Martial God Asura Chapter 5977: Meticulous care


p;”seniors, please don’t say that.”

“If it weren’t for several seniors, Chu Feng wouldn’t be able to fight against the blocked great formation, and they are destined to be caught.”

“And Jie Tiannian said that he would not tell Seven Worlds Saint Palace that you helped me.”

“Her meaning just wants to save Seven Worlds Saint Palace‘s people and won’t embarrass us.”

“But I didn’t trust her, so even if she said this, I still chose to escape by means.”

senior, based on your understanding of Jie Tiannian, are her words credible?” Chu Feng asked.

“Jie Tiannian’s character is quite reliable.”

“If she really said that, it’s probably credible.”

After Taoist Priest Long expressed his stance, several other Taoist Priests also expressed their stance.

After a subsequent conversation, Chu Feng learned that Jie Tiannian had always had an excellent relationship with his mother Jie Ranqing.

Putting aside the relationship between sisters, Jie Tiannian is also very measured in his behavior. He never bullies others and is a junior with excellent character.

Chu Feng decided to go find Jie Tiannian.

Maybe through her, you can learn about your mother.

But of course, this matter was not told to the Totem Nine.

It’s not that I don’t believe it, but it’s not necessary.

As for Totem Nine, although he escaped from ruins, he was still injured.

They need some conditioning.

They have many secret caves, almost all over the vast martial cultivation world.

So before leaving, they also informed Chu Feng of the location of the cave where they were going to to undergo closed-door training to rest.

Chu Feng young hero, let’s not talk nonsense. In short, the kindness owed to you by the nine of us brothers has not yet been repaid.”

“As long as you can trust us nine bad old men, please inform us at any time if necessary.”

After saying that, Chief Long handed an ancient talismans to Chu Feng, which had his aura on it:

“No matter where you are, as long as you pinch this talismans, you can send a message to me.”

“Definitely.” Chu Feng didn’t make any ink, so he took over talismans.

Chu Feng is currently limited to cultivation realm, and Totem Nine is indeed reliable. Maybe we will really need their help in the future.

Then, the nine totems left this place and rushed towards their cave.

As for Chu Feng, he also set off immediately, but he did not leave this world.

Because of this world, precisely Jie Tiannian told Chu Feng to come here to find her world.

Chu Feng searched according to the location and came to a desert.

Beyond the desert is a place with few people, and above the desert there is no life at all.

Naturally, there is no trace of Jie Tian Nian.

But Chu Feng quickly observed that this desert was actually a hidden formation technique.

This hidden formation technique is very sophisticated, and the opponent’s methods are powerful. Even if Chu Feng sees through that it is a hidden formation technique, it is not easy to break through.

Even if you use the primary secret code, it will probably take a lot of time.


But at this moment, a space crack appeared, and on the other end of the crack was a piece of bamboo forest.

Seeing this, Chu Feng quickly stepped into it, and the crack was immediately closed.

The current Chu Feng is already in the quiet bamboo forest.

Here, Chu Feng’s Spirit power and observation ability are greatly affected.

But it is not the power of formation technique, but a special smell, which comes from bamboo forest gives out.

Faced with this kind of bound, Chu Feng was not only not nervous, but actually a little excited inside.

This is good bound, helpful for cultivation of World Spiritist.

No wonder Jie Tiannian asked her to come here. She probably wanted Chu Feng and cultivation here.

Although Spirit power and observation skills were both bound, there was a forest path under my feet.

Following the path in the forest, Chu Feng soon found a bamboo hut.

Outside the hut, there is a gentle figure, boiling water with a kettle, but it is not simply boiling water, but boiling water with formation technique.

This person is precisely Jie Tiannian.


Jie Tiannian raise one’s head looked at Chu Feng, his eyes and smile were still gentle.

When we met for the first time, Chu Feng was wary, but didn’t notice.

But this time see again/goodbye was no longer as vigilant as before, so when I saw Jie Tiannian’s gentle eyes again, I felt an indescribable warmth in my heart.

She seems to really treat herself as a relative.

Because of the change in mentality, Chu Feng, who had always been fearless, didn’t know how to face this aunt.

Jie Tiannian seemed to be aware of Chu Feng‘s inner struggle, so he picked up the kettle, poured the refined water into the bowl, and walked to Chu Feng.

“Drink this, then go to bamboo forest and get cultivation.”

Although it is water, it is gives out With a faint fragrance, this water is composed of countless Heaven and Earth Treasure Made by boiling.

It is specially prepared by Jie Tiannian for Chu Feng.

And she trusts Chu Feng.

She knows how Chu Feng can see through cultivation.

So not much explanation.

many thanks.”

Chu Feng took the water and drank it in one gulp.

Dissolved in water, Chu Feng can feel the smell of bamboo forest gives out more clearly.

The smell is indeed a rare cultivation thing.

“Go ahead, but don’t keep cultivationing.”

“We must combine work and rest.”

“Come back here in one day.” Jie Tiannian instructed.

“Yeah.” Chu Feng nodded and immediately walked into bamboo forest.

He came to the place where bamboo forest‘s aura was strongest, sat down cross-legged, and took out the cultivation resources that Jie Tiannian had given her previously.

Although, the cultivation resources of Totem Nine Paths can also be used here.

However, Jie Tiannian’s cultivation resources are more suitable here, and cultivation has a better effect.

Chu Feng inhales the smell of bamboo forest gives out while refining cultivation resources, and the effect is excellent.

In one day, the cultivation resources given to her by Jie Tiannian, Chu Feng had not yet been refined to 100%, but they had already broken through.

From Xianlong God-cloak, stepped into realm of Zunlong God-cloak.

There is only one step left to reach the true pinnacle of God-cloak.

And Chu Feng feels that by completely refining these cultivation resources, he can definitely step into the peak of God-cloak, the Holy Dragon God-cloak realm.

But Chu Feng did not continue cultivation because he remembered Jie Tiannian’s reminder to rest for one day.

After opening his eyes, Chu Feng’s expression also changed.

cultivation didn’t feel it when he was concentrating, but after relaxing now, he found that he was a little weak.

It’s probably because of excessive swallowing of bamboo forest‘s aura.

It seems that bamboo forest also has side effects.

And he also discovered that bamboo forest, which was originally green, now had large areas of bamboo turning yellow.

“Is it because of me cultivation?”

Chu Feng finally understood why Jie Tian wanted him to stop cultivation.

cultivation has side effects.

This bamboo will be worn out for one thing.

If cultivation continues, it will not be able to support Chu Feng to refine all cultivation resources, and these bamboos will probably wither.


At this moment, a purple rainstorm suddenly started falling in the void.

Under the irrigation of the purple rainstorm, those yellow bamboos began to gradually recover.

Chu Feng knows that this is Jie Tiannian’s method.

Because it can be seen with the naked eye that this purple rainstorm is also made from valuable treasures.

So Chu Feng stood up with confidence and dragged his somewhat weak body towards the bamboo house.

Don’t tell me, I didn’t feel it at first, but the longer it went, the more exhausted I felt.

Even the steps became heavier and heavier. Although the First Rank road was not very long, Chu Feng felt like it had been a long walk.

But fortunately, we still arrived outside the bamboo house.

The door of the bamboo house is open, so even before entering the bamboo house, Chu Feng can see the scene inside the bamboo house from a long distance.

The bamboo house is not very big, and there is a small bamboo table in the middle. But on the small bamboo table, there are several dishes that look good.

As for Jie Tiannian, he is still cooking, not using formation technique, but the cooking method of ordinary people.

“I’m back, just in time, the last dish is just about to be cooked.”

Jie Tiannian turned around and smiled brightly at Chu Feng, then continued cooking.

When Chu Feng stepped into the bamboo house and sat down, the last dish happened to be placed on the plate.

Don’t mention it, Jie Tiannian’s craftsmanship is pretty good. Just the aroma awakened Chu Feng’s’s appetite even before he tasted it.

Especially for my tired body at this moment, seeing such delicious food is extremely tempting.

But at the same time, Chu Feng had mixed feelings in his heart, and this feeling made him feel a little strange.

It’s unusually warm.

Along the way, there were many people who were kind to him.

But this feeling that Jie Tiannian gave her was the first time.

That is a kind of meticulous care.

“I don’t know what you like to eat, but these are your mother’s favorite dishes. I think you might also like them.” Jie Tian thought.

“Aunt, how is my mother?” Chu Feng finally asked the question he had always wanted to ask.


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