Legend of the Cultivation God: Immortal Realm Chapter 4656: Red Dust


Xiao Hua did not know what Xu Zhi and others did. When Xu Zhi returned with Dongfang Hui, Sun Mu, etc., Xiao Hua had already taken away the time body and the space law body, and Qingzi and Chuantong were directly taken by him. income space.

“Really Xiao~”

Xu Zhi, Jiang Zibo and Ye Danhui all bowed to greet each other.

Ye Danhui’s immortal body trembled, and she had already taken away her avatar,

“I’ve been waiting to meet you seniors~”

Although Jiang Lin, Dongfang Hui, Dongfang Hao, Ye Quanwen, Huang Hao, Murong Fan, Sun Mu, Shangguan Hongxin, and Kong Jing had already heard the story, they looked at Xiao Hua and Ye Danhui’s immortal bodies, and there were people like Zhou Yu-like aura, they still couldn’t believe what they had encountered, and after a moment of hesitation, they bowed and bowed again.

“You are the old acquaintances of Xu Zhi, Jiang Zibo and Ye Danhui~”

Xiao Hua raised his hand to help the nine people up and said with a smile, “In the past, I also served as a punishment messenger under Xu Zhi on Earth, and now it is fate to see you again. Pindao invites you to join the Heavenly Punishment Hall and still use the power of punishment. .”

Jiang Lin and others were overjoyed and hurriedly thanked: “Thank you Xiao Zhenren for making it happen, the younger generation obeys~”

“Brother Xu, Hall Master Jiang, Ye Danhui~”

Xiao Hua glanced at the three and said, “The trip to the earth is now over, all the causes and effects have ended, and I am ready to leave.”

“You Lao Zhangjiao Master~”

“I have Master Lao~”

Jiang Zibo and Ye Danhui nodded, Xu Zhi hesitated.

Xiao Hua understood what Xu Zhi was thinking, and his mind swept everyone into the space, leaving Xu Zhi alone and asked, “Brother Xu wants to ask Pu Xirun, right?”


Xu Zhi bit his lip and whispered, “Xu could never have imagined that she would appear at the last critical moment, and she was the mastermind behind the scenes.”

Silver asked back: “Could it be that you still want to have a beautiful encounter with her on Earth?”

“Don’t hide the truth~”

Xu Zhi nodded and said, “Seeing Chuantong, Dongfang Hui and others, a certain family does have a little expectation.”

“What a pity~”

Silver turned to see where Pluto was, and sighed, “She gave you…more than you thought.”

“Pu Xirun really can’t appear again?”

Xu Zhi looked at the new Earth and asked softly.

“Pu Xirun can appear naturally~”

Silver replied, “But that’s not the Pu Xirun you remember, and you know very well whether she’s dead or not.”

“The situation was urgent~”

Xu Zhi replied, “She wants to use Chiyou Banner to escape. When I saw Pu Xirun at first glance, I was agitated by my soul. When I was angry, I would inevitably use thunderbolts. Under the spear of God’s punishment, Pu Xirun must have lost his soul and soul.”

“What did Ye Danhui say?”

Xiao Hua asked, “She killed Chu Zhaonan, so she should investigate his collusion with Pu Xirun.”

“Ye Danhui wants to explore~”

Xu Zhi smiled bitterly, “But there were changes in time and space at that time, and she couldn’t investigate carefully, but she said that Chu Zhaonan’s strength was not comparable to that of Pu Xirun.”


Xiao Hua nodded and said, “At that time, I was also doing my best to collect ‘return’ and try my best to converge the earth in the reincarnation of time and space, so I didn’t pay attention to the situation on the earth where Brother Xu was…”

“It’s okay, it’s okay~”

Without waiting for Xiao Hua to finish speaking, Xu Zhi waved his hand and said, “Didn’t the real person just say it? The various causes and effects of the earth have been settled, so there is no need to mention this matter again, I will prepare to go to the netherworld.”

“The entrance to the underworld is at Pluto~”

Xiao Hua pointed to the solar system and said, “But if you want to enter, I am afraid that you will use the life and death of Xu brother.”


Xu Zhi looked at the dark and dark little star strangely and said, “How could it be the entrance to the underworld? Can a real person enter the solar system?”

Just now, Xu Zhi patted his forehead and said with a wry smile: “A certain family has just returned from training on Earth, and their thoughts are not easy to change for a while, the real person will wait a moment, a certain family will cast spells!”

“Don’t worry~”

Xiao Hua raised his brows and said with a smile, “Pin Dao goes to the Taoist Palace of Fortune, and Brother Xu prepares first.”


Xu Zhi nodded and agreed, “The real person will do it.”

The Taoist Palace of Fortune in Xiao Hua’s mouth is actually not the Taoist Palace of Fortune and Reincarnation where Qiao Samsara and others are located. Xiao Hua’s mind fell into it, and there was already a jade scorpion Leiting standing in the air, smiling and saying: “The Tao is friendly!”

Yu Yi Xiao Hua said: “Congratulations, fellow Daoist~”

“Haha, haha~”

Congratulations to Xiao Hua when he saw Yu Yu, Yu Yu Lei Ting couldn’t hold back any longer, he laughed and pulled Yu Yu Xiao Hua’s hand and said, “Fellow Daoist is afraid to promise, go, go with the poor road. Fortune Palace.”


Xiao Hua pursed his lips, and followed the jade ult Lei Ting and landed in the Taoist Palace of Fortune.

At the Taoist Palace of Fortune at this time, Qingzi and Chuantong were talking with Qingqing. Qingqing’s eyes were full of kindness. She looked at Qingzi and Chuantong from time to time, and she was really happy.

Seeing the appearance of Yu Xiao Hua, Qingqing didn’t dare to neglect, and hurriedly got up to greet her. Qingzi also hurriedly pulled Chuantong and stayed behind Qingqing.

“I’ve been waiting to see the headmaster~”

Qingqing is the forerunner.

Qingzi originally wanted to call him uncle, but now he has to change it.


Jade Xiao Hua couldn’t help crying and laughing. He helped everyone up and said, “You husband and wife, when you meet, you must promise to be a poor man~IndoMTL.com~ When you meet, you will be called ‘Master Chief Master’ to remind the poor, the poor Is it someone who doesn’t believe what they say?”

“Hee hee~”

Qingqing smiled, “Isn’t the concubine afraid that the real person will forget it?”

Xiao Hua took the seat, accompanied by Lei Ting, and then Xiao Hua looked at Qingzi and Chuantong, and said, “Children’s trip to the earth is not so much an experience as it is a robbery. Various memories of reincarnation have a profound impact on his future cultivation.”

“Cultivation or something, I don’t care about my concubine~”

Qingqing pursed her lips and smiled, “The key is that this red dust robbery has sent a daughter-in-law to the concubine and Lei Ting. This is what the concubine cares about the most.”

Chuantong stood next to Qingzi, her face was slightly red, she was very shy, she couldn’t believe everything in front of her, she felt that this was a dream, and that the earth was also a dream.

“I understand~”

Yu Yi Xiao Hua was stunned, “The promise that Daoist Lei Ting said is not the same as what you said!”

“Hee hee~”

Qingqing laughed again, “Zhenzhen is the uncle of the child, so his marriage will naturally be blessed by the real person!”

Jade Xiao Hua looked at Qingzi and Chuantong, and said strangely: “Is this ready for a big wedding?”

Qingzi’s face flushed as well, and he hurriedly said, “Uncle Haojiao knows that the child hasn’t thought about it so much yet. Didn’t he just escape from the… mortal catastrophe, the child is telling his mother about everything in the past!”


Yu Yi Lei Ting also smiled and said, “Don’t lie to fellow Daoist Xiao, it’s strange for a poor Daoist, the child walks across the earth and actually brings back a daughter-in-law, what is the cause and effect of this?”

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