Legend of the Cultivation God: Immortal Realm Chapter 4655: Replay the cycle



The avatar of time hesitated a little and tried to step out. Sure enough, the avatar of time could also come out of the starry sky condensed in time and space.


It’s just that the time that was originally condensed twisted slightly towards the outline of the time child.




Time Zishen looked into the distance and said with a smile, “Pin Dao must use the blood of Daoist friends!”


Xiao Hua said weakly: “Take it, take it~”


Speaking, “Boom boom boom~” Nine drops of blood essence rushed out more vastly than the sun!


“Thank you my friend~”


Time Zishen raised his hand and grabbed the nine drops of blood essence. After thanking him, he said to the Space Dharma Body, “Can you help me, fellow Daoist?”


“Go, go~”


Space Dharma Body raised his hand and took Hong Yue and said with a smile, “Of course I’m going.”




The time child pulls the space dharma body, and the two escape into space and time, falling straight into water droplets!


Only the child of time can truly see the “return”. Xiao Hua’s incarnation of the Buddha can only see the moon bud, but in the eyes of the child of time, the moon bud is an extremely mysterious existence. It is a myriad of beginnings and countless ends. Superimposed points, a point in time.


Pure time, nothing to do with space.


At this point in time and space, I am time, time is me, I am beginning, beginning is me, I am ending, and ending is me.


The so-called sun and moon are just two shadows of this point in this star field.


The nine star screens and countless starry sky that Xiao Hua had seen before were all the water lights reflected by this point in different star fields.




Time Zishen looked at “Gui”, raised his hand and sent nine drops of blood essence into it.




Essence and blood swept across the water droplets, taking away some water threads, and when they fell into the “return”, they turned into gold threads.


When the golden thread penetrates, “Whoosh~” Some inexplicable wills turned into green smoke and vanished.




Time Zishen laughed, he knew that it was left behind by countless “returns” that had been saved in the past, and now they have been cleared.


Afterwards, he turned his head to look at the water vapor around him, bowed his head and said, “Thank you!”


Without this inexplicable drop of water, Xiao Hua’s blood may not be able to make a contribution.


Seeing that the ritual was completed, the time child raised his hand and grabbed it on the “return”, while the space law body held Hongyue and raised his hand to point at another part of the “return”.




Without using any magical powers, countless space Dharma bodies appear on all the contours of the earth in an instant!




The space Dharma body looked around, looked at the living beings on the earth, and said solemnly, “It’s okay to be a poor Taoist!”




The time child stretched out his other hand and grabbed the light blue stone shaped like the earth!




In an instant, the entire time and space oscillated, all the contours of the earth converged toward one place, and countless lights and shadows shattered.


The space law body controls the spaces one by one, preventing these spaces from annihilating due to the disorder of time.


When the Earth cooperates with one, the end and beginning of the time and space cycle overlap.




Strange fluctuations rush out from “Return”, and some inexplicable fluctuations are light and shadow breaking out of the constraints of time and space, rushing in all directions!




Even Xiao Hua, seeing Zhuang Bi’s shadow, Cheng Su’s shadow, and an inexplicable dragon scale shadow within the light and shadow, he whispered, “This… this is…”


At this time, Xiao Hua is naturally a little aware of what he missed when he first entered the earth, but he really asked him to investigate carefully, but he was not completely sure.


“This weird water drop~”


Silver was powerless to change anything, and powerless to stop it, he could only look at the water drop with a wry smile and shake his head.


Time and space were broken, the earth solidified, and Xu Zhineng moved.


But Xu Zhi watched Pu Xirun, whose body collapsed and his soul annihilated under the Spear of God’s Punishment, didn’t know what to say, everything happened too fast.


When he saw the Empress and saw that the Empress was Pu Xirun, the matter was beyond his control, and he didn’t even think about it at all. The Spear of Heaven’s Punishment was shot down directly. The human race, let alone let those human races who have been sacrificed in blood die in vain.


Of course, Xu Zhi didn’t even want the silly, sweet and white Pu Xirun in his memory to be tainted by the Gorefiend!


Pu Xirun who doesn’t know how to cultivate, how pure is Pu Xirun who doesn’t want to drag him down!


“Brother Xu~”


Xiao Huaying said to the lost Xu Zhi, “I’m sorry, I saw that she was the empress, but I don’t know Pu Xirun.”


“It’s okay~”


Xu Zhi took a deep breath and said, “She’s not Pu Xirun, she’s a blood demon!”




Xiao Hua looked at the distortion and brokenness around him and said, “The time and space cycle of the earth has been broken, and Qingzi’s soul has been recovered, so we should leave.”




Xu Zhi looked at the Tianshan Seven Swords in the distance and said in a low voice, “Can Xu take them away?”


“Of course, of course~”


Xiao Hua nodded and said, “You don’t have to worry about this, I will handle it.”




Xu Zhi looked at the Spear of God’s Punishment again and asked softly, “Earth… Can the earth not be reincarnated in time and space?”


“Of course…”


Just as Xiao Huaying said here, Xiao Hua’s voice thundered down from the sky~IndoMTL.com~ said, “Of course, but your Pu Xirun… is no longer possible!”




Xu Zhi felt that he had lost something and took away the Spear of God’s Punishment.


What Xu Zhi didn’t know was that Wang Cai scolded contemptuously in the Spear of God’s Punishment: “Stupid bastard!”


Xiao Hua stood outside the solar system, watching the earth disappear, watching the solar system fall apart, and secretly said in his heart: “Xu Zhi’s words reminded Xiao, although Qin Chuan has great powers, but let all the earth and his memories reincarnate. It is too petty, but his actions have created a unique earth. If Xiao Mou takes it away, it will be too domineering. is located.


“Also, the strange water droplets cannot be collected by Xiao’s power. In this case, it is better to leave them as they are, and let the time and space of the earth continue to repeat itself, and even Xiao leave a shadow and take Hong Yue also Stay here, let the earth in this time and space reincarnate more and more complete!”


“Yes, yes~”


Thinking of this, Xiao Hua stroked his palm and said, “Didn’t Qingzi also suggest that Li Yi and Zhang Ying be reincarnated here to repair and cleanse the soul and body? Then let Li Yi and Zhang Ying stay here!”


Since there is a plan, Xiao Hua’s mind becomes more and more active, cleansing the soul, cleaning the body, nothing in the seven realms can compare to the Holy Light of the Holy Light Realm, Xiao Hua decided to let Li Yi and Zhang Ying reincarnate first, and then send They have a paradise, an apple tree…


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