Legend of the Cultivation God: Immortal Realm Chapter 3787: The way of disorder



“This is nothing~”


Xiao Hua continued to accompany him with a smile, “Since I know that the son is going to do such earth-shattering things, how can Xiaolong accompany the son, doesn’t the son want Xiaolong to be the first dragon guard under the son’s seat? How can Xiaolong accompany the young master to traverse the entire dragon domain?”


“Good, good, good~”


Ao Sheng applauded again and said, “With your heart alone, I must trust you unconditionally. To tell you the truth, just now Yu sent me a message to let me still use the Wanyu Dragon Seal to control you. But I justly refused, and I have the courage to accompany me to ‘Liqing’, what else can I not believe?”


Xiao Hua looked extremely excited and said gratefully: “Thank you, son~”


“As for your worries, you don’t have to~”


Ao Sheng said proudly, “It’s just changing the dragon’s appearance, I have a way.”


Speaking, Ao Sheng took out a colorful bead and handed it to Xiao Hua: “This is a five-pointed bead. You can change the dragon’s appearance after you sacrifice it. This thing was used by me during my lifetime, and I will give it to you now. !”


“No, no~”


To Ao Sheng’s surprise, Xiao Hua did not immediately catch it, but shook his head and said, “Since it is the son’s thing, it is still used at this time, and Xiaolong dare not accept it.”


“Don’t worry, don’t worry~”


Ao Sheng smiled and said, “I have obtained the source of ‘Mi’, and I have been able to control my dragon appearance for a long time, and I can no longer use this thing.”




Xiao Hua just took it and said respectfully, “In that case, thank you sir.”


“This is the dragon art of sacrifice~”


Ao Sheng took out a dragon scale carving and said, “You should sacrifice first.”




Xiao Hua looked around and said in a low voice, “The priority should be rushing to ‘Liqing’ now, isn’t it appropriate to sacrifice at this time?”


“Don’t worry, I have my own arrangements~”


Ao Sheng smiled, sprayed the Dragon Seal of Wanyu, raised the dragon’s claws a little, and several dragons flew out from inside.


“Wait for the dragon chariot~”


Ao Sheng gave an order, and the dragon race immediately sacrificed the dragon chariot. When Xiao Hua got on the dragon chariot, Ao Sheng didn’t say where he was going, but just pointed the direction and ordered the dragon tribe to urge the dragon chariot with all his strength.


Ao Sheng’s dragon carriage was different from what Xiao Hua had seen before. It was a thing with rolling flames. Xiao Hua fell into a flame, nodded at Ao Sheng, and immediately took out the so-called five-pointed beads and began to sacrifice.


Watching Xiao Hua sacrifice the five awn beads, Ao Sheng’s mouth showed a smile, and it also fell into the flames, but it did not coil the dragon body, but fluttered and rolled in ninety-nine-eighty-one flames, Ao Sheng In the “Lin” gain a lot, it has to seize the time to absorb.




Xiao Hua looked at the Wumangzhu, and he didn’t need to investigate at all, so he thought to himself, “Do you still need to say it? Without the Dragon Seal of Ten Thousand Domains, it is natural to use other means to monitor the poor road, this Wumangzhu is afraid of it.”


Whether it was, Xiao Hua couldn’t investigate in front of Ao Sheng, he thought for a while, found some in the double helix, made them congeal, and sent the pentagram into their bodies. As for the pentagram Xiao Hua just took a look at the Dragon Refinement Technique, and immediately put it aside. Compared with Senluo Wanxiang Jue, this thing is not even as good as scum, and Wumangzhu is also compared with Huangni Wanxiangzhu.


Silver picked up sesame seeds and threw watermelon for no reason.


The dragon body was curled up in the flames, and Xiao Hua finally had time to explore his dragon body.


The yin and yang grinding disc that Xiao Hua just took out is just a shadow of the outline. Xiao Hua, the real dragon weapon, is still unable to take it out. When Xiao Hua’s consciousness turned into a dragon and fell in, the dragon was hiding between the two dragons. Crazy ritual training within the slough.


Looking at the gigantic aura on the yin and yang grinding plate, Xiao Hua himself felt cold, this thing is a big killer!


Since Xiao Hua entered the Dragon Domain, he has never had a dragon weapon in hand. After that, even if he looked for Long Yuding Zhou Nail and Jiuyan Manghuawen Fan, he felt that it was too gentle. Huang Longyuan’s Jiulong Yanyue Saber looked Not bad, but this yin and yang grinder is even more refreshing, so when Xiao Hua saw Ao Sheng, he took out the outline of the yin and yang grinder to prepare for the use of the yin and yang grinder in the future.


Let’s talk about the 卝丱guan, although it is broken or not formed, but after all, it is the town of Five Elements, and its power is still there! It’s just that this thing consumes too much dragon power, and Xiao Hua intends to use it as a dragon pill to warm and use it, and it will not be revealed unless it is absolutely necessary.


Seeing that the dragon was working hard to refine the yin and yang grinding disc, Xiao Hua was about to dispatch the double helix to help, but when he saw the Wanxiang beads, he was stunned again.


But seeing the Wanxiang Pearl falling on the “Deng Judan”, hundreds of millions of rays of light shine on Xiao Hua’s double helix counted by “Jing” through the “Deng Judan”.


The dragon pattern on the “Dengjidan” originally spread in all directions through two dragon sloughs, but at this time it is directly reflected on the double helix. The fission of the double helix not only accelerates, but also generates more shocking fluctuations. Xiao Hua is terrifyingly obscure.


This is nothing. After the billions of rays of light fell, the double helix gave birth to a kind of “mixed” variety. Xiao Hua looked at it and felt both orderly and disorderly, and an unspeakable kind of unspeakable. Shenao was born from this seemingly disordered double helix.


“I…I’m going~”


Xiao Hua was stunned and exclaimed, “Pin Dao understands, in fact, whether it is the change of billions of spells or the five Tais, they are all practicing the way of order. There are so many spirals to the end, and it is impossible to control them with order. They are suitable for the way of disorder, and the luxuriant phenomena generated by the beads are actually the way of disorder.”


Thinking of this, Xiao Hua hurriedly realized the Senluo Vientiane Art, but the more Xiao Hua looked at it, the more he frowned, because the Senluo Vientiane Art emphasized: “Human Vientiane Senluo, bred by Liangyi; a hundred methods Gather together, without surpassing the realm of the three religions.”


“No, no~”


Xiao Hua stopped to realize ~IndoMTL.com~ shook his head and said, “If it is so ‘inseparable from the two rituals, without the three religions’, in the end, it will only become a secret art with a new face, how can it reach the pinnacle of Vientiane Senluo? But this practice falls into the Hinayana.”


Xiao Hua pondered for a while, and said with a smile on the corner of his mouth: “Forget it, forget it, let’s go ahead and use this Hinayana’s Senluo Vientiane Art to make a new face, look at the secret of the Wanxiang Pearl, and then comprehend it belongs to the poor road. The Mahayana Vientiane Senluo Jue, with the power of the Wanxiang Pearl, will control the countless double helixes in the future, the disorder of the double helix fission!”


Afterwards, Xiao Hua devotes himself to meditation, while realizing and cultivating the Myriad Vientiane Art, and at the same time familiarizing himself with the control of the double helix by using the Wanxiang Beads, because the Tai Chi between the two dragon sloughs has time, so this I don’t know how long it takes to practice.


On this day, Xiao Hua was fascinated by the control of the Wanxiang Bead, when he suddenly heard a sound outside, Xiao Hua sighed secretly, and returned his mind…


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