Martial God Asura Chapter 5703: The bloodline of the king, partially awakened


Chu Feng opened his eyes and could feel the tearing pain in his body beginning to invade him.

Although his physical body had completely recovered during his sleep, the pain was still sweeping through his body.

But Chu Feng was ecstatic inside.

Because at least he can be sure that he is indeed still alive.

“This feeling?”

But before Chu Feng had time to observe everything around him, his expression changed and his face became even more joyful.

Even though pain was clearly felt throughout his body, Chu Feng couldn’t help but laugh loudly.

Because besides the pain, he also felt other changes in himself, which were good changes.

My own king’s bloodline, for some unknown reason, has awakened a little.

Now the power of the king’s bloodline can be used for oneself more than before.

After Chu Feng was overjoyed, he had no time to think too much, but hurriedly took advantage of the benefits brought by the awakening of the king’s bloodline, cultivation‘s ancient meditation method.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Sure enough, with the benefits brought by the awakening of the bloodline of the rely on king, coupled with the foundation laid by cultivation before, Chu Feng’s formation cultivation realm was able to break through quickly.

From gold dragon God-cloak, I stepped into Huanglong God-cloak.

Although the improvement in cultivation realm only goes so far, the benefits of partially awakening the bloodline of the king are definitely more than that.

Huanglong God-cloak is comparable to Sixth Rank Demigod.

According to the previous strength of Chu Feng, after Chu Feng steps into the Imperial Dragon God-cloak, only in terms of combat power of formation, it is comparable to the Immortal Dragon God-cloak, which is Seventh Rank Demigod.

Spirit Formation technique, Fight Against First Rank, amazing.

But if we put aside the combat power and only focus on the to break the formation method, the strength of Chu Feng’s to break the formation is stronger and can be comparable to Zunlong God-cloak.

And now…

Chu Feng can not only use the cultivation realm of the Imperial Dragon God-cloak, but also has the strength comparable to the Imperial Dragon God-cloak when it comes to to break the formation.

Even the combat power of formation has also reached Zunlong God-cloak.

What is this concept?

Equivalent to Sixth Rank Demigod, with combat power comparable to Eight Rank Demigod.

Nowadays, many of the top talents in the martial cultivation world, such as Long Chengyu and Long Muxiand others, can rely on their bloodline to improve their realm.


But in terms of Spirit Formation technique, there are very few that can improve combat power.

Spirit Formation technique can improve the combat power of First Level, which is amazing and incredible.

It is unheard of to be able to improve twice.

But Chu Feng has done it now.

This…is the benefit brought by the awakening of the king’s bloodline.

Furthermore, it is a permanent benefit. Even if the power of Nine Dragons cannot support Chu Feng in the future, Chu Feng’s formation can still maintain its combat power with only the blood of the king.

The most important thing is that this is just the awakening part.

My king’s bloodline is still far away from being fully awakened.

But this part is already the case.

The bloodline of the king is indeed worthy of being called the strongest bloodline in World Spiritist.

“If Seven Worlds Saint Palace finds out, not only will I, Chu Feng, not die, but I will be a blessing in disguise. I don’t know how many old Biden will be angry to death.”

Chu Feng couldn’t help but sigh.

Although I don’t know the specific reason for the awakening of the King’s Bloodline, Chu Feng feels that it must be related to the battle of Seven Worlds Saint Palace.

It may be the ancient bloodstone, or it may be that he forcibly activated formation technique that he should not have activated, thereby awakening the king’s bloodline at a critical moment.

Chu Feng cannot be determined, but at least this result is very good.

precisely is now Chu Feng, which is urgently needed.

Chu Feng was very weak just now, and he even made breakthroughs while lying down.

But after the breakthrough, my body was mostly healed, and even the pain was reduced by half.

So he stood up immediately.

As soon as he sat up, he found a stone tablet made by formation in front of him.

When Chu Feng‘s gaze fell behind the formation stone tablet, the formation technique in the formation stone tablet was triggered.

A figure emerged from formation technique and landed in front of Chu Feng’s.

Chu Feng recognizes this figure, precisely World Spirit Immortal King.

“It seems that Seven Worlds Saint Palace won’t tolerate you.” World Spirit Immortal King said to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng did not answer immediately. He looked around carefully first.

I found myself in a cave. In addition to the formation technique stone tablet, there were two Teleportation Array in the cave.

One is normal and the other is closed.

The one that happens to be closed is right behind Chu Feng’s.

Obviously, it was closed after Chu Feng came here.

After some observation, Chu Feng turned his attention to World Spirit Immortal King again.

World Spirit Immortal King’s eyes have been following him, as if waiting for Chu Feng’s’s answer, but Chu Feng is almost sure at this time.

The World Spirit Immortal King in front of you is a formation technique projection, and it was set before World Spirit Immortal King.

World Spirit Immortal King, obviously it has been expected that Seven Worlds Saint Palace may not necessarily accommodate those who obtain the mark.

So there is already a way out for those who get the mark.

Otherwise, even the Teleportation Array method of escaping will not be closed.

Just to prevent the Seven Worlds Saint Palace people from chasing after you.

senior, how thoughtful.” Chu Feng said.

Seven Worlds Saint Palace taking action against you is a situation I don’t want to see.”

“If you want to take revenge on Seven Worlds Saint Palace, I can teach you the secret of Seven Worlds Saint Palace.”

“But if you don’t want to take revenge on Seven Worlds Saint Palace and just want to live the rest of your life in peace, I can also give you some compensation.”

“Little friend, how should you choose?”

While World Spirit Immortal King was speaking, he opened his palms and two spheres sprang out from his palms.

There is a word inside the sphere.

They are killing and security respectively.

Chu Feng did not hesitate and chose to kill directly.

After Chu Feng‘s palm touched the sphere with the word “kill”, the two spheres immediately dispersed, but Chu Feng got nothing.

And World Spirit Immortal King spoke again.

“Little friend, I know that Seven Worlds Saint Palace did something wrong, and you must be very serious about Seven Worlds Saint Palace at this time

Resentment. ”

“But Seven Worlds Saint Palace was created by countless ancestors after all. I wonder if I can let them go for my sake?”

World Spirit Immortal King asked Chu Feng.

Chu Feng clearly knows that the World Spirit Immortal King in front of him is just a formation technique, not the real World Spirit Immortal King.

But at this time, World Spirit Immortal King‘s eyes were different from before, which actually made Chu Feng feel uneasy.

At this time, Chu Feng had an indescribable change in his heart.

I didn’t expect that Seven Realms Immortal King would do something like this.

He didn’t want to teach him the secret of Seven Worlds Saint Palace at all. He just wanted to test Chu Feng to see if he would take revenge on Seven Worlds Saint Palace.

After all, he is a Seven Worlds Saint Palace person.

Even if you want to cultivate talents, you will not destroy your own Seven Worlds Saint Palace because of talents.

Actually, this is human nature.

Who would destroy his family because of a talent he has never met?

Chu Feng doesn’t blame World Spirit Immortal King.

Just now, how should I answer?

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