Invincible Powers: Wedge



The vast world.


In the land of Silence, in the depths of the Fire Mountain Range in the south, lava flows like crimson blood, meandering.


The Earth Fire Mountain Range stretches for tens of thousands of miles, the earth shakes and the mountains shake, roaring endlessly, as if the doomsday is coming.


In the northern part of the mainland, there is a terrifying specter, slowly consolidating in the depths of the void, looking at each other from across the sky, where the light source seems to disappear, and the darkness engulfs everything.


In the west, deep in the extremely cold ground, there was a roar, and the beasts trembled immediately, pressing their foreheads against the hard ground.


A crater that continuously spews out high-temperature magma, and a three-legged bronze tripod suspended high above. The bronze tripod is huge, as if it can cover the sky and the sun, and the fiery dragons carved on its surface, exuding a majestic sea of ​​blood, are swimming crazily, pulling and pulling cruelly and greedily, rushing from the mountain pass. Nine blazing flames shot out.


Nine crimson flames are connected to the nine flame source pools in the Earth Fire Mountain Range. At this moment, as if being forcibly grabbed, they shot straight at the copper tripod and disappeared.


In the tripod, it becomes a small world of eccentricity.


Countless unknown, gorgeous, mysterious and ancient runes exude an ancient, vast, distant and mysterious atmosphere, like hundreds of millions of gods, flying lightly in the vast world of the cauldron like butterflies.


A gigantic pill with radiant light, intertwined with thunder and lightning, shining with divine light, with nine flame threads inside, shuttling non-stop.


The pills are constantly twisting and vibrating, sputtering out colorful memory spots. Deep in each spot, there are scenes and scenes presented, which are a series of life experiences.


Many light spots, like bright fireworks, are fleeting.


“Brother, the effect of the reincarnation pill is wrong!”


Suddenly there was a shrill howling sound, and a cluster of fuzzy gray shadows came out from inside Dan Wan.


The howling sound was full of panic and anger at first, and at the end it was despair and sadness.


“Of course it’s not right.” Zhong Chichen looked indifferently, quietly looking at the reincarnation pill that carried all the imprints of Hong Qi’s soul, and said softly: “Goodbye, my good junior.”


The huge pill shrinks suddenly and strangely, and the nine flame threads suddenly brighten, as if tearing time and space.


In the end, the pill was condensed to the size of a grain of rice, and after bursting out with a dazzling light, it disappeared.


A few days later, the God of Medicine Sect announced to the world that Hong Qi was out of control in refining medicine, and his soul was scattered.


The position of the suzerain of the God of Medicine Sect was replaced by his senior brother Zhong Chichen.



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