Immortal Demon Chapter 1: Passing through


   Earth. Heze City, China.

  In the old cabin, the dim light exudes a dim brilliance, and only a thin figure can be seen sitting in front of a dusty and oily computer.

   Ye Feng stared at a game called “Food Chain” on the computer. He was participating in the poem appreciation activity on the August 15th Full Moon Night of the “Food Chain” game and won game coins.

  ”These players are very talented. Time is running out. It seems that I want to win this prize again and earn ten thousand yuan. I have to take out my poems at the bottom of the box.”

   Ye Feng sighed and looked at the busy traffic outside the window, as if recalling something bad: “Oh, a penny makes a heroic man, I think I used to be the four great talents of Tsinghua University, and now they become anonymous. As a professional player, I’m so downhearted that I can compete with game players to eat in poetry and essays. Alas, who made me kill the dozen or so drunk knives and treat me like someone else wanting to beat me up? It’s a disaster. Ah, Tamar’s is completely finished in this life…”

   Ye Feng sighed, lit a cigarette, took two deep breaths, and hurriedly opened the “Submit Poems” page, and then snapped his words.

   Following Ye Feng’s snapping words, a group of gamers on the game page heatedly discussed.

  ”Huh? The big red demon actually participated in the poem appreciation activity, the big demon, you are the first player in this game, all of my equipment was chased and chopped off by you, and you still I am ashamed to grab this full moon night with our group of poor people?”

  ”Yeah! Big demon, you block our equipment every day in the safe zone. I have been killed by you more than a dozen times. You also sold seven or eight thousand yuan for my **** outfit. Okay, are you embarrassed to grab this 10,000 yuan again?”

  ”Really! Brothers must not let the red-named demon win the first place, don’t vote for him! Ma! He is so embarrassed to participate in the poetry appreciation contest, 70% of the players in a district are Let him kill it once, and one of the school girls I made made him cut off from playing this game! It made the old paper and the night of the full moon be lost in love, and this popularity still has the face to participate in the poetry appreciation contest! We don’t vote for him. , Unless all ten judges give him votes, otherwise he will not want to win this first place!”

   was talking, a judge’s words appeared in the chat box: “Huh? Men’s OK? What a talented poem…”

  ”Ah?! Hey! What did I see! A judge publicly said about the poems of the famous Red Demon? Hey hey! Judge, are you sorry? Did you collect the money? Ma’s! I’ll take a look. This scumbag poem.”

   “Men’s Line”

  A man is a murderer, and murder is merciless.

   Qianqiu immortal karma is all in murder.

   There were heroic men in the past, and they are committed to their loyalty.

  睚睚眦 is killing, and the body is lighter than a feather.

   there are heroes and tyrants, killing people like hemp,

   galloping around the world, only boasting about it.

   I want to find this kind of thing, but I’m looking for the shadow of the moon in vain.

   I’m not seeing you,

   Confucian scholars rushed to death, and Shenzhou praised benevolence and righteousness ever since.

   As soon as the barbarians and the Central Plains were entrapped, the scholars rushed to the cowards and wept.

   I want to learn from the old style and regain my pride.

   has the same reputation as dung, and those who disdain benevolent ridicule.

   wears an iron sword on his body and kills when he gets angry.

   cut stocks and drink together, talking and laughing horribly.

   Thousands of miles to kill the enemy, I would like to spend ten weeks star.

   specializes in Zhu Tian Guangren, and Jie Mingming loves.

   towards the west gate, Mu mentions the head back.

   God is tired and sleepy, and the battle cry suddenly blows.

   Ximen, leave mother, mother is not sad for her children.

  His history has happened, and the boy will never return.

   Killing the world, terribly shocked the Yin Court.

   kills one person in three steps, and the heart stops.

  The blood is flowing for thousands of miles, and the corpse sleeps on Chihiro Mountain.

  The warrior has finished fighting, and he sleeps with the enemy’s corpse.

   Still killing in his dream, Suhui smiled.

  Mo Xiang asked my daughter, why are men fierce?

  In ancient times, benevolence and morality only harm people, and morality has never been true.

   I’m not seeing you,

  The liger’s prey has gained prestige. Who is pity for the poor elk?

   The world has always been strong and weak, even if it is reasonable, it is in vain.

   Jun Xiu asked,

   Boys have their own lines.

   Men’s line, be violent.

   Matters and benevolence are inseparable.

  Men’s affairs are in the battlefield, and they are as brave as bears and eyes like wolves.

  If you are a man, you will kill. Men are not taught to wrap the hearts of women.

  The man never shirtless, and his rivals laughed to each other.

  There are one hundred battlefields in the field of hatred, and there are green grasses everywhere.

  Men don’t tremble, there are songs and you listen to them:

  Killing is a sin, but Tu Wan is a male.

   slaughtered nine million, that is, male Zhongxiong.

  中雄, the way is different,

   has seen through thousands of years of benevolence and righteousness, but it makes this life proud.

  A good name does not love notoriety, killing a million people will not be punished.

   I would rather teach people to gnash their teeth and hate, not to teach people to scold me.

   Looking at the world for five thousand years, where can heroes not kill?


   After Ye Feng submitted his poem, he closed the poem appreciation activity page, and continued to operate his game character “Red Demon”, and went to the wild boar hole to fight monsters and eat his brains to get ~ Ye Feng and Ben didn’t care about the poem-appreciation page game players’ enthusiasm. The top ten judges only commented on the poem’s talents, not which player made it. The number one Ye Feng believes he can still get it.

   But at this moment, there was a tight knock on the door. Ye Feng was puzzled. He didn’t know anyone here, who would knock on his door? The landlord? The landlord had collected his own rent for one year before leaving the country six months ago.

   Ye Feng hurriedly came to the door and looked out through the cat’s eyes. When he saw clearly who it was, he was startled and sweated. He hurried to the computer and took his change and used someone else’s ID card to do it. He put all his bank cards in his pocket, then opened the underground tunnel that he had spent a long time digging under the computer desk, and quickly closed the game. In the future, he will have to rely on the game account to eat, and he must not let the police see it. How did the police find out about yourself? I have read hundreds of anti-investigation books, and I have made everything seamless!

   While playing at Yefengguan, an inexplicable dialog box popped up suddenly from the game: “Game account: Red Name Demon, your poetry system is very appreciated. Congratulations on being selected by this system. [ Pathfinder], this system will be bound to you in ten seconds, please be prepared.”

  ”Kao Kao Ka! What is this? What kind of pathfinder in the different universe? “Ye Feng is already angry, and he doesn’t turn off the game. He directly presses the computer restart button, then picks up a knife and goes straight into the dark tunnel. , To run around at the fastest speed.

   But I just got into the underpass and ran into the underground waterway. I could get out of the manhole cover and get into the crowd. Ye Feng suddenly felt numb all over his body, and his eyes suddenly turned black. The last thought was : Ma’s! I fuck. Someone pulled the wire into the sewer!


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