Legend of the Cultivation God: Immortal Realm Chapter 3050: Li Lingwei



  Chapter 3071 Li Lingwei


  The second one hundred and thirty-two hundred light spots emerged from the light spots of Xiao Hua’s body, and the soul that sheltered under Xiao Hua’s marks also instantly fell back to the light spots, and Wen Qu’s figure outlines.


  ”Om”, 133,200 vortices are formed on the outline of Wenqu. This vortex leads to an unknown space, and wisps of chaotic air are also not known where they are born and flow into Wenqu’s body along the vortex!


  As for the other two light spots, they flashed nine times on Xiao Hua’s body, and then they fell into Xiao Hua’s body and disappeared. Xiao Hua didn’t even have a chance to take a look.


  Finally, the purple heavenly court began to fall into space under Xiao Hua’s mind and guidance.


  The five-color sacred fire that had not been used for a long time suddenly appeared again. Now the five-color sacred fire has become seven colors. The purple flame in the seven colors has a light filament in the center, and the previous blue flame is completely condensed into light!


   Later, there were many immortal artifacts, such as the Star Palace Seal, Wanxianlu, Tengjiao Scissor, and the Immortal Sacred Stele, all of which were washed out like dust in the purple light.


  Especially the book of stars, where it was originally the condensation of the spiritual essence of the heavenly book, and now under the jade-like purple initial light of the heavenly court, purple qi is gradually emerging, and it is more and more sublimated!


  Of course, in addition to the benefits of the fairy tools, the most unlucky is the Taixuan Gu Longling who fell into the space. This boy fell into the void when he entered the space, and could no longer move, and the heavens began to fall in, and his whole body was originally The still flame burned again!


  The breath did not pass at all, the ancient dragon Ling of the Supreme Profound Realm turned into a black thing that looked like an eagle, not an eagle, but a dragon and a dragon, with sun and moon eyes and three dragon claws!


  Black objects can’t be burned in the beginning of the light, showing the strange texture!


  At the same time that the ancient Dragon Ling of the Great Profound Profound Realm was exterminated, purple light swept across all interfaces of the space, “boom boom boom…” The constant roaring sound was born from all walks of life, and within the already formed space, various visions were born again !


  ”Boom boom boom~~~” Heavenly Court space shook unceasingly, the space was extremely expanded, and even with it, all walks of life were skyrocketing again! ! !


  When the space of Xiao Hua changed drastically, far away in the country of Buddhism, an unknown place, and a man with a big waist and a round waist, was walking slowly on an unmanned path, and at the end of the path was a towering mountain peak above the mountain peak. There seems to be the outline of the temple, but it is not clearly visible in the smoke clouds.




  A bell rang above the mountain peak, and then the sound of wooden fish and the sound of chanting abruptly, the same, the strong fragrance of incense washed down from the top of the mountain.


  The man originally closed his eyes slightly, walking down the path like a walking corpse. He heard the bell, and suddenly opened his eyes. A pair of eyes were white without eyeballs, and with the sound of the wooden fish, a heavy bloodshot began. All over.


  ”Li Lingwei~”


  A voice did not know where it came from the man, “have arrived at Mount Kasaba, right?”




  The man named Li Lingwei replied dumbly, without any emotion at all.




  The voice said faintly, “Tresh Kaye Mountain, burn Kaye Temple, and destroy everything…”


  The voice just said here, Li Lingwei’s eyebrows suddenly flashed with a ray of mysterious light, and an ancient dragon imprint that resembled an eagle, not an eagle, or a dragon, flickered, and as the imprint of the ancient dragon appeared, Li Lingwei’s whole body Suddenly a mysterious light was born, and countless inexplicable black thunders “rumbling” came out of a thousand miles in the void, smashing Li Lingwei’s body like a storm.


  On Li Lingwei’s blood-stained eyes, one hundred and thirty-two hundred black threads emerged from the edges, and gathered in the center of the eyes to condense into two eye pupils. These eyes were extremely dark.


   Immediately Li Lingwei blinked his eyelids, and opened his eyes again after a while, all emotions appeared in the darkness of these eyes!


  ”Li Lingwei!!!”


  The voice roared, “What are you doing? Didn’t you hear Lao Tzu talking?”


  ”If you can’t complete the task, I will throw you in…”


  Unfortunately, I didn’t wait for the voice to finish. Li Lingwei’s mouth curled up, showing a sneer, and said faintly: “Do you think I’m still the King Kong that you sacrificed to me?”


  Speaking, Li Lingwei raised his hand and patted his chest!




  The voice immediately changed from arrogance to wailing, and screamed, “This…what’s going on? Where is the flame coming from, hurry, save me…”


  The voice quickly disappeared, Li Lingwei raised his eyes to look at the towering Kaaba Mountain, smiled slightly, and said: “Fortunately, otherwise I…I will have one more evil obstacle in this life…”


   Then Li Lingwei turned around and returned along the path, but after walking a few steps, he raised his head again, looking at the direction of the sky, with confusion in his eyes, and said in a low voice: “Xiao Hua? Who are you? You are so amazing!!”


   Then, Li Lingwei even looked at the path under his feet and muttered: “Now my road…where is it?”


  Xiao Hua is condensing in the nameless time and space. Naturally, I don’t know that there is also Li Lingwei in the distant Buddhist kingdom. I don’t know how long it will take before the purple disappears, and Xiao Hua reappears in front of him!


  It’s just that Ling Yuan at this moment is a huge abyss, a huge half black and white iridescent covering the abyss, the top of the iridescent, the point of that small sickle, flashing light falling from mid-air, shattering light , Countless Ji family disciples flew out from the inside, one by one in a panic!


  Xiao Hua, Wenqu, Time Sub-body, and Self-Condensed Body I don’t know how much time it took, but here in Ling Yuan… it’s just a moment!


  Xiao Hua looked at Wenqu about to speak~IndoMTL.com~ Suddenly he jumped in his heart, turned to look at the Oriental Sky, and said anxiously: “Friends, don’t say more at this time, I’m waiting for the condensate Heavenly Court Six Jade…”


  After finishing speaking, Xiao Hua immediately opened the seal of the Haotian Mirror that was sealed in the space and threw it to Wenqu, and took out Cangbi himself.


  After that, Xiao Hua released his mind to cover the half-broken black and white iridescent. This is a half of the reincarnation passage that Tai Xuan Gu Long Ling did not know where it was obtained from. If it is ordinary Xiao Hua will not be able to collect it, but Xiao Hua is passing the previous six When he reinvigorated Lingyuan, he used his own essence and blood to sacrifice, and now his mind fell, “boom boom boom~” The black and white rainbow made an unspeakable roar, and Xiao Hua was suddenly taken into the shadow of space!


  Received half of the reincarnation passage, and the power of the surrounding ghosts disappeared without a trace!


  ”Boom boom boom~”


   Immediately, in the place where the arc current was originally located, a burst of huge explosions sounded, losing the support of the endless power of the reincarnation channel, the space constructed on the sickle tip was shattered, and the inner part passed through the incomplete reincarnation. The Ji family disciples who were reincarnated in the channel are exposed among the heavenly court…


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