Martial God Asura Chapter 1: Outer Sect Disciple


Night, the full moon hangs high and stars.

But among the galaxies, there are nine-color Thunder Light lingering among them, which are particularly dazzling.

“A vision is coming, and Divine Body will come.”

Nine Provinces Continent, at the top of the imperial city, a old person in gold wears a hand and looks up at the night sky.

Behind him, there are tens of thousands of imperial city expert, kneeling neatly, seemingly waiting for some order.


Suddenly, Thunder Light condensed and turned into a Nine-colored Divine Lightning, split from the Nine Heavens Star River.

Instantly, the night becomes day and the Divine Lightning has not fallen yet. The earth is rumbling and shaking.

But when Nine-colored Divine Lightning, the one in contact with continent, did not cause terrible damage, it disappeared out of thin air.

At the same time, the earth is shrouded in the night again, and the dazzling night sky is a lot darker, as if some essence has been drawn away, and the peace of the past is restored.

But at this moment, old person‘s eyes are extremely bright, even his excited body is shaking, and his fingers are thundering: “Azure Province, all the children who came tonight, bring me back to the Imperial City!”


A thunderous answer resounded through the sky, tens of thousands of imperial cities expert went to Azure Province, and vowed to find Divine Body for the use of the dynasty.

Time has passed, and five years have passed, and although people still remember the shocking scene of that year, no one knows what the dynasty did.

Nine Provinces Continent, Azure Province, sect, Azure Dragon School is one of them.

Today, it is Azure Dragon School once a year, disciple is recruited, except Azure Dragon School, multitude.

But at this time, the busiest is Outer Sect Disciple. All sect receptions are all over them.

Outer Sect Disciple is a laborious and unpleasant job, not to mention that sect status is low, even outsiders look down on them.

The reason is very simple. Anyone who is Outer Sect Disciple indicates that natural talent is extremely poor, and it is difficult to make great achievements in life. Naturally, people are despised.

“Hey, what’s your attitude, do you know who I am?” A gorgeously dressed woman, with a boy, pointed at a teenager and rebuked loudly.

“I’m really sorry, it’s getting late, sect is about to close, and the two will come back tomorrow.” The young boy’s face was still immature, but there was a touch of British spirit between the eyebrows.

His name is Chu Feng. He is fifteen years old and is one of Azure Dragon School‘s tens of thousands of Outer Sect Disciple.

But the same Outer Sect Disciple, this Chu Feng is different. There is no inferiority of inferiority, no degradation of self-will, and no one is afraid to treat everyone with ease.

“Come back tomorrow, when you are an idiot? Where do you let our mother and son live in this deep mountain?”

“You have to arrange a place for me, otherwise I will go to your Elder theory.” The woman insisted on holding the Chu Feng’s placket.

“Brother Chu Feng, are you in trouble?” But at this moment, a sweet voice suddenly sounded.

Looking fixedly, a young girl in purple clothes is coming. Although there is a smile on the corner of her mouth, those sharp eyes are staring at the woman tightly.

When I saw the girl, the woman’s face suddenly changed, and a strong fear emerged.

Nothing else, just the purple robe on the girl, that’s the sign of Inner Sect Disciple.

The woman screams badly. I thought that I could make things difficult for the teenager in front of me.

Why ever thought that this inconspicuous teenager had Inner Sect Disciple as the backstage, but it was existence that she couldn’t afford.

“It’s okay, I just asked the little brother about something.” The woman explained with a smile.

The girl glanced at her first, then said only one word: “Get out.”

At this moment, the woman’s body trembled and her complexion became blue.

But she didn’t hesitate. She led the boy and left quickly. She even fell into a panic and panicked.

Seeing this, Chu Feng shook his head helplessly, and then saluted the girl next to her: “many thanks Chu Yue Senior Sister

“You’re welcome with me, we are one family.” Chu Yue is a little displeased.

She’s right, Chu Feng and her are indeed a family, they are from the same Aristocratic Family, Chu family.

The cousin of Chu Yue precisely Chu Feng is only one year older than Chu Feng.

However, Chu Yue passed the internal assessment three years ago and became Inner Sect Disciple. Now it is expert of Spirit Realm Fourth Level.

“The rules of sect must always be followed.” Chu Feng smiled brightly.

“Hey,” however, looking at such Chu Feng, Chu Yue is sore in heart: “Chu Feng brother, are you still not participate in this year’s internal assessment? Is it that you have not reached Spirit Realm Third Level?”

Chu Feng did not answer, there is still a smile on his face, and no one knows what this is meaning.

Seeing this, Chu Yue removed a bag from the waist and put it in the hands of Chu Feng’s: “Refining it may help you break through Third Level.”

Chu Feng opened the bag, and suddenly an aggressive Spirit Qi gives out came out. A finger-sized, crystal-clear fairy grass was lying in it.

“Sister Chu Yue, this is too expensive, I can’t ask for it.” Chu Feng hurriedly returned it to Chu Yue.

Xian Ling Cao is a holy medicine of martial cultivation. It is extremely precious. It has endless effects on cultivator within Spirit Realm.

And Chu family will subsidize each of them a fairy grass every year in order for them to quickly improve cultivation realm.

I want to come to the Chu Yue strain, which is also a family subsidy, but Chu Yue did not enjoy it, but gave it to him, which moved the Chu Feng, and it was unbearable.

“I said to you, you just hold it, or it’s not my Little Brother.” Chu Yue was a little displeased.

“Why, when is Chu Yue so generous, even the fairy grass has to be given away?”

“Look, I am also Little Brother, and I just want to break through Spirit Realm Fourth Level recently. How about Chu Yue, who sent me this fairy grass?”

A teenager of the same age as Chu Feng came over, wearing the same Inner Sect Disciple costume.

His name is Chu Zhen, also from Chu family. Five years ago, he joined Azure Dragon School with Chu Feng, but as early as two years ago, he has become Inner Sect Disciple.

Chu Zhen, you have already broken through Spirit Realm Third Level and successfully agglomerated Spirit Qi. Even without this fairy grass, you can skyrocket.”

“But brother Chu Feng has not yet condensed Spirit Qi. This fairy grass is more important to him.” Chu Yue forced the fairy grass into the hands of Chu Feng’s.

“Yeah, you are right, unfortunately he does not accept your love.” Chu Zhen spread his hands and sneered.

“Who said I don’t want it.” However, Chu Feng smiled a little, and politely took Fairy Grass into her arms, and later said: “Sister Chu Yue, I borrowed this Fairy Grass from you, in the future It will be double returned. “

“Well, okay.” Seeing Chu Feng accept it, Chu Yue is already a big joy, but just responding to it without thinking about Chu Feng returning her.

“What do you pay for it? This fairy grass is for your use, it is a waste.” But the face of Chu Zhen is ugly.

Chu Feng smiled and ignored him, but said to Chu Yue: “Sister Chu Yue, I will be participate for the internal examination this year.”

“Huh, it’s up to you? If you can pass the inner door assessment, this year’s family-subsidized fairy grass, I will send you.” Chu Zhen looked at Chu Feng scornfully.

“Is this true?” Chu Feng didn’t believe it.

“Sister Chu Yue testifies, but what if you can’t pass?”

“Then this year’s fairy grass, I belong to you.” Chu Feng left this sentence and continued to work on Outer Sect Disciple.

Chu Zhen, we are all one family, why do you always make Chu Feng difficult?” Chu Yue looked at Chu Zhen unhappyly.

“Family? Chu Yue sister, you should know, this Chu Feng is not my Chu family at all.”

“I haven’t been able to pass the internal examination for five years after entering sect, which is simply a shame to my Chu family.”

“Which Chu family, who likes him? That’s why you treat him so well, and even gave him his fairy grass.” Chu Zhen was very puzzled.

“You’re really stubborn.” Chu Yue was a little angry, and after glaring at him, he walked away.

Chu Zhen stood smiling, he was very happy. Although he didn’t get the Chu Yue‘s fairy grass, he knew that this year’s Chu Feng’s plant must be his.

It’s dark at night, where Outer Sect Disciple rests.

After a busy day, everyone was exhausted and fell asleep early. Only the Chu Feng’s room was still lit.

He sat on the bed and took out the fairy grass Chu Yue gave him, and whispered, “I hope this fairy grass can feed you.”

By the way, Chu Feng closed his eyes, sandwiched the fairy grass between his palms, and squeezed out a peculiar decree.

At this moment, the Spirit Qi in the fairy grass also began to flow into the body along the palm of Chu Feng’s, and finally converged in dantian.

At the same time, Chu Feng’s dantian heard the sound of chewing, as if some kind of thing was eating.

If it is through the skin, you can see that there is a thunderbolt in the depths of Chu Feng’s dantian.

The thunderbolt is divided into nine colors, each color looks like a Thunder huge beast. gives out writes the terrible Aura that does not belong to this world.


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