Martial God Asura Chapter 5906: Amazing father


This voice came from the sky, and at the same time, a gaze also enveloped Chu Feng and Zi Ling.

This gaze was felt in the last formation technique before precisely Chu Feng.

But the difference is that this gaze can not only be felt clearly now, but also the power of the other party can be felt.

This kind of awareness is like a trapped ant feeling the gaze of humans.

But right now, Chu Feng is the trapped ant.

At this moment, another voice came into Chu Feng‘s ears, and it was the voice of a sacred deer.

Chu Feng, this one is extremely powerful.”

“I’m afraid I can’t help you escape.”

“You should have some sense of yourself.”

After hearing this, Chu Feng felt even worse.

Chu Feng has seen what the divine deer is capable of.

Now that she has even said this, it is enough to prove how terrifying this person is.

senior, are you from the Three Saints Demon Clan?” Chu Feng raise one’s head asked.

“Yes.” The man replied.

The other party answered like this, and Chu Feng’s hanging heart dropped a little.

If the other party is a member of the Three Saints Demon Clan, there may still be room for discussion.

If the other party is an outsider but has such great strength, then something really bad may be going on.

“I wonder what happened to senior. Do you want to discuss it with junior?” Chu Feng asked.

The man did not say anything directly, but said with a smile, “My little friend, you have an incredible father.”

This laughter made Chu Feng feel a little more uneasy.

The tone was not like a compliment, but more like a meaningful ridicule.

This kind of ridicule makes it difficult to distinguish between friend and foe.

But if it is an enemy, it will be really miserable.

But there is no sense in panic what intention, no matter how big the matter is, you will eventually have to face it.

So Chu Feng asked “senior, what do you mean what intention?”

“Little friend, you are a smart person. I can teleport you here. I believe you also know that I am the one who truly controls Divine Mountain formation technique.”

“I fell into a deep sleep and woke up recently.”

“But after waking up, I found that the sacred objects of our Three Saint Demon Clan were missing.”

“And this matter is related to your father.” The man said.

senior, how did you know that this matter is related to my father?” Chu Feng asked.

“Don’t pretend to be confused. This matter is not only related to your father, but also to you.”

As soon as these words came out, Chu Feng felt a bad feeling in his heart.

If the other party could say this, he obviously already knew something.

But Chu Feng himself is a little confused.

Chu Feng doesn’t know much about his father.

Just talking about myself, Chu Feng’s did come into contact with a jar, but he did not come into contact with the holy objects of the Three Saint Demon Clan.

But at this moment, the person continued, “Is that black jar still on you?”

Hearing this, Chu Feng was a little surprised.

He didn’t expect that this person even knew about this.

“Don’t be nervous, you can be forgiven for not saying anything.”

“But I said that I have the real formation technique power of Divine Mountain. This formation technique can record what happened within the First Rank time of Divine Mountain.”

“After I woke up, I found that the sacred object was missing, so I checked all the records in the formation.”

“It was discovered that the sacred object was missing, and the main culprit was our Three Saint Demon Clan’s own problems.”

“The imperfect vessels that carry the sacred objects are the root cause of the loss of the sacred objects.”

The man paused deliberately when he reached this point.

It seems to be deliberately arousing Chu Feng’s‘s curiosity.

So Chu Feng asked directly, “senior, what happened back then? Why did you say that the loss of the sacred objects was related to my father?”

“My friend, your previous guess was correct.”

“This place formation technique is not only for to train, but also to select outstanding juniors and use their bloodline power to refine holy objects.”

“Your father is very strong. If it hadn’t been for him back then, no matter how talented the Three Saints of the Universe were, it would have been impossible to complete the final tempering within the First Level formation technique of the last two formation techniques.”

“In terms of tempering holy objects, your father’s contribution is even greater than that of my fellow Three Saints Demon Tribe.”

“But having said that, it may be precisely because the final tempering was not completed through two formation techniques that the holy object awakened early.”

“Broken out of the bottle.”

“But I still have to say that the reason why the sacred object broke out of the bottle is our own problem with the Three Saint Demon Clan. It is because the object we built to carry it was insufficient.”

“However, when the sacred objects were broken out of the bottle, the temple had not yet been opened.”

“The holy object was still weak at the time, so it was afraid of being caught, so it hid in one of the black jars.”

Hearing this, Chu Feng knew why the other party said that the loss of the holy objects was related to his father and himself.

It turns out that inside the black jar is a sacred object.

This means that what Chu Feng let go was probably the soul of the Dark Demon God.

“What a coincidence, the temple opened later, and your father and the Three Saints Qiankun entered the temple to investigate the situation.”

“Although the two of them were concerned about the loss of the sacred objects at the time, your father should also have noticed something strange about the black jar.”

“So later on, your father specially sneaked into my Divine Mountain, entered the temple, and took away the jar.”

“And put blood formation technique on the jar, and change the consciousness of the thing in the jar when it is weak.”

“He led you into my Divine Mountain and placed the jar where you can access it.”

“As long as the jar you open is the first thing you come into contact with, it will to recognize as master you.” The person said.

to recognize as master to me?” Chu Feng was surprised.

“Even if it’s not true to recognize as master For you, I will also have special feelings for you. ”

“After my observation, the bloodline formation technique planted by your father is integrated with powerful treasures from the ancient times. The effect cannot be weak.”

“Of course, I believe that your father just noticed something strange about the jar. He would not have thought that the jar would be the lost sacred object of the Three Saints Demon Clan.”

“But even if your father doesn’t know that it is a holy object, he still knows that the jar is equally precious to the Three Saints.”

“Your father is very clear about this matter.”

“Therefore, it is a fact that your father sneaked into the temple and took away the jar as a selfish act.” The man said.

“But according to what you said, my father returned to Divine Mountain after he left.”

“But to open the temple, don’t you need to break formation technique? Then how did my father enter the temple?” Chu Feng asked.

“Normally, he really couldn’t get in, but he just did it.”

“Otherwise, you have an amazing father.” The man smiled.

Until now, Chu Feng didn’t know the incredible meaning of this sentence.

It turned out to be his father, who broke some of the restrictions of Divine Mountain.

“So before

Why are you looking for me? “Chu Feng asked.

“It’s very simple. You go and find the sacred object, and this matter can be dropped.”

“But before you retrieve the sacred object, your little girlfriend needs to stay in Divine Mountain.” The person said.

senior, whether the thing in the jar is a holy thing or not, junior will look for it.”

“But can we change the way and not detain Zi Ling?” Chu Feng said quickly.

“In other words, is there a better way to keep your loved ones?” the person asked.

“Yes, you can let me take poison.” Chu Feng said.

“Brother Chu Feng, no.”

Hearing this, Zi Ling panicked. She would rather be detained than Chu Feng take poison.

Hahaha…” But at this time, the man laughed.

“Take poison?”

“This is a good way.”

“In that case, I will satisfy you.”

After the words fell, dark clouds suddenly filled the sky.

Then the dark clouds in the sky gathered in one place and condensed a black pill.

The black elixir floated toward Chu Feng, leaving cracks in the space wherever it passed.

This elixir, gives out, has an extremely terrifying aura, as if it can easily destroy countless lives.

Chu Feng If you take this pill, you will definitely die if there is no antidote.

senior, I am willing to stay and don’t let Chu Feng take poison.” Seeing this, Zi Ling prayed to the void.

But that person ignored him and the elixir floated straight towards Chu Feng.

senior, if you keep your word, I will take this poison and let me leave with Zi Ling.”

Chu Feng held the poison pill and said.

“After taking this pill, I will let you two go.” The man said.

And Chu Feng directly stuffed the poison pill into entrance.

But the next moment, Chu Feng’s‘s expression froze.

He discovered that the elixir looked dangerous, but in fact it was not toxic. Instead, it was an extraordinary cultivation thing.

Now that this elixir has entered the body, not only does it not pose any threat to Chu Feng, but it has turned into the energy of heaven and earth containing Dao of Martial Cultivation and integrated into Chu Feng‘s body.

Hahaha ha…”

At this time, the man laughed again.


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