Martial God Asura Chapter 5504: What is the intention?



“Totem Feng Clan, unexpectedly appeared again?”


On the battleship, the totem dragon Clan Head stared at the south.


He had seen with his own eyes before, the juniors of the Totem Phoenix Clan.


Because the juniors were locked in advance, even if the juniors hide their figures, they cannot escape his eyes.


He could see the younger generation of the Totem Feng Clan flying towards the south, and soon entered a formation.


The formation is a valuable treasure released, even the totem dragon Clan Head can’t see through it, even if he didn’t follow the eyes of the totem phoenix junior, he would not have found that there is such a formation.


Obviously, the expert of the Totem Phoenix Clan are also after that formation.


“Father, do you know where Yaohe Daoist escaped to, go and capture him, he actually planted this kind of formation technique to trap us.”


“If it weren’t for Chu Feng, we would all be dead inside.”


When Long Chengyu saw his father, he immediately complained to Daoist Yaohe.


“Chengyu, can you be sure that it is Yaohe Daoist who set up the sacrifice formation technique to use you cultivation demonic technique? Is it possible that this is a special trial?” Totem Dragon Clan Head asked.


“It looks like a trial from the front, but in the end there is no benefit at all. How could this be a trial?” Long Chengyu said.


Chu Feng little friend, you really didn’t get any benefits?”


“It’s not that I don’t trust little friend Chu Feng, it’s just… Could there be negligence?” Totem Dragon Clan Head asked.


“I have observed it carefully, but I really can’t observe any benefits, at least not for the time being.” Chu Feng said.


“Father, Little Brother Chu Feng will never lie, it must be the ghost of the real Yaohe.”


“Go and catch him, don’t we find out after interrogating him?” Long Chengyu said.


“Follow me.” Totem Dragon Clan Head walked into the battleship while speaking.


Seeing this, Chu Feng and the others also followed.


When I came to a room, there were many Ke Qing Elder invited by the Totem Dragon Clan, and they all had powerful Spirit Formation technique.


And now they are working together to heal one person.


Seeing that person, Chu Feng and others was quite surprised.


This person is not someone else, precisely Yaohe Daoist, and at this time, Yaohe Daoist is extremely weak, as if he is about to die.


“Master Yaohe, why is he here?”


“How did he become like this?”


Seeing such a real Yaohe, even Long Chengyu was surprised.


“When you entered Yaohe and didn’t come out for a long time, I had already captured the real Yaohe and wanted to ask him what’s going on.”


“But he doesn’t know what’s going on at all. He said that the demon crane has long been out of his control. He doesn’t even know why the demon crane came here, nor why the demon crane turned on.” Totem Dragon Clan Clan Head said.


As soon as the Totem Dragon Clan Head said this, Chu Feng and others also reacted. At the beginning, the real Yaohe behaved like he didn’t know that the Yaohe would be turned on.


“So during this period, has the real Yaohe been with you?” Long Chengyu asked.


“It’s just staying with me all the time, and I haven’t seen him urging formation technique at all, so I can be sure that it’s not his fault.” Totem Dragon Clan Head said.


“Then why did he become like this?” Chu Feng asked, pointing at the comatose Yaohe Daoist.


At this time, Daoist Yaohe is not only in a coma, but also in a very bad state.


The skin is shriveled and skinny, as if it has been hollowed out


“By the way, Chu Feng, take a look at this.”


Totem Dragon Clan Head did not answer directly, but took out a compass and handed it to Chu Feng while speaking.


The compass that precisely was taken out by Daoist Yaohe earlier, after Daoist Yaohe passed out, the totem dragon Clan Head put the compass away.


It’s just that the compass that was taken out again was covered with the First Level seal formation, but even if there is a seal formation, it does not affect the appearance of the compass.


At this time, the compass has already been broken and pieced together, and there is no blank space on the compass, and it is filled with patterns.


The five parts of the outer circle are wind, water, fire, thunder, earth, and five patterns.


The middle part is a mass of black Mist, like fire, wind, water, and thunder. It seems to be able to swallow everything, giving people a very strange feeling.


But you must know that after the compass is broken, the pattern is no longer so vivid, and it has long lost its previous spirituality.


But even so, the pattern in the middle seems to be unable to be stared at for a long time, as if it has the power to take the soul away, and it makes people panic after looking at it for a long time.


“Is this something from the real Yaohe?” Chu Feng asked.


“The real Yaohe said that this is on the Yaohe. At first, the compass was blank. He could feel that this thing is not simple, but he never knew its function.”


“Not long after you entered the Demon Crane, patterns appeared on the compass one by one, in order of wind, water, fire, thunder, and earth.”


“And when the black flame in the middle area finally appeared, it released a suction force.”


“The suction is aimed at the real Yaohe. We are all present, but we will not be affected by the suction.” Totem Dragon Clan Head said.


“Is it this thing that turned the real Yaohe into this?” Chu Feng asked.


“Yes, we thought about stopping it, but it was useless. The suction will not stop until the real Yaohe becomes like this.”


“Originally the compass was intact unscathed, but when the demon crane shattered, the compass also shattered.”


“However, because this compass had swallowed the real Yaohe before, we were worried that this thing would be unknown, so we sealed it with the seal formation.” Totem Dragon Clan Head said.


“Strange, what’s going on?” Long Chengyu widened his eyes and began to observe the compass seriously.


Now even he doesn’t feel like the real Yaohe is the culprit.


Looking at the current appearance of Yaohe Daoist, he is clearly a victim.


“This compass gives people the feeling that it is indeed one with the demon crane, but after it was broken, difficult observed more.” Chu Feng said after some observations.


Clan Head senior, what else did Master Yaohe say?” Chu Feng asked again.




Afterwards, Clan Head of the Totem Dragon Clan told the real Yaohe that the Yaohe was not under his complete control from the beginning to the end.


Furthermore, people in their family have always dedicated bloodline power to the demon crane, but they have not benefited from the demon crane, so they told Chu Feng and others.


“It’s so weird, so weird.”


“The clues given now, it seems that everything is done by the demon crane independently, this demon crane is the chief culprit, and the real demon crane is just the slave of the demon crane.”


“But this demon crane is broken, what’s going on?”


Long Chengyu rubbed his head, he really couldn’t figure it out.


If it is said that the demon crane finally turned into a monster with a living body, it would make sense to do something to them.


But the demon crane shattered, which doesn’t make sense.


In fact, not only him, but also so many people of the older generation present, couldn’t figure out what the demon crane was up to.


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