I am a True Villain Chapter 2416: The call to kill Yin Yang Great Way, Soaring Heavens Spear


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Both of these two figures were covered in the ultimate white light.

One is the ultimate black light.

From a distance, it looks like two aurora piercing the space between Heaven and Earth.

The aurora swayed constantly, just sitting on the sky.

But if you look closely, you will find that the two yin and yang lights are two figures.

The figure wearing a white robe has white hair, his entire body, including his skin, and his facial features are all white.

The black robe next to him was completely black.

The messenger of yin and yang.

This is the guardian transformed by Heaven and Earth.

After Demon Lord sent Far Ancient Demon Lair away, Great Way took action and blocked this Heaven and Earth.

At the last moment, I heard two people yelling at the same time.

I feel called.


It is the fusion of Heavenly Way and the Heaven and Earth barrier set up by oneself.

Xu Zimo stepped from the void in the distance.

The bad image shattered and hit the barrier.

I will officially take over the banner of Demon Lord and embark on the road to conquer the sky.

This is your opportunity to step into the forefront of the 100 million path.

As soon as I saw the ends of the earth, there were two unstoppable paths behind me, and they came towards me in a devastating manner.

Hao Jiehui stood up in one step Tread the sky , looking at the vaginal people and Xu Zimo in the ends of the earth.

The two figures flew out directly.

The barrier isolated Far Ancient Demon Lair.

Taoist Yang was not panicked at all.

This knife is intended to explode directly in the long river before reaching the critical point.

The newly fused power turned into a yin-yang path and came towards Taoist Yang in a torrent.

The Yin Taoist and the Yang Taoist looked at each other.

With the explosion.

Two extreme forces are colliding.

He took another step into the air and appeared on the way Xu Zimo flew backwards.

The weak power is like an overwhelming force.

A scene of doomsday.

The two men slowly stood up.

As I said last time, the place of exile where Far Ancient Demon Lair is located is still in the four-domain world.

The two team up to fight.

The Heaven and Earth barrier isolates Far Ancient Demon Lair from the outside world.

Seeing Xu Zimo, several people did not even fight, and already regarded Xu Zimo as the enemy by default.

The violent explosion gave the two people no chance to react.

With the two at the center, the weak force is overwhelming.

Later, with the majestic power of Heaven and Earth, Yin Yang Great Way was lowered.

Then my left knee bent slightly.

“The mantis’ arms are like a chariot,” Taoist Yang laughed warmly.

The two long rivers were crushed and torn like two pieces of strong and courageous paper.

Hearing what Yang Taoist said, Vagina Man first snorted warmly.

Appeared directly in front of the vaginal person.

In other words, the two of them were given a chance to react, but we also had a way to resist.


Equivalent to Heaven and Earth barrier.

“Send them to death!”

But the Heaven and Earth barrier behind the eyes is the same.

The brewing thunder seems to be about to strike at any time, so it must be restrained.

Not even the white demon qi is penetrating backwards.

The yin path and the yang path merge into the yin and yang path.

Immediately, I saw the two people waving their hands, and two long rivers of Great Way poured down from the void.

But it is a separate piece of Heaven and Earth.

At that moment, ten rays of light from the ancient gods burst out from Yang Taoist’s body.

Never have two people died so easily.

But once the special Heaven and Earth barrier is broken through, you will go to Zhouli and other worlds.

At the last moment, their expressions were frozen, and their figures were completely wiped out in the void.

The two Great Ways, Yin and Yang, separated and transformed into two figures.

Following Xu Zimo said: “Demon Lord, there are seven of you guarding this place, and your existence is because of him.

I saw the two of them looking at each other.

Infinite anger burst out from the mouths of the two people.

There are ripples in it.

Like a brilliant aurora, it shot towards the two Taoists.

Clenched his hands into fists, the wind and thunder roared for a moment, shocking Heaven and Earth.

With the destruction of the Yin-Yang Trail, Heavenly Way seemed to have no feeling at all.

When the path was opened and the sword energy was released behind the eyes, the vaginal man and Xu Zimo could be seen showing frightened expressions.

The small hand directly grabbed the opponent’s neck, the other hand clenched into a fist, and punched the opponent’s head violently.

Ren Taoist Yang did not give the two of them a chance to breathe again, and I walked through the void in one step.

The majestic sword energy fits in with its own path.

The majestic power is rioting in the vastness.

When the sword intention fell under the long river, it ended up churning crazily.

Regardless of success or victory, I haven’t made any progress yet.

The Yin Path and the Yang Path roll around again.

Hao Jiehui quickly closed her eyes.

The surrounding void was exploding.

The two yin and yang paths were blown up in an instant.

That was the prototype of my trail.


They have been guarding this place for countless centuries. Countless years have passed, and Xu Zimo‘s figure finally appears in this place at the end of the world.

“He is being held back, so wait quickly. When you open the sky, you will only have a fight with him.”

Heavenly Way power under PP is roaring, hostile to Yang Taoist.

The sharp sword energy is like there is nothing in the world that I can split.

It is a symbol that I combine my body with the Tao and my skills with the Tao.

At that moment, Taoist Yang placed his hands under the Heaven and Earth barrier.

Soaring Heavens Spear is constantly calling me.

We are two Great Ways descended from Heavenly Way, specially used to guard the ends of the world.

I am not the Heaven and Earth barrier of the four realms. Find Shuyuan www.zhaaoshuyuan.com

At that moment, under Heavenly Way, the wind and thunder were blowing, making Gerry look furious.

Before the brief stalemate, the knife was divided into seven parts, directly splitting the Yin and Yang path.

The Tyrant Shadow in the hand was directly tens of thousands of meters in size, and the knife directly shocked the sky, from bottom to top.

“Finally… got there.”

Said: “You two, you have made them wait for a long time, how should you compensate them!”

I didn’t pay attention to the strange Heaven and Earth, but hurriedly came to the outside of Tianya Haijiao.

A “bang” sound.

The two fists exploded with astonishing power like two stars.

These two long rivers of Great Way are the Great Way of Yin and the Great Way of Yang.

In front of Taoist Yang, the image of a white hole vaguely appeared.

In a sense, we are also part of Heavenly Way.

The eyes are full of madness.

It will definitely make him take a half step back. ”

It was at the end of Heaven and Earth last time.


It is the most critical inheritance between the next generation Demon Lord and the previous generation Demon Lord.

“Come together!”

When their heads were blown apart, the two men quickly moved forward to stop themselves.

Accompanied by a loud shout from Taoist Yang.

With one punch and one kick, their heads exploded.

Two trails soared into the sky from under the two people, and then merged directly into the Heaven and Earth space.

It’s like two long rivers undulating, thick and majestic.

Kick directly with the knee, and then kick the opponent’s head to explode again.

I reached back with my hands.

The moment Xu Zimo appeared.

Taoist Yang looked at the sky and laughed warmly.

I raised the Tyrant Shadow in my hand.

I laughed warmly.

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