Konoha’s Light Chapter 632: Inflated


Kaguya, who was carefully guarding against the “enemy”, was startled, “What do you mean?”

Before she could react, Long Shi slapped her on the back!

Kaguya spat out a mouthful of blood, and his breath weakened at a speed visible to the naked eye!

“Are you crazy? You are forcing me to betray!” Kaguya was startled and angry, completely unable to understand the dragon’s thinking!

She is weaker than Long Shi, but she is not too weak to resist.

Doing so in a situation where there are strong enemies outside, isn’t it tantamount to suicide?

Could it be that Jackie Chan still expects her to give up struggling for the sake of Otsutsuki’s future?

However, Long Shi’s eyes were indifferent.

“You don’t understand anything at all! Betrayed Otsutsuki? Such a thing doesn’t exist!”

After the voice fell, a strange force suddenly burst out from within Kaguya’s body.

Under the effect of this force, Kaguya’s figure began to shrink, and then was sucked into the dragon’s mouth!

Of course, Soseki would not just sit back and watch the opponent strengthen his strength, but as soon as he and Aizen teleported to Ryushiki’s side, they saw Ryushiki absorb Kaguya at an accelerated rate, and the powerful force erupting from his body sent them flying!

Sōseki did a backflip and landed on the ground with a solemn expression. He could naturally tell that Kaguya was controlled by a force!

That power even came from within her body!

Otherwise, she couldn’t have been swallowed so easily!

“Is it a method developed by the Otsutsuki clan in the future time and space to suppress traitors? Or did it exist long ago, but it was kept secret?” Soseki frowned.

However, he can understand.

Although Ichishi is a noble and superior warrior in the Otsutsuki clan, the ability displayed by Longshi is too terrifying, and it is unacceptable to any Otsutsuki. It is destined that only a very few people may know it!

“But there is one more thing that is very strange. If Ryushiki can control Otsutsuki without restriction, why doesn’t he control Toneri and Six Paths? Or is there some kind of difference between Kaguya and Toneri Six Paths?”

Sōseki lowered his eyebrows and thought to himself, “Could it be because of planting trees? If that’s the case, then there seems to be one of the remaining Otsutsugi who can also become his puppet—Otsutsuki Ichishiki!”

The four members of Yishi who were fighting fiercely also noticed the movement here, and their expressions changed.

Although they didn’t notice the changes in Kaguya’s body at close range like Soseki, they all noticed something strange.

Even if it was a sneak attack, Kaguya shouldn’t be swallowed so quickly, right?

However, Yishi did not show confusion, but deliberately stimulated the opponent, “Although there was an accident at the beginning, it is finally back on track now! After swallowing Kaguya, the strength of Longshi must not be that Two human beings are comparable, are you ready to witness their demise?”

Sheren’s eyes were firm, and he said concisely, “Teacher will definitely win!”

Compared to the confrontation between the two, Tao Shi simply said, “You’re dead!”

The corner of Liudao’s mouth twitched slightly, and he corrected, “It’s just a part of consciousness, mother’s real body is still sealed!”

After absorbing Kaguya, the originally weakened aura of the dragon style instantly soared!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Dragon Style roared loudly, as if he wanted to vent all the surging power in his body and the pent-up breath in his chest!

Looking up in the dragon pose, his substantive gaze shot at the two of them like a sharp sword glow, “Sorry for keeping you waiting for so long!”

Aizen narrowed his eyes, “I thought you would make some remarks that would trample us down!”

The expression in the dragon pose is calm, “Any emotional fluctuations may become your weapons, and I will not get angry again until I kill you!”

“It’s really not easy to fool!” Soseki sighed, and tentatively shot a beam of light at Longshi.

However, the beam of light turned around after approaching the dragon pose, as if being bounced off by an invisible mask!

“But that’s it!” Long Shi waved his sleeves and said indifferently, “Sure enough, I should have killed you with absolute strength from the very beginning! Although I understand this truth a bit late, it’s not too late !”

“First, let’s start with you!” Long Shi looked at Aizen, and the powerful Chakra oppressed the surrounding time and space to stop!

Then, the dragon pose stepped out in one step, teleported to appear in front of Lan Ran, and directly tore him in half!

There was a wave in the void, and Aizen’s figure instantly solidified. Before he could make any unnecessary reaction, he was caught up by the dragon pose that followed him like a shadow, and he was bombarded again!

“As many times as you resurrect, I will kill you!” The dragon’s voice was calm, as if describing a fact.

“What a rare embarrassment!” Soseki murmured to himself, suppressing the idea of ​​fitting together now, and took the initiative to attack the dragon pose.

Although Aizen has been easily defeated twice, but in the face of the famous and vicious Shimizu Demon King in the future time and space, Ryushi still dare not underestimate him, and punched Soseki with all his strength!

Soseki’s body exploded into a cloud of blood mist!

But the next moment, the scene of him being blown up will return to the original state like a movie reversed!

“Reversal of time and space?” Long Shi is not surprised by this, even Aizen has a life-saving means of transforming the virtual and the real, and it is reasonable for Shimizu Soseki to reverse time and space to resurrect!

“Just be careful, don’t let him reverse my state back to before devouring Kaguya!”

The next scene is Long Shi chasing the two of them like whack-a-mole, and when they see someone revived, they hurry up and punch them!

Seeing this situation, everyone in the Ninja Alliance and the virtual organization became anxious. Regardless of the huge gap in strength between the two sides, they rushed forward with red eyes.

“Even if he dies, his power will be consumed!”

“Buy time for the two leaders!”

However, the gap between their power levels and Dragon Style is too great. Even Gokage, Naruto, and Sasuke can’t make any waves under his attack!

Seeing those despicable earth stars dying a lot under his attack, Long Shi felt extremely happy.

Even the Great Demon King Qingshui was killed by him more than a dozen times, he felt that he had reached the pinnacle of his life!

In this case, even if he tried his best to suppress the joy in his heart, he couldn’t help laughing, “Haha! Just because you want to stop the torrent of fate?”

While laughing loudly, Long Shi felt a little regretful, “It’s a pity that those people in the future can’t see the picture of me beating the big devil Qingshui violently!”

If the history is revised, people in the future will only know that he defeated the natives on a primitive planet, and they will not know the feat of saving Otsuki!

The taste of walking in brocade clothes at night is really uncomfortable!

Long Shi felt itchy, so he could only pour out (zhuang) to (bi) these ninjas who were destined to be dead, “Destiny is really wonderful. Who would have thought that the emperor of the universe who would traverse the stars in the future time and space would be defeated by me?” This unknown pawn!”


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