Legend of the Cultivation God: Immortal Realm Chapter 3049: Wen Mark of the Supreme Immortal Mark



  Chapter 3070 The Trace of the Supreme Immortal Trace




  Red Emperor nodded and watched the Heavenly Court recover like this, and said faintly, “This is a flash of light that resembles the foundation of Heavenly Court, and Xiao Hua’s strength is not enough to motivate, even if it’s me, maybe we can gather five people with the help of six jade. Power can only…”


  ”This light and shadow are too mysterious~”


  Qingdi looked at the distance and said word by word, “If the six jade is not attracted, I can’t detect it with my power, this…I am afraid it is the power of heaven and earth!”


  The emperor heard a “cock” in his heart. He had talked to Xiao Hua about the Great Tribulation before, and now this situation is really similar to the Great Tribulation!


  ”I will wait for each to turn around~”


The emperor    thought about it for a while and said, “Except for Yu Yuan, I will immediately ask the immortals to investigate abnormalities, don’t have any inexplicable catastrophe!”


  After that, the five emperors flew down, but what they didn’t know was that Xiao Hua had been in a different time and space from Heavenly Court as early as the beginning of the light.


  Xiao Hua saw that she was able to move, and immediately whispered in her heart: “Friends of the Daoists pay attention to the condensed body, the poor way begins to control…”


  Speaking of Xiao Hua’s masterpiece of blue light and blue light, like a giant condensed with 133,200 spots of light, he waved his arms and began to use the Big Dipper!


  ”Swipe…” Ziguang immediately left the green witch mark and blue demon mark, and fell towards the little blue dot on Xiao Hua’s left foot.


  At the same time, “swipe…” on the side of other light spots, and within the sporadic light and shadow, the outlines of all the verses at the same time gave birth to a beam of light that looked like a hairspring passing through the dark, falling into the vicinity of the purple light, and then seeing colorful light The halo was brightly lit up like stars, and the unspeakable mystery was born to light up the first small dot of Xiao Hua’s body again!


  Because of the previous experience of the demon alliance, Xiao Hua at this time closed her eyes tightly, should feel all kinds of falling, and immediately urged the Beidou Shenquan, within the purple light spot, the supreme secrets were born, blood , Essence, meridians, spirits, etc., which are necessary to construct the body, like new buds under the fluctuations of the state of life, two, two, three, three, all things!


   is no different from before. Tiandao is like a paintbrush, dyeing the first dot of the blue and Xiaohua purple, but the paintbrush did not continue, but stagnated on this little dot.


  Xiao Hua has no joy or sorrow, tirelessly displaying his fists, and the Big Dipper punches again and again!


  However, just when Xiao Hua thought that purple would continue to rush to the second dot, the abnormality suddenly occurred.




  It was originally a purple halo with only one layer, but now it has two layers!


  But within these two halos, there is no starlight falling, only the purple halo is slowly engraving like mountains and water!


  ”This…what is this?”


  Siu Hua was extremely surprised.


  Because he knows in his heart that this is the beginning of space and time. The laws of space and time do not exist at all. Except for the 13200 green light points of his own light condensing body, everything else can be moved. nothingness!


  How can I have a double halo again?


  Xiao Hua reluctantly continued to use the Big Dipper Fist, when the second one was completed 13200 times, the four weeks had fallen like water, and the purple light began to condense on the blue!


  ”I will go~”


  Xiao Hua suddenly exclaimed, “This…this is the body of time! Could he also condense?”


  Starting, seeing that there is no starlight within the purple halo, Xiao Hua woke up again, the body of time does not rely on the beginning light, but the beginning of time contained in the beginning light!


  So, who can the other halo be?


  Naturally is the self corpse of the Confucianism of Mind!


  Xiao Hua continued to use the Big Dipper Fist. Sure enough, the halo was filled by another layer of space at the beginning, and when the blue light was completely covered by the purple light, the purple light was like a pen, and then fell to the second point of light. !


  After that, Xiao Hua seemed to be recondensing, a little bit of engraving guided the purple light. Although Wenqu was unable to guide, he also followed Xiao Hua’s rhythm and began to condense. At this time, the purple light was halo, and the text of the halo Qu’s body appeared little by little!


  Xiao Hua just thought about the condensing body of Wenqu at first, but she never expected that the body of time and the corpse of the self could condense, and it was the beginning of time and the beginning of space. This is definitely an unexpected joy.




   Seeing Wenqu follow her to condense, and she still has extra energy, Xiao Hua hurriedly cried out in her heart, “Remember Fengwu and Huang Tong’s experience of condensing? They can practice while condensing, and fellow Taoists follow. You can also take advantage of the situation to practice!”


  Wenqu wakes up and immediately urges Hun Yuan Qi Xu Zhang!


  ”It’s a pity~”


  Xiao Hua looked at the double halo above the purple light, and said inwardly, “These two are not separate and cannot be self-cultivation…”


  Just thinking of this, Xiao Hua had an impulse in her heart, and secretly said: “No, this is the beginning of light, there is no time and space, if Xiao tries to distinguish three consciousnesses? Can they exist separately?”


  However, this idea was strangled by Xiao Hua himself as soon as it was born, are you kidding? This is Heavenly Court Shiguang Ning Body, how could it be distracted?


  I don’t know how long it has been. Xiao Hua’s physical body has been stabilized. Seeing the 13200 spots of light, as Xiao Hua’s heart is unhurried and unhurried, Xiao Hua’s consciousness should fall. Spiritually.


  But at this time, Xiao Hua bit his teeth, and first fell to the body of time to urge the Hun Yuan Qi Vulnerable Chapter, seeing the time on the ceiling, the petals were engraved stroke by stroke, and he tried to fall into the image of Confucian Mind. After urging the first chapter of Tai Su Yuan, Xiao Hua did not dare to stay longer, and immediately returned to the soul! !


  At this time, the flower-like imprints on Xiao Hua’s soul are very bright. Needless to say, this should be Xiao Hua’s fourth immortal mark-Wenhen~ IndoMTL.com~ That is the case, except for Xuanhen. , Witch Mark and Demon Mark, once again added a Wen Mark! “


  Since it is a literal mark, all the rhymes in the inner part can be manifested, and under the literal mark, Xiao Hua’s Secret Art of Spiritual Essence, which had been activated earlier, also used the purple light to cast the soul!


   Seeing the infinite purple light of the purple flowers, countless filaments of light falling into the literary song, and time, within the soul of the body and mind, Xiao Hua was determined.


  I don’t know how long it has been, Xiao Hua’s soul body is bright purple, and the same bright purple body appears in three layers. The first two layers are deep and the second two layers are clear. Although the four layers of flesh are all humanoids, the first two layers are crystal clear. Clearly, what blood, what meridians, what bones, etc. are impressive, but the last two layers only have outlines and no substance.


  When the last purple light spot lights up, the wave falls in, triple purple light, triple 13200 light spots flashing at the same time, the heavenly light flies out from Xiao Hua’s right foot.


  ”Tao friends escape quickly~”


  Siu Hua drank in my heart…


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  (End of this chapter)


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