I Took Over The Demonic Ancestor Chapter 72: Breakout



Mu Chenxue was also shocked.


Because of Ling Tian’s anger without warning. In an instant, she was sent flying hundreds of meters away.


If it wasn’t for her cultivation of the late King Martial Realm, and she covered her whole body with spiritual power, I’m afraid she would have vomited blood just like Xu Wan’an.


But at this moment, her whole body was rolling with blood and blood. You can only quickly sit on the ground and calm down.


“Xu Wan’an, this seat’s tolerance is limited. This is your last chance.”


Hearing this, Xu Wanan hurriedly got up from the ground with a terrified expression on his face.


“Your lord, please calm your anger, and your lord will calm your anger.”


How could Xu Wanan not understand what Ling Tian meant. If he still has any luck, it’s really wrong.


Ling Tianhui killed him without hesitation.


“Speak! What the **** is going on?” Ling Tian shouted sharply.


Just the word “said” made his mind tremble.


“I said, I said,” Xu Wanan hurriedly expressed his attitude, for fear that he would fall to the ground if he was slow.


“Lord Leader, I really don’t know where the pavilion owner was taken. I’m just a messenger.”


“Stop giving me nonsense.” Ling Tian angrily rebuked again.


If it wasn’t for Ling Tian’s domineering anger, Xu Wan’an would have no idea what this nonsense was.


“Lord Leader, what I said is true. I just received the carrier pigeon that day, but I didn’t read the letter inside.”


“Where did the flying pigeon come from?” Ling Tian walked towards Xu Wanan step by step.


“That flying pigeon is not an ordinary flying pigeon. It is secretly raised by Changqing Pavilion. It is specially used for information transmission.”


“Xu Wan’an, what’s the problem with this seat?” Ling Tian had come to Xu Wan’an at this moment.


When Xu Wanan saw Ling Tian’s feet in front of him, his whole head went blank.


There is only one word he can think of at this moment, and that is: Death!


Looking at his trembling body like an earthquake, Ling Tian knew that he could no longer exert pressure.


Otherwise you will become a fool if you have a nervous breakdown.


“Xu Wan’an, you just need to return to this seat truthfully. You will be safe and sound.”


Although Ling Tian’s voice was cold, it was relatively softer than before.


“Xu Wan’an, I’m asking you, where is the pigeon?”


“I really don’t know.”


“Okay. Then do you know who the pigeon is related to?”


“It has something to do with Kamikaze.”


“Kamikaze faction? Is that the Kamikaze faction on the list?” Ling Tian confirmed.


“That’s right. That’s it.” Xu Wanan nodded quickly.


“Okay. I ask you, did you let Gou Wenyao go to the Kamikaze faction to investigate before?”


“Yes. I have asked him for help to investigate before. But there is no trace of the pavilion owner at all.”


Ling Tian was not surprised at all that Shen Wanqing was not inside.


Perhaps it had already been transferred, or perhaps it wasn’t the work of the kamikaze at all.


“Okay. Apart from the first time, do you know who Shen Wanqing met? The head of the Kamikaze Sect? Do you think he is qualified?”


Ling Tian’s questioning made Xu Wanan not sure what to do.


At this moment, he really can’t think.


“Okay, you can go down. I will sort out the information of the flying pigeons for this seat, and of course, the general account of the Evergreen Pavilion will also be sent to this seat.”


“Yes, yes, thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord.”


Xu Wanan knew he didn’t have to die. The whole person was relieved. Like a prisoner who has been reborn.


Watching the back of Xu Wanan leaving step by step.


Ling Tian’s eyes suddenly flashed a bright light.


He knew that Xu Wanan didn’t dare to say it before, because he was afraid that Ling Tian would lose his life if he was held accountable.


So, under the threat of questioning just now, all he can know is as much as just now.




Ling Tian lowered his head and looked at the list, and found that Xu Wan’an’s report mentioned that the head of the Kamikaze Sect was a teacher from the Yuanyang Hall of Qingyan Mountain.


“What a coincidence.”


At this moment, Mu Chenxue finally adjusted his breath. She hurried to Ling Tian’s side and looked at Ling Tian in shock.


“Master, what happened just now?” Mu Chenxue looked puzzled again.


After all, at the beginning, Ling Tian and that Xu Wanan had a good chat.


But in the next second, the style of painting suddenly changed.


The violent air wave burst out immediately, sending her and that Xu Wanan flying out in an instant.


Ling Tian looked at Mu Chenxue: “Are you all right?”


After all, I was so angry just now that I forgot that this little girl was still by my side.


Mu Chenxue shook her head: “Master, is the disappearance of the second senior sister related to this Xu Wanan?”


“It’s just a relationship. At present, my teacher just speculates that he concealed the facts and didn’t report it. It depends on Xu Wan’an’s performance.”


“Oh? Master is really amazing. But how did you figure out that Xu Wanan was hiding something and not reporting it?” Mu Chenxue saw Ling Tian like a curious baby.


However, her eyes were not full of curiosity at all, but full of admiration and admiration for Ling Tian.


Because she really didn’t know how Ling Tian could be so powerful. As if nothing could escape his eyes.


And behind every inadvertent action, there is always a real purpose hidden.


Let’s talk about the matter of Long Haotian. The decision made on the surface is shocking, but because of this, he has tested the person’s true character and temperament.


So, how could such a wise Ling Tian not make Mu Chenxue feel adored and admired.


Ling Tian looked at Mu Chenxue and smiled.


“This is something you have been asking Shishi about. What is the earth? What is a magnetic field? Then you suddenly thought about it.”


Mu Chenxue was full of joy when she heard this. It turns out that there is also a credit here.




“Does this have anything to do with the earth and the magnetic field?” Mu Chenxue stared at Ling Tian with her big watery eyes.


“No.” Ling Tian’s decisive words made Mu Chenxue not even interested.


“In addition, as a teacher, I want to criticize you.”




Mu Chenxue suddenly looked nervous.


“Have you not been practicing well recently?”


Hearing this, Mu Chenxue pursed her lips, lowered her head, and remained silent.


Ling Tian looked at her like this and couldn’t help but touched her head with his hands.


“If you are like this, the teacher will encounter danger in the future. How can you help the teacher? Please cheer for your teacher. Only in the future can you provide more protection for the teacher.”


Hearing that, Mu Chenxue’s eyes lit up. He immediately hugged Ling Tian’s arm.


“The disciple understands. The disciple will definitely work hard.”


“Have you run out of medicinal pills?” Ling Tian looked at Mu Chenxue with some doting.




“No more talk to the teacher.”


“Okay. Thank you, Master.”


At this moment, Mu Chenxue’s heart couldn’t be more happy.


Although I don’t understand when Ling Tian’s attitude towards him became as good as it is today, Mu Chenxue felt very satisfied and happy with this feeling of being needed.


Not long after, Xu Wan’an asked people to arrange all the general accounts of Changqing Pavilion and send them to the main hall.


Subsequently, the list of pigeon information was compiled.


Looking at the full account books and lists placed in front of him, Ling Tian’s head suddenly froze.


“Xu Wan’an, check the accounts.”


“Yes, Lord Master.”


Xu Wanan immediately called someone in, then stood aside, waiting for Ling Tian’s orders.


“The kamikaze faction’s accounts will be sent to me for a look.”




Xu Wanan hurriedly urged those in charge of checking the accounts to find them quickly.


They are called Xun Meng, and they are just an account book, but after a short while, they sorted out all the accounts related to the Kamikaze faction and the Changqing Pavilion.


“Lord Leader, these are the accounts of the Kamikaze faction and Changqing Pavilion. Please take a look.”


Ling Tian took over the account and looked over it.


“In the order of the list, sort out all the accounts to this seat.”


Xu Wan’an urged again, the group of people lowered their heads to investigate and sort out. After a short while, I made one.


Ling Tian looked at the accounts seriously.


Although the search for clues is true, I also want to take this opportunity to see how the operation of Changqing Pavilion is going.


After all, this is a sect under the Xuanming Sect, and it is necessary to have some bottom line in my heart.


Looking through the accounts of the Kamikaze faction and Changqing Pavilion, Ling Tian did not find that the Changqing Pavilion was extorted and overcharged from the Kamikaze faction.


Book transactions are clean and well documented.


It is unknown whether the other people in Changqing Pavilion received extra money from the Kamikaze in private.


“Xu Wan’an, I would like to ask you, do the people in Changqing Pavilion privately collect tribute from other sects?”


Xu Wanan was at a loss. After all, how could there not be such a thing?


“Report to the leader, there are. But not many, and it is not as serious as other sects.”


“Really? Then what?” Ling Tian wanted to continue listening to Xu Wan’an’s views on these matters.


What do you think about Xu Wanan? Because he is one of those people.


Since being the elder of this Evergreen Pavilion, his sects have paid tribute to him personally. So, let him have his say. What can he say?


“It seems that you want everyone in the Evergreen Pavilion to become a cancer of corruption?”


As soon as these words came out, Xu Wanan almost died of fright.


This hat is too buttoned up. So big that he died 10,000 times, not enough to be forgiven.


“Lord Leader, I was wrong. I am guilty. From now on, I will definitely deal with these matters seriously. I will never tolerate it.”


Ling Tian squinted his eyes slightly, then put down the ledger in his hand and picked up another sect’s account to read.


Xu Wanan didn’t say anything when he saw Ling Tian. He turned around immediately, exhaled heavily, and wiped the cold sweat from his forehead casually.


“Canglong Gang.” When Ling Tian flipped through the accounts, he clearly felt something different.


He took the kamikaze sect’s ledger and compared it with the Canglong gang.


It was found that the book was not as clean as the kamikaze book.


Furthermore, there were months of sudden spikes in tribute.


“What’s going on?” Ling Tian threw the account in front of Xu Wan’an.


Xu Wan’an looked panicked again.


He flipped through the account book of the Two-eyed Canglong Gang, and then opened his mouth.


“Lord Leader, we collect tribute on a monthly basis. We charge 30% of the total monthly profit of each sect. The reason why it has soared in recent months is also because the Canglong Gang is full of oil and water. Earn a lot.”


Ling Tian did not speak. Because of the source of oil and water, it was also recorded relatively carefully~IndoMTL.com~ Soon, Ling Tian read all the accounts on the list. and compared with each other.


As for the comparison results?


Ling Tian already knew something in his heart.


Now he has taken the list reported by Xu Wanan and compared it carefully with the list sent by Fei Ge.


Five suspected sects were quickly identified.


“Kamikaze, Canglong Gang, Wolf King Club, Qinglei Village, Gale Rudder.”


These have had frequent correspondence with Evergreen Court in the recent past.


It is also a very obedient existence on the surface, but in reality, it is an existence that hates Changqing Pavilion to the core.


More importantly, they are the biggest beneficiaries of Shen Wanqing’s disappearance.


Why do you say that?


From the information in the ledger, it can be seen that the tribute of the five gangs is single, which is simply too single compared to other sects.


It’s not like tribute from other sects at all. In addition to money, there are other items under the jurisdiction of their sect.


Such as wine, grain, vegetables and fruits, jewelry, etc.;


This also means that the five gangs of them have not received the attention of the Evergreen Pavilion. Therefore, there are very few categories that can be operated.


As a result, the gang is running out of fuel.


But if Shen Wanqing disappeared, the Evergreen Pavilion would be left behind, or in chaos.


In this way, it is entirely possible for them to obtain new management rights, or even directly occupy these management rights.


“Chen Xue, take a trip with the teacher.”


Ling Tian threw the ledger and walked outside the main hall with only two lists.


Seeing this, Xu Wanan hurriedly followed.


“Lord Sect Master, where are you going?” Xu Wanan asked tremblingly.




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