Martial God Asura Chapter 4818: An opportunity



  This person is the Sect Master adult of Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.


  This Sect Master adult does not like Chu Feng very much.


  But in Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, she is the real master. Not only is she ranked high, her strength is also unfathomable.


  The key, she is also the master of Zi Ling.


  So when I saw this, even Chu Feng, who has always been in trouble, felt a little hairy in my heart.


  ”Brother Chu Feng, are you all right.”


  But at this moment, a burst of softness fell into Chu Feng‘s arms.


   is Zi Ling, and Zi Ling sees Chu Feng coming out, and plunges directly into the arms of Chu Feng.


   and hug very tightly.


  Although Chu Feng and Zi Ling have been together for a while.


  But Zi Ling misses Chu Feng’s very deeply.


  That kind of care, that kind of yearning, Chu Feng can feel.


  ”Zi Ling, as a girl family, how can you be so unreliable?”


  A reprimand sounded, naturally it was Lord Sect Master.


  Hearing Sect Master‘s reprimand, Zi Ling also realized that he had lost his temper and hurriedly broke away from Chu Feng‘s arms, but a pair of beautiful eyes still refused to remove from Chu Feng.


  She kept looking at it, fearing that Chu Feng would be injured.


  ”Chu Feng, congratulations.”


  But who ever thought that the unexpected scene of Chu Feng happened.


Adult   Sect Master actually expressed joy to Chu Feng.


  Although her face was expressionless, she was indeed congratulating Chu Feng.


  ”Thanks to Master Sect Master for perfection.”


  Chu Feng gestured to Master Sect Master.


  At this time, he was in a good mood. Although it was just a simple saying of joy, for Chu Feng, it seemed to be recognized by Sect Master adults.


  This…Isn’t it the most hopeful thing for precisely Chu Feng to enter Hidden Dragon Martial Sect?


  ”It’s not fulfillment, but you are in love with each other. I can’t force you to separate you.”


  ”Besides, it is your own ability to make Zi Ling like you so much.”


Master   Sect Master said.


  And listening to her words made Chu Feng realize.


  Sect Master adults, should have known that Chu Feng and Zi Ling are lovers.


  Is it possible that everything before is a test of Chu Feng’s?


  And not really dislike Chu Feng?


  ”Chu Feng, in fact, I came here to tell you something.”


  ”Now there is an opportunity for to train, you are very suitable, are you willing to go?”


  Sect Master Master said to Chu Feng.


  ”Master Sect Master, what opportunity is it?”


  Chu Feng asked.


  ”It is an opportunity that can be met but not sought. Don’t ask more about the others.”


  ”You just need to tell me whether you want to go or not.”


  Sect Master said.


  ”disciple is willing.”


  Chu Feng did not hesitate.


  If this Sect Master adult wants to deal with Chu Feng, there is no need for such a lot of trouble.


  So Chu Feng felt that if she said to give herself a chance, it might really be an opportunity.


  ”Then let me go.”


  Sect Master After speaking, he turned around and prepared to leave.


  ”Master Sect Master, won’t you go to Zi Ling?”


  Chu Feng asked.


  ”Zi Ling does have this qualification, but she has offended people who shouldn’t be offended here, so she can’t go for the time being.”


  Master Sect Master said.


  ”Here, is the senior who bound lives in Zi Ling?”


  ”If it’s just because of this, then Zi Ling can go.”


  Chu Feng said.




  Master Sect Master, looking at Chu Feng, his eyes became deeper.


  As for Zi Ling, it is full of joy.


  ”Brother Chu Feng, did you…you won that senior?”


  Zi Ling looked at Chu Feng expectantly and asked.


  The look in his eyes is waiting for an affirmative answer from Chu Feng.


  ”It’s not a win, I can only say that I got the approval of that senior by fluke.”


  ”But now you can leave here.”


  ”Of course, Master Sect Master must agree to this.”


  Chu Feng ends here, looking at Lord Sect Master.


  Although, Chu Feng was trapped behind, because of the mysterious existence here.


  But it was Master Sect Master who initially held Zi Ling here.


   So whether Zi Ling can get out of here, it is not enough to solve the mysterious existence of bound, and I have to get the consent of the Sect Master lord.


  ”Zi Ling want to go?”


  Master Sect Master asked.


  ”Master, Zi Ling wants to go.”


  Zi Ling nodded again and again.


  cultivation with Chu Feng, she is naturally willing.


  ”Chu Feng, you have some ability.”


  Sect Master did not answer Zi Ling, but looked at Chu Feng.




  This is said by Sect Master, but Chu Feng is a bit at a loss.


  ”Zi Ling is usually not like this.”


  ”You can make her look like this, you really have some abilities.”


  Sect Master-sama finished speaking, and then walked out.


  I didn’t answer directly, but obviously…she agreed.


   Seeing this, Chu Feng and Zi Ling looked at each other and smiled, and then walked out with Master Sect Master together with Yu Ting.


  At first, Zi Ling was still a little worried, and worried that bound was not really relieved.


  It’s not that I don’t trust Chu Feng, but I don’t believe in the mysterious existence.


  And this kind of worry, until they left the deserted land smoothly, they were completely relieved.


  Only discovered after they walked out of the deserted place.


  Outside the Abandoned Land, there are actually two people waiting.


  One of them is the head of the mysterious Wolong disciple.


  This person seems to be acquainted with Chu Feng, but Chu Feng’s can’t find such a person in his memory.


  He is very mysterious, not only his strength, but also his origin.


  But maybe because that day, he repaid Zuoqiu Youyu, and also gave the first position of Wolong to Chu Feng. Chu Feng actually had a good impression of him.


  But this other one is not the one Chu Feng likes.


  Because of this person, Zuoqiu Youyu.


  No need to explain to Master Sect Master, Chu Feng also knows that the head of Wolong, and Zuoqiu Youyu, should also be walking with them.


  ”Oh, this is the Zi Ling junior sister, it really is Meiruo Celestial Immortal.”


  ”Oh, I regret it a little bit, I actually gave such a beautiful junior sister to Chu Feng this guy.”


  What Chu Feng did not expect was that it was the head of Wolong who was the first to say something that made him uncomfortable.


  ”Master, is it too late for me to regret it now?”


  The head of Wolong not only teased Zi Ling, but also asked Sect Master adults.


  ”Chu Feng has been married to Zi Ling. Don’t talk nonsense.”


  ”Quickly apologize to Zi Ling and Chu Feng.”


  However, the unexpected scene of Chu Feng happened again. Master Sect Master not only scolded the head of Wolong with a stern look, but also asked him to apologize to Chu Feng and the others.


  ”Zi Ling junior sister, don’t look at me like this, I’m joking.”


  ”I admire Chu Feng Junior Brother very much. If you don’t believe me, ask him.”


  The head of Wolong did not really apologize, but his grinning appearance also made people know that what he said just now was just a joke.


  But Zi Ling, looking at his eyes, is still full of hostility.


   and Zi Ling secretly sound transmission, ask Chu Feng about the head of Wolong.


  Chu Feng is afraid that Zi Ling is worried about herself, so she didn’t say that Wolong’s head is the head of Wolong.


  But he also told Zi Ling that the head of Wolong is quite mysterious. If he doesn’t know him, he still has to take precautions.


  ”Compared with the head of Wolong, Zuoqiu Youyu, you have to be more careful.”


  Chu Feng said.


  ”I have always disliked their brothers, but Chu Feng brother, you said that. It seems that you and him are unhappy?”


  Zi Ling asked.


  ”Let’s put it this way, he wants to kill me.”


  ”If he finds a chance, he will kill me.”


  Chu Feng said.




  Hearing this, a touch of killing intent appeared in Zi Ling‘s eyes.


  ”Don’t tell your master, she knows all this, but there is no absolute evidence, and it’s hard to say anything.”


  ”Don’t say anything, if there is a chance, I will deal with him.”


  Chu Feng said to Zi Ling.


  Hearing Chu Feng say this, Zi Ling actually took back killing intent.


  But the look in Zuoqiu Youyu’s eyes became different.


  If there is a chance, she…will never let Zuoqiu Youyu go.


  Of course, these conversations between Chu Feng and Zi Ling are all secretly sound transmission, so no one else can hear them.


  In a blink of an eye, Chu Feng, Zi Ling, the head of Wolong, and Zuoqiu Youyu, followed Master Sect Master, to a forbidden area.


  In this forbidden area, there is an ancient Teleportation Array.


  Seeing this Teleportation Array, both eyes of Chu Feng began to shine.


  I have seen a lot of powerful Ancient Teleportation Array Chu Feng, but there is no one like this one.


  This Teleportation Array formation power is very thick and can be said to be the most powerful Teleportation Array that Chu Feng has ever seen.


  And most importantly, although this Teleportation Array is also very old, it is not Ancient Era, but after ancient times.


  Undoubtedly, this must also be the handwriting of the founding father.


  ”Good Teleportation Array.”


  ”Master, where are you taking us?”


  The head of Wolong asked curiously.


  ”Seven Worlds Galaxy.”


  Master Sect Master said.


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