I Took Over The Demonic Ancestor Chapter 332: Let Qiu Zheng be closed



“I didn’t expect that Master’s judgment is true.” Gou Wenyao said in a low voice.


“Did you say there is anything left besides these people?” Shen Wanqing began to worry.


“I think there must be, but these people are more powerful than the ones we found. Better hidden.”


Mu Chenxue was lost in thought.


She really doesn’t know what to do right now. There might really be nothing else to do except look at it.


“What do you think about Qiu Zhenghe’s situation?” Shen Wanqing asked suddenly.


The jump in this question is big enough.


“I don’t think there should be a problem. If the things we were worried about really happened, there would have been an earth-shattering commotion ahead.”


“Then what should we do next?”


“I don’t know! Do you want to ask Master for instructions?”


Hearing this, Mu Chenxue shook her head.


“If you really can’t find any suspicious people, you can only arrange sentries all over the Mountain of Love.”


“And there will be an inventory of everyone.”


“That’s right. Let’s do it then!”


The three of them made up their minds and began to act.


On the other side, Qiu Zhenghe was sitting seriously on the roof of the main hall. Seriously stare at everything around you.


Of course, there is also Zhu Xingxiu, which is the top priority.


In order not to disturb Zhu Xingxiu, there is or should be said that Zhu Xingxiu will not find himself so quickly and reveal his flaws.


Therefore, Qiu Zhenghe stayed on the roof from the beginning and watched what was happening in front of him like a theater.


But in fact, Zhu Xingxiu had already discovered Qiu Zhenghe’s figure. But he just ignored him.


“Why did he come? Did he come by hearing the sound, or was it sent by someone else?”


Zhu Xingxiu began to speculate in his heart again.


However, he doesn’t want to do anything right now. He always felt like someone was watching him secretly.


As for who that person was, he thought it was Ling Tian.


At this moment, the group of people who attacked the mountain were almost wiped out. Even if he didn’t die, he was still scarred.


With such combat power, if you want to attack the mountain, you should be overestimating yourself.


Soon, Zhu Xingxiu ordered a final counter-offensive.


With an order, the people on the top of the mountain and the mountainside rushed towards those people like a wave.


In a split second, they fell to the ground completely. There is simply no more strength to defend against it.


After falling down one by one, there are only cold corpses left.


Some of them have already changed beyond recognition, and some can still see a face.


“Come here, clean up the battlefield.”


After Zhu Xingxiu gave the order, he began to crouch down to examine these people carefully.


Qiu Zhenghe also flew over at this time.


“Old Seven, what are you doing?”


Looking at Qiu Zhenghe, Zhu Xingxiu looked indifferent.


“Why are you here? Are you finished practicing?”


“I’ve been here a long time ago. After hearing such a big movement outside, who would have the heart to cultivate!” Qiu Zhenghe said with a smile.


“But don’t be angry. I didn’t bother you. I was watching from a distance.”


“I also saw that Mu Chenxue and the others seemed to have caught someone.”


“Who?” Zhu Xingxiu felt that what Qiu Zhenghe said was the truth.


After all, he sensed his presence before.


“I don’t know. Maybe it was someone who attacked the mountain!”


Listening to Qiu Zhenghe’s words, Zhu Xingxiu had almost finished examining the corpses. He suddenly realized that these people were not his own at all.


This really made him a little bit.


“So, there are other people preparing?” Zhu Xingxiu suddenly had some ideas.


“Looks like we’re going to try the people we caught.”




Before Qiu Zhenghe could react, Zhu Xingxiu had already started walking towards the main hall on the top of the mountain.


Qiu Zhenghe quickly followed.


Soon, the two came to the open space outside the main hall.


Zhu Xingxiu suddenly stopped and said to Qiu Zhenghe, “Did you meet Mu Chenxue when you came here?”




Qiu Zhenghe pretended not to hear clearly.


Because he was surprised. After all, Mu Chenxue had told Qiu Zhenghe from the very beginning.


If Zhu Xingxiu asked if he had seen her, he must say that he saw her passing by the gate of the courtyard.


Then he chased after him curiously and asked what happened outside.


After listening, I came out to join in the fun.


“I said, did you meet Mu Chenxue before you came out?” Zhu Xingxiu asked again.


“I met. I heard a lot of noise outside and saw her hurriedly passing through the gate of our courtyard. I stopped her.”


“Oh! That’s it.” Zhu Xingxiu nodded, not wanting to hear his Qiu Zhenghe go on.


But Qiu Zhenghe kept talking, just like a chatter, he kept talking.


“So, you haven’t seen the senior brother and the second senior sister?”




“Okay! Let’s go to the interrogation!”




Zhu Xingxiu and Qiu Zhenghe walked towards the dungeon.


Along the way, Zhu Xingxiu dispelled his suspicion of Qiu Zhenghe.


Soon, the two of them came to the dungeon.


But what they didn’t expect was that there was no one in the empty dungeon.


“Didn’t you say they caught someone?” Zhu Xingxiu asked curiously.


“Yeah. Where are the people? Where are the people?”


Qiu Zhenghe was also stunned for a while. He looked left and right up and down, but he still didn’t see half a figure.


“This is unscientific! I clearly remember catching another person.”


Seeing Qiu Zhenghe muttering, Zhu Xingxiu did not speak.


Instead, he turned around and left.


He knew that person had been hidden by Gou Wenyao and the others. As for where he was hiding, he didn’t necessarily know ~IndoMTL.com~ and at this time, in another place, Ling Tian had already used his mind to open the bookcase in front of him.


At the same time, a secret door was slowly appearing in front of him.


No surprises.


At that time, Ling Tian knew that there must be some secret hidden behind the bookcase.


“The secret door, that is to say, this is a secret passage! Is it a secret passage leading there?”


Ling Tian wondered if he wanted to go in. What’s going on with the mountain outside now? Is everything done?



After thinking for a while, Ling Tian decided. With a thought, he floated into the dark passage.


As soon as I entered, the bookcase and the secret door were closed.


At the same time, the lights in the dark passage actually ignited on their own.


Ling Tian was not surprised either. Now he just wants to know where this underground passage leads?


Who did Zhu Xingxiu join forces with? What is their purpose? …


With these doubts, Ling Tian walked towards the depths of the secret passage step by step.


He felt that soon, he would be able to figure out what kind of face was hidden under Zhu Xingxiu’s mask.


However, what will be the result? Is it good or bad? Ling Tian is also completely unclear.


All I can say is that he felt as if he was about to touch something.


“Come on! Let me see what you really are like?”


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