Martial God Asura Chapter 5193: Is their fate worse than yours?



“You are crazy, you are what origin?”


The man was obviously provoked by Chu Feng, but he seemed to be a little apprehensive, so he didn’t take action directly.


“No door, no school.”


Chu Feng said.


“You think I dare not touch you?”


The man asked quietly.


“I said oh, you can try.”


Chu Feng laughed.


bluff, play this set with me?”


“I just don’t want to eat this.”


While the man was talking, Dragon Transformation Third Level‘s formation power was released, directly attacking Chu Feng.




Chu Feng smiled faintly and let that power attack, but the moment that power approached Chu Feng, it dissipated immediately.


Because, Chu Feng also has formation power emerging in the body.




At this moment, the man’s expression changed greatly. He had discovered that Chu Feng’s was far stronger than him, and Chu Feng was Dragon Transformation Ninth Level.


So he didn’t dare to shout any more, but turned around and ran away.


When he turned around, brilliance appeared under his feet. Almost every step he took, a spell mark appeared under his feet, and that mark helped him move forward quickly.


This is a movement technique formation that greatly increases its speed.




But within two steps of running out, he screamed and covered his face with his hands, and a large amount of blood continued to overflow from the gap between his palms.


It turns out that Chu Feng is silent, and a formation wall has been placed behind it.


The man didn’t realize it, but after moving forward quickly, he collided with the indestructible formation wall. He was hit by heavy quite a bit, and his face was deformed.


“What’s the matter, what are you running? Isn’t it arrogant?”


Chu Feng’s‘s voice resounded beside him, and at the same time, all the blue stones around the man flew out and drifted towards Chu Feng.


Chu Feng used formation power to forcibly **** the man’s blue stone.


“You, you dare to rob me?”


“Do you know who I am?”


The man asked angrily.


“Who are you?”


Chu Feng asked.


“I tell you, give me back the stone, I can let go of it, otherwise my parents will never let you go.”


The man threatened viciously.


But while he was talking, the blood on his face became more and more bloody, it was really ridiculous.


“Who are your parents?”


Chu Feng asked again.


“You don’t need to know, and you don’t deserve to know, but the moment you see my parents, you will definitely kneel down and beg for mercy.”


“But at that time, even if you beg for mercy, it’s useless, you can only wait to die.” The man said again.


“I advise you to keep a low profile. If you don’t have enough strength, work hard to cultivation, and don’t cause trouble for your parents.”


“Let me put it this way, if you didn’t want to rob me, I wouldn’t even think about robbing you.”


“So now this result is your own evil fruit.”


“But even so, our grudge today is just a trivial matter, so I advise you, just accept it when you see it, don’t cause trouble for your parents.”


Chu Feng finished speaking, waved his sleeves, and lifted the formation wall that was blocking the man, ready to move on.


Dragon Transformation Ninth Level is just that, what’s there to be proud of, you are just bullying the soft and afraid of the hard, if the people from the Situ World Spirit door are in front of you, would you dare to rob them?”


The man said with dissatisfaction.


“Student World Spirit door, they will be much worse than you in front of me.” Chu Feng stopped and said.


“You can really blow it, you dare to touch the people of the Situ World Spirit gate?”


The man asked.


“Why dare not?”


Chu Feng asked.


“If you really dare, just wait here and I’ll call the people from Situ World Spirit to come over.”


The man said.


“Why, do you know where the people from Situ World Spirit‘s door are?”


Chu Feng asked.


“Of course, I met them on the way here.”


The man said.


“Okay, go and call them, hurry up, the sooner the better.” Chu Feng said.


“You wait.”


The man overtook Chu Feng, but soon stopped and said, “Don’t run if you are a man.”




Chu Feng smiled and said.


“I don’t have time to waste, but I’m going in that direction. If you can really call the person from the Situ World Spirit gate, look for me in this direction, and you will definitely find it.”


Chu Feng pointed to a fork in the road ahead.


“Okay, I hope you’re a man.”


After the man finished speaking, he performed the formation technique he had just used, and disappeared into the depths of the cave in a blink of an eye.


And Chu Feng smiled faintly and walked in the direction of the cave as they said.


Chu Feng didn’t expect this man to really call Situ’s World Spirit sect over. The reason why he chose this direction was based on Chu Feng’s‘s intuition.


His intuition tells him that there will be more blue stones in this direction, and there should be no one in this direction.


And the direction the man left should be the direction the man had just come from, and the stones along the way should have been taken by him.


If what he said is true, and he really saw people from the Situ World Spirit gate when he came, there should be more people in that direction.


Therefore, the comprehensive judgment of Chu Feng is more reliable based on the direction of my own intuition.


After all, the so-called Pulse Searching Method is not only Heaven’s Eyes.


It is also very important to cultivate the brain and the mind, and after a long period of training, the Chu Feng’s intuition is often very accurate.


It is intuitive to say something mysterious, but if you have to say it, this is also the result of cultivation, and the power of Pulse Searching Method.


Chu Feng went all the way, and soon found blue stones, and there were still a lot of them. In a blink of an eye, more than a dozen blue stones were in hand.




“Is he really found him?”


But soon, Chu Feng looked behind him, and he noticed that someone was approaching, and there were still a lot of them.


As expected, dozens of people soon appeared in front of Chu Feng, and the number of people increased, reaching several hundred people in a blink of an eye.


Leading were thirty-three young people, all of whom belonged to Situ World Spirit.


As for the others, they should all have heard the news and ran over to watch.


Naturally, the man who just left was among them.


“It’s him.”


The man pointed at Chu Feng and said.


“You’re the one who spoke ill of our Situ World Spirit door?”


Situ World Spirit door, a junior asked in a condensed voice, although his voice was full of anger, but his eyes were full of greed, and his face was covered with difficult‘s excitement and excitement.


Obviously they heard that Chu Feng had many blue gems on him, so they ran over, and when they found out that Chu Feng really had so many blue gems, they were so happy.


“Speak, what about the madness just now?”


Before Chu Feng could speak, the man also asked loudly. At this time, he no longer had the timidity he had before, but instead displayed the words “dog fight with people” to the fullest.


Chu Feng ignored the man and looked at the juniors of Situ World Spirit.


“You are all from Situ World Spirit, no counterfeit goods?” Chu Feng asked.


“If you replace it with a fake, you will kill yourself now, and we will give you a whole corpse.” Situ, the World Spirit junior, said.




Chu Feng smiled coldly, then looked at the guy.


“It seems that when he called you here, he didn’t tell you who I am cultivation realm.”


As soon as Chu Feng said this, the man’s face froze slightly. Obviously, Chu Feng guessed right. This guy was afraid that the juniors of Situ’s World Spirit sect would not dare to come, and he did not say Chu Feng’s cultivation realm.


This is normal. After all, the juniors of the Situ World Spirit family are all Martial Venerable Realm, but they are all in the early stage of Martial Venerable.


The strongest one is the leader, but only Third Rank Martial Venerable.


This kind of cultivation realm is naturally not worth mentioning in front of World Spiritist of Dragon Transformation Ninth Level of Chu Feng.


After all, Dragon Transformation Ninth Level has power comparable to Ninth Rank Martial Venerable.


“What cultivation realm are you, and what can I do?”


The man in the lead obviously lost his patience, and the coercion of Third Rank Martial Venerable came to Chu Feng as he spoke.


The pressure was extremely strong, and he didn’t show any mercy. He just wanted to kill Chu Feng directly.


It was the first time we met, there was no grudge, but just listening to the man’s slander, we had to get rid of Chu Feng directly. It is conceivable that this child must be the domineering master of arrogant on weekdays.


Uh ah


However, just as his coercion was released, there was a scream.


Everyone was puzzled at first, but after a closer look, they found that Chu Feng had come to the junior, holding the formation long sword, and pierced the dantian of the junior Situ World Spirit.




This scene shocked everyone, but almost everyone’s response was difficult confidence.


Swish Swish


But at the next moment, I saw Chu Feng‘s figure flickering constantly. The next moment, all the juniors from Situ World Spirit who were present collapsed to the ground and wailed in pain.


The dantian of all of them has been destroyed, and it can be said to be completely destroyed.


This scene made everyone dumbfounded.


They wanted to watch the fun and watch the people from Situ World Spirit teach Chu Feng a lesson, but they never expected to see such a scene.


After getting rid of Situ World Spirit‘s junior, Chu Feng cast his cold eyes on the man.


“How about their fate, is it worse than yours?”


Chu Feng asked.


The man didn’t dare to speak, so he turned around and wanted to escape, but because of his frightened legs, plop fell to the ground with a bang, and was able to continue to escape after he got up.


Chu Feng didn’t follow him. Although I don’t know the identity of this child, Chu Feng guessed that his background is definitely not as good as Situ’s World Spirit family, which can be seen from his attitude just now.


Although I hurt the juniors of the Situ World Spirit family today, the juniors of the Situ World Spirit family, cultivation realm, were abolished, but it was also because of that man.


So even if Chu Feng were wanted, the man would also be wanted.


Of course, Chu Feng is not afraid of Situ World Spirit door.


But that man, not necessarily.


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