Kingdom’s Bloodline Chapter 140: North Border Neverwinter



   Miranda was silent for a long time, but his gaze remained unchanged from the Duke of Xinghu, who seemed to be still used to Thales like this.


   “You said that you have no shortage of masters, even better than me?”


   a few seconds later, Miranda disdainfully said:


   “But as far as I know, that two-on-one duel…”


   “They are just the weakest two in the Star Lake Guard.”


   Thales resolutely interrupted her to prevent the other party from revealing her own old bottom. At the same time, I am sorry for Neshi and Bastiya:


   “Don’t say anything else, my captain of the guard, Lord Tormund Mallos, known as the Terror Blade, can suppress both of them with just one hand.”


   In the study, Thales sneezed a little and rubbed his nose.


   “Terror, horror, blade?” Miranda muttered the word, with confusion on her face.


  Thyls looks serious:


  ” That’s the nickname of Lord Mallos, people from the North, no, people from the stars, um, I mean, the enemies who have suffered in his hands, whether they are from Exeters He is still a star person, and he calls him that secretly.”


   Miranda frowned.


   Thales sneered:


  ”One tip: Don’t mention it to him face to face. Mallos doesn’t like this nickname, he won’t admit it to death.”


   Miranda thought about something, her expression gradually became serious:


  ”The Marius family used to belong to the Seven Servant of the Stars, alias “Razor”, I know. But, the blade of terror? So, Lord Marius is good at swords? Or is it a short-handed dagger?”


   Thales had to increase the frequency of coughing:


  ”Well, you might as well ask him another day to learn from each other. But I warn you in advance that as my most trusted captain of the guard, Lord Mallos’s martial arts are hidden and unfathomable, even if the world’s most powerful The most terrifying masters faced him, and the outcome was only five to five.”


  ”Why do I think you are a little exaggerated?”


   “Where, I’m just emphasizing that the martial arts you are proud of are not rare here.”


   Upon hearing this, Miranda was silent for a while, but she quickly continued:


  ”It’s not just martial arts.”


  ”Considering the grievances between you and Duke Jen, Your Highness, no matter what your purpose is, you will be bound to be at every turn when you go to the Emerald City. It will not be as smooth as in the King’s Capital and Longxiao City.”


   Thales was silent.


   Actually, in the Royal Capital and Longxiao City… it didn’t go well either.


   But she was right, his goal to go to the Emerald City, not to mention the danger, is bound to be tricky.


  He needs more capable staff.


  ”And we used to work together in Longxiao City, you know my abilities beyond making swords.”


   Miranda’s eyes become shrewd:


  ”Some problems, hand it to me, it will be safer and more effective than handing it to Wiya and the dumb, than handing it to the Doyle kid or the big zombie face.”


   Huaiya and Rolf.


  D.D and Glover.


   Thales frowned when he remembered what happened to him on Red Square Street at the Laiya Club that day.


   “Accept me, what you can get, and my surname.”


   Miranda sees Thales’s expression slightly moving, and continues to increase:


  ”His Royal Highness Thales, although you are the heir to the High Throne, you have touched the interests of many people since the royal family banquet and the prince’s accident in the palace. Get away.”


  ”So far, no prince with enough weight has dared to stand up and take refuge in you with a clear-cut stand, support you, and endorse your rights.”


   Thales rolled his eyes:


  ”Maybe you don’t know that my current saber is the ancient sword of the Duke of the Western Wilds; Cohen’s cousin, the Earl of Delekoloma of Wing Castle, escorted me all the way back to the capital; and the Earl of Soul The heir, Paul Bozdorf of the Black Lion family is out at the moment, serving as my guard.”


  The Duke of Star Lake spreads his hands indifferently:


  ”Their family also gave me an extra-large nine-pointed star flag. It is exquisitely crafted and full of materials, and it is shining silver and majestic. I like it very much.”


   Miranda thought about it, and quickly found the corresponding memory:


  ”Paul Bozdorf? You mean the guy who was beaten into a pig with a broom on the first day he arrived in the capital?”


  ”It’s not as serious as a pig’s head, that is, it’s broken–wait, how did you know?”


   Miranda sneered:


  ” But unfortunately, Paul’s father, Earl Lewis, is young and powerful. He is neither imprisoned nor loses his authority. He cannot leave a huge power vacuum behind him so that his heirs can become the closest to reign. , The hottest future earl.”


   “It’s simple, just turn around and kill his father.” Thales didn’t change his face and disliked him–not jumping so violently.


   Miranda ignored his terrible sense of humor and was as serious as ever: “As for a sword and an escort-only a fool would think this is an unbreakable sincere alliance.”


   Thales curled his lips.


   Miranda stared sharply:


  ”But unlike other families, Aarond is in a special situation. The Duke of the North is in jail and hopeless to return. With his position hanging in the air, my weight as his only daughter and first heir is particularly critical. “


  She takes a step forward:


   “You have me in your camp, which means you have the entire northern realm in the future. You have the Allende family, the head of the six giants. This is an unprecedented signal, and it is after you were exiled by the king’s suspicion. , To re-gather the forces of people and hope for an important bargaining chip for a comeback.”


   Make a comeback?


   said as if when I “was up”.


   Thales was lost in thought.


  ”Only this one, I value you more than everyone in this castle-and I haven’t mentioned the prestige and qualifications I have accumulated in Broken Dragon Fortress over the years.”


   Thales was silent for a while.


   “I admit, you are right.”


The Duke of    Xinghu curled up his mouth and shook his head:


  ”But there are many flaws, for example, you may not be able to inherit your father yet.”


   Miranda’s face tightened.


   Thales smiled.


   “A long time ago, there was a little Luo-the old witch was like this: we said that, she helped me ascend to the throne, and I helped her regain power.”


   Thales spoke, showing a look of nostalgia.


   “But the collaboration broke down-she betrayed me.”


   Miranda’s eyes moved.


  ”For many years, I have been resenting her for breaking her promises, but it was not until I discussed it with Lao Wu–with the teacher, that I realized that the cooperation was doomed to fail.”


   Miranda felt the coldness in Thales’ words, and she couldn’t help but shudder.


   Thales sneered, holding the desk with both hands:


   “Look, I have to be on the throne before I have the strength to help her regain the throne, but she must regain the power first, so she has the spare time to help me on the throne.”


  The prince looked cold:


  ”This one comes and goes, isn’t it just two blank checks for mutual guarantee?”


   “Which one can’t hold back first, credit goes bankrupt first.”


   Miranda tightened.


   At that moment, the prince’s eyes seemed to be sharp, causing the movement of the Pegasus in her body to start running.


   “Martial arts, mind, or your illusory so-called status, I have no shortage.”


   Thales exhaled and narrowed his eyes:


   “If you want to persuade me to accept you, then you have to have a heavier bargaining chip.”


   Miranda did not speak.


   The negotiation saw back and forth, causing her to frown.


  ”And if there is no…”


   Then give up.


   Give up.


   Thales stared at her, but clenched his fists with his hands on the table.






   “Xinghu Castle does not support idlers-or would you like to recommend yourself a pillow, come and warm my bed?” Thales’ tone was frivolous, full of irony and disdain.


   Miranda said nothing, but clenched her fists.


  Please, stay away from me.


   Thales looked at her silently, still sneered.


   away from Xinghu Fort.


   Stay away from this quagmire, this whirlpool, this trap.


   At least, avoid the eye of the wind and protect yourself in future storms.


   Avoid falling victim to the “covenant.”




   dark clouds cover the ceiling, and the light in the study is very dark.


   Under Thales’ eyes full of urging and inquiries, the female swordsman’s eyes moved slightly, as if thinking about something.


   After a moment, she raised her head, there seemed to be a decision between her eyebrows.


   “Northern Border.”


   Miranda firmly said:


   “If you help me to return to the cold castle and ascend to the throne of the duke, my boy, I promise that I will bring you to the north.”




   too late to care about the name of the other party, Thales was taken aback for a moment, then laughed out of voice:


   “What are you talking about? The northern border is originally the kingdom’s territory.”


   But Miranda shook her head firmly.


   “You don’t understand.”


  Arund’s female eagle has sharp eyes.


   “I promise that I will bring you back a different northern border-not geographically, not traditionally, not now, let alone what it used to be.”


  ”It is the future, which your father has dreamed of for many years-the northern border of the kingdom.”


   Thales’ eyes moved, and he subconsciously retracted his arms and straightened up.




   I saw Miranda step forward, decisively:


  ”I promise that it will no longer be a special case in the north outside the kingdom system, from inheritance to jurisprudence, from land to population, from culture to system, from finance to management, from agriculture and animal husbandry to defense, from conscription To customs, from personnel to logistics, from the big needle forest to the miserable land, from the cold temple to the Neverwinter Palace, from the birch forest to the Broken Dragon Fortress, the Fuxing Palace will rule the northern border like an ambassador, just like it Rule the central leadership one by one.”


  As an arm makes a finger…


   Say one thing…


   Thales’ eyes changed completely.


  The prince looked at Miranda in disbelief:


   “Madam, you are here, what are you talking about?”


   Miranda snorted without hesitation:


  ”Yes, no backward traditions, no annoying customs, no old-fashioned families, no annoying lords, no embarrassing compromises, the northern border-the kingdom’s best military base and bridgehead-will be like your father As expected, completely and thoroughly integrated into the system and rule of the Star Kingdom.”


   Miranda clenches her teeth:


   “Under the kingship, there is no more lingering sound.”




   thoroughly integrated into…


   Thales couldn’t sit still anymore, he jumped off his desk, even refusing to maintain the utilitarian coldness before.


   “Let me clarify, you said that after you become a duke, you have to give up not only the northern territory, but also the power in your hands…”


   Thales swallowed hard and asked:


   “Even if that means that the Northern Territory will no longer be the former territory, the lord no longer has the former rule, and the duke no longer has the former status?”


  What, how come…


   Miranda looked at him silently.


   a few seconds later, she bends the corners of her mouth, revealing a confident but cold smile, and swings her head upward, as if provoking:


   Yes, little kid.




   Thales’s expression is still shocked: “I, I don’t understand, why, why do you want to…”


   “You also said that a bad check is worse than nothing.”


   Miranda exhaled and chuckled.


  ”As long as I am not the Duke of the North, to be precise, the Duke of the North, the power represented by this title, large or small, far or near, is meaningless to me.”


   Miranda smiled coldly:


   “In this case, I can only put out a heavier chip.”


  ”For example, the future tax promised by “Xianjun” when borrowing, or the popular saying from Comus recently: options.”


  The female swordsman of Arund’s family raised her head, with an imposing manner:


   “How do you say, Your Highness, Falkenhauser, Croma and Bozdorf, they are willing to give you such a bargaining chip-the future?”


   Thales blinked desperately.


   “If what you say is true, if you really want to be in the future…”


   Thales is unbelievable:


   “It will be you, no, it will be the Aarond family to its vassals, to the historical and legal system, to the dignity of the North, and even to itself unprecedented–“




   Miranda digs her ears and doesn’t care:


   “Why, is it as serious as my father’s treason?”


   Telston was speechless.


   But at that moment, he thought of what he had said before the king.


   [If people know that I am the king’s internal response, then I will be regarded by thousands of vassals as a traitor to the aristocratic camp. 】


   Thales stared at Miranda at the moment.


   seems to see another self.




  Why, why can she be so free and unruly, so careless?


   This is obviously…


   But he immediately thought of something and his face sank.


  ”No, this is still a bad check. It is something you can only do when you become a duke.” He forced himself to shake his head and refuse, “It depends on your empty promises–“


   “But no one else dared to give it, even if it was just verbal.”


   Miranda interrupted him beyond doubt:


  ”And this is not something I can only achieve after becoming a duke. In fact, your father has already started to do it.”


   Thales stared at her closely, realizing that he couldn’t understand the thoughts of the person in front of him.


  ”So, do you dare to pick it up?”


   Miranda’s eyes are like two long swords, nailing him hard to move:


  ”Or, Tells star, are you qualified to pick it up?”


   Thales’ breathing accelerated, and he had to mobilize the crime of the prison river to help him calm down.


  As the power of the end surged, the senses of **** made it clearer for him to detect the power in the opponent’s body: the movement of the heavenly horses flowed endlessly, wandering endlessly, without flaws.


  ”But why?”


   “I don’t understand,” Thales said subconsciously, “After I returned to my country, from Falkenhauser to Bozdorf, many people came to my banner to show my favor.”


  ” But I know that they came because they didn’t want to give up the way they used to live, they didn’t want to let go of the power they were used to, they didn’t want to bow their heads under my father’s iron fist, but you, you, you But…”


   “I am not them.”


   Miranda answered his question softly.


  ”The “Eagle Flying” from Aaronde’s history was once an invaluable ancient sword of the empire, but it has been broken many times and recast several times. It has long been lost and lost its old name.”


  She looked at her saber:


   “Just as history is advancing, and times are developing, some people will get old.”


   Thales stared at the long sword that had experienced dragon blood with him seven years ago.


   And the female swordsman stood in front of him, as cold as ever, but also hot:


  ”But there are always people who are young.”


  ”Just like the recast Yingxiang, the shape is newer and the blade is better.”


   There was a moment of silence between the two.


   Thales exhaled, trying to adjust his thoughts.


   “But I still can’t believe it, the lady whose surname is Aaron, are you really such a dignified man?”


  ”If you pay such a big price, you don’t really need anything, just for the illusory title? For the man who is called the lord but has no real power, and is the same as a rich man—the guardian duke of the North?”


   “It’s the Duchess.” Miranda corrected.


   Thales sighed and nodded in agreement:


   “The Duchess.”


   he asked:


  ”But if you succeed, you have become a mere duke, who has to look at my face even to reclaim and collect taxes on her own land. What’s the point?”


   She is from the Arund family, isn’t she?


   They are the descendants of Nolan Nur of the ‘Sorrowful Eagle’, and they are the oldest and most conservative family in the Star Kingdom.


  The voice in Thales’ heart is also asking: So, how is it possible?


  How could she give up the powers that have been passed down from the empire to the present day, and that they have been born with from generation to generation?


  How could she surpass the greatest limitations and weaknesses of all vassals and vassals in this era?






   Miranda was silent for a long time, then suddenly smiled.


   She walked slowly to the window, looking at the vast star lake under the dark clouds.


   “Tell me, Your Majesty, you once felt this way: From that moment on, everything in your life seems to have stagnated.”


   Thales shivered slightly.


  Only listen to the faint way of the female swordsman:


   “What you see and feel are all set, and everything you do is fate. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you work, you will not be able to break through the immediate restrictions, bring new things, and see no new way out.”


   Miranda stared out the window in a daze, at the sky covered by dark clouds and the bottomless star lake.


  ”As for the seemingly good life, in fact, you can see the end at a glance, and only the self-repeat that remains the same day after day, waiting for the final end.”


   can’t bring new things, can’t see a new way out…


   Thales did not speak.


   At that moment, he seemed to have returned to Longxiao City, and in front of him were the heads of Alex and King Nunn who had been poisoned to death.


   But he seems to be back at the royal banquet again, watching DD look gloomy, ready to sacrifice voluntarily, or go to the Kingdom Secret Department, watching a person in the interrogation room back and forth, watching the light in Anker Baral’s eyes fading away.


   [As for sitting on that uncomfortable throne, calculating day and night, trying to figure out people’s hearts, and forcing yourself to become the coldest and saddest tool? That’s not power, Thales, it’s a chain called power. 】


  The words of the fast rope once made Thales unconsciously squeeze his nails tightly.


  ”Seven years ago, when my father was in jail as a traitor, I was so desperate that I could only use countless military affairs and work, including the upcoming war, to numb myself and escape the outside world.”


  ”In the end, the war did not start, so I did not hesitate to take risks and rushed to Longxiao City, so that everything happened afterwards.”


   Miranda hummed softly.


  ” But from that time on, my relatives of the same clan, kind-minded and kind-hearted cousin began to make noise: gossip, rumors, yin and yang strangeness, and even through the blood family name, began to directly intervene in the cold castle affairs, pointing directly to the position of the duke. , Directed at my inheritance rights-ridiculous, clearly Allende is known for his unity, clearly they did not dare to do this when my father was there, and clearly if I were a son, they might not dare to act like this.”


   Thales frowned and couldn’t help saying:


  ”As far as I know, after the conquest of the Northern Territory Elika, the Star Kingdom has a precedent for a queen, and the inheritance law is no longer limited to gender, they can’t…”


  ”Yes, compared to the barbaric Exter, who worked so hard to support the Grand Duke, the Star Kingdom is civilized and advanced enough to take care of people like me, yes Huh?” Miranda interrupted him with sarcasm.


   Thales did not speak, and the female swordsman snorted and shook her head.


  ”But gender always precedes the sequence of teeth. Even the eldest sister and younger brother are passed down first to daughter. Therefore, only the only daughter has the right to inherit the father’s place, and she also faces competition from cousins ​​and future husbands. ―Of course, you don’t need to care about these things, because you have a handle, so it’s your shit.”


   Miranda is not very prudent and authentic:


   “You only need to know that the stars are very civilized and advanced in inheritance rights. If someone questions this, you can be confident, “Why don’t you go to Exeter?”


   Thales wanted to say something, but finally closed his mouth.


   Miranda coldly snorted and shook his head:


  ”So, naturally, you don’t care much. In the Northern Territory, which is very different from the mainstream inheritance system of the stars, until now, for 700 years, there hasn’t even been a Duchess of Arende.”


   Thales’ expression changed:




   Miranda looked out the window dreamily and nodded:


  ”The closest one, more than a hundred years ago-‘Arithmetic’ Rosanna Allende, as the eldest daughter and only daughter of the Duke’s knee, she almost became the first Northern Duchess.”


  The female swordsman said quietly:


   “Until her stepmother gave birth to a young child, she squeezed Rosaanna out of succession.”


   Thales frowned.


  Rosanna Allende.


   He searched for the name in his memory. Gilbert seemed to mention it in his class, but…


   “I am the second child of my father. I originally had a brother, but he died early before he learned to walk.”


  ”And my mother, when she died in the **** year,” Miranda looked blurred, “I was pregnant.”


   Thales was surprised when he heard this.


  The Year of Blood.


  ”After that catastrophe, even my father’s eyes were different when he looked at me. He seemed to always ask why, why did my mother play hide-and-seek with you at that time? Why did you escape from the carriage? Why not your mother and your unborn brother? Why didn’t you disappear into the vast snow and countless refugees with them?”


   Thales clenched his fists, but couldn’t say a word.


   Miranda shook her head in a daze:


   “I sometimes think, if the mother has no accident, if the fetus in her womb is born safely, if it is a boy, it is my brother, then I am today…”


   Miranda’s words were stagnant, she raised her head, her eyes firm.


   “No, then I won’t have today.”


  ”It should be gone.”


  She glanced at the letter beside Thales, curled her lips and said:


  ”Even if there were, I would probably sit happily in the winter castle, pressing your greeting letter and portrait on your chest, intoxicated, thinking about what kind of dress to wear for the portrait of the painter, and then Please reply to you with a trembling.”


   Thales listened to her quietly, looked at the ridiculous “Match No”, but found that he couldn’t laugh anyway.


  ”When I realize this, when I realize that I can stand here, there are enough dead people in the **** years, it is purely my own luck… It feels like a cage has fallen from the sky , Covering my surroundings, blocking my upper limit, isolated between me and the outside world, and no matter where I go, all I see is the cage wall, and the world beyond the wall that I will never touch. “


   Miranda clenched her teeth unconsciously.


   [I can stand here, because there are enough dead people in the **** years, it’s all my luck…]


   Thales quietly listened to these words, but his thoughts seemed to pass through time and saw the star tomb in the Fuxing Palace, the stone pots and stone urns one by one.


   The room is quiet.


  ”Or like a net,” Thales took her words after a long silence, with a deep sense of loss in his words, “And no matter how hard you are, you are in it, you can’t extricate yourself?”


   Miranda turned her head and glanced at him, seeming a little surprised.


   but she nodded slowly:


  ” Teacher Chatier of the Tower of End said that this is probably the feeling of “Sword Heart” having encountered a bottleneck and stagnating.”


  ”It’s not that the world has stagnated, or life has deteriorated. In fact, the world is like this, and life is the same. But your experience has been different, your realm has improved, your horizons have opened up, and you have seen more and broader , Something higher and more complicated.”


   Miranda’s eyes are ecstatic:


  ” It’s just that some people met early, some people met late, and some people, fortunately and unfortunately, never met, or chose to pretend to be deaf and dumb after encountering Ignore them. “


   Thales sighed:


   “Heart of the Sword-I heard Cohen say something similar, the theory of ending the tower?”


   Speaking of the friends they know together, Miranda chuckled and shook her head.


   “So I want to see, but I want to try, I have to take a step forward and see if the world is really what she said.”


   Thales was puzzled:




   Miranda smiled, but didn’t answer.


   But she turned around, her back to the shadow outside the window.


  ”I’m not Cohen. He can only hold the torch tightly in the wind and snow, while shaking and running his nose, while repeating vaguely everything he doesn’t know is meaningful.”


   “I am not Raphael either. He deliberately ignores the doubts in his heart, self-persuades himself and brainwashes himself, believing that’heaven will come down to the task must be paralyzed first,’ and he takes suffering and austerity as the way.”


   Thales frowned upon hearing this.


   “In the face of the extreme cold, I was not stupid enough to shake the wind and snow, but I am not willing to become a slave of frost.”


   Miranda squinted her eyes, faded away the sorrow that had just come, and became firm again.


   “I will find my way out.”


  ”This is me, this is me, and the **** Miranda Allende.”


  The female swordsman looked at Duke Xinghu firmly, who couldn’t help but face up.


  ”This is the meaning of this matter.”


   “I am my own master, from Broken Dragon Fortress-“Neverwinter Sword”.”


   The next second, Miranda reached out and picked up the saber leaning against the window edge, and put it back on his belt.


   “Eagle Flying Fortress.”


   Miranda has a cold voice, with great eyes:


   “The North Border Neverwinter.”




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