirit King pursued by behind has no way at all.


  However, all of Yang Kai‘s mind at the moment is used to perceive the changes in the surroundings.


  When the ninth avenue in this furnace of the world evolved, the power of Void’s avenue was trembling, and it completely completed the interpretation of the chaotic world. The nine evolutions will finally reach perfection at this moment.


  At this moment, Yang Kai also sacrificed own‘s space-time river, urging its own power, blending with it, and deducing infinite mysteries.


  small, a space-time long Hanoi, the power of ten thousand avenues gathers. Under the urge of Yang Kai’s, the power of all kinds of avenues continuously merge and merge, swallow and evolve each other, and finally turn into the power of five elements.


  five elements Avenue is still struggling with each other, quickly transforming into Yin-Yang.


  Yin-Yang alternately, space-time reverses and tends to chaos.


   Ten thousand ways are unified, and finally chaos!


  This is the mystery that Yang Kai has realized in the endless river, and at this moment, with the help of the evolution of its own power, it has completely confirmed this point.


  At this moment, the space-time river lingering beside him is no longer the space-time river, but a chaotic river.


  When this chaotic river completely stabilized, the sudden change occurred.


  It seems that a hot oil pan drips into 1 drop water, and the power of the whole world in the furnace begins to vibrate. The endless river that runs through the world in the furnace becomes fierce and surging at this moment, and the waves are swept. Wave shocking.


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