I am a True Villain Chapter 2019: Girl Muyang, the power of the curse


【I’m really a villain】【】

There are three people in this group, one of them has yellow hair, and the other two are thin and fat.

Huang Mao looked at Xu Zimo alone, and said with some hesitation: “It’s none of your business, why should I tell you?”

Oh?” Xu Zimo narrowed his eyes slightly.

He pinched Huangmao’s neck with one hand and lifted him up.

“Boy, you are brave Oh.”

Like killing a pig, Huang Mao yelled and resisted desperately, but to no avail.

That big hand was like pliers, almost pinching Huang Mao’s neck, as if suffocating.

Huang Mao had trouble breathing. The fat man and the thin man next to him saw this scene and quickly said, “Let Brother Huang Mao go, or don’t blame us for being rude.”

“You’re welcome?”

Xu Zimo chuckled.

He slapped him with two slaps.

“Bang bang,” the figures of the two were directly thrown to the ground.

Fatty saw that he couldn’t beat him, so he immediately gave up.

“Master, we are blind, please don’t remember the mistakes of villains.

We must know everything we want to know. “

The thin man followed suit and kowtowed, saying, “Quickly let Brother Huang Mao go, or you will really crush me to death.”

Xu Zimo looked at the yellow hair in his hand, the other party really couldn’t last long.

It was thrown directly on the ground just now.

Panting heavily, Huang Mao said intermittently: “My lord, I will tell you everything you want to know.”

“It’s good to be this early,” Xu Zimo smiled.

“I heard that you are discussing the Death Swamp?”

“Yes…it’s the Death Swamp,” Huangmao nodded and quickly explained.

It turns out that although the Death Swamp is a forbidden area, it is not uninhabited.

On the outskirts of the Death Swamp, several villages have lived there for generations.

They are known as the natives of the Dead Marsh.

It is very strange that if outsiders enter the death swamp, they will soon gain status, but those natives are not threatened by death.

Over time, everyone felt that the body of the aborigines must be different, so some people wanted to capture these aborigines for research.

This also led to a long period of time when many indigenous people hid in the death swamp and did not dare to come out.

Now that the Hidden God Sect is recruiting new students, it is rumored that there are natives from the Death Swamp.

“Do you know who it is?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Over there,” Huang Mao pointed not far away.

Xu Zimo looked over, and saw a young girl wearing a black robe and a black hat that hid her entire body standing there.

The girl was alone.

There were several eyes on her around, but none of them seemed to be in a hurry to make a move.

“The natives of the Dead Swamp,” Xu Zimo looked at a little, then looked at the three of them.

Laughing: “How about we form a team?”

“Ah!” The three of them were startled, and Huang Mao said timidly.

“Can I decline?”

“Of course, I’ve always been kind,” Xu Zimo laughed.

He patted Huangmao’s neck.

The yellow-haired shuddered reflexively, and quickly showed a smile that was uglier than crying.

Said: “My lord, we are willing to form a team with you.

Please stop scaring me. “

“I give you three a mission,” Xu Zimo pointed to the black-robed girl.

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【I’m really a villain】【】

Said: “Find a way to bring her into our team.”

Hearing this, the three of them were dumbfounded again.

“My lord, don’t do it. The natives of these death swamps are unknown. If something bad happens to you, life is better than death!”

“What’s the point, either I’ll send you to die now, or you just listen to me,” Xu Zimo waved his hand.

The three of them didn’t dare to refuse anymore, and cautiously found the black-robed girl.

“Hello, would you like to team up with us?”

Huang Mao asked tentatively.

The fat man and the thin man took a step back, neither daring to approach Huang Mao.

The black-robed girl raised her head, and Huang Mao was taken aback.

The girl kept her head down before, and everyone didn’t see clearly. It turned out that the girl’s face was covered with dense lines.

It feels very weird. There are distorted characters on the lines, and I can’t understand it anyway.

It was like this all over his face. Although the yellow hair was scared, he was even more scared when he thought of Xu Zimo behind him.

Don’t dare to run away.

“Aren’t you afraid of me?” the girl asked suspiciously.

“Others say that I am unknown and dare not approach me.”

The girl’s voice is very nice, soft and soft.

“No…don’t be afraid, I like to make friends,” Huang Mao said with a wry smile.

“Okay, I promise to form a team with you, you are not allowed to lie to me,” the girl nodded seriously.

Afterwards, Huang Mao brought the girl over and introduced it to Xu Zimo.

A team of five people is considered complete.

“Hello,” Xu Zimo stretched out his hand friendly.

But the girl didn’t dare to shake hands, and seemed to be afraid of Xu Zimo‘s misunderstanding, so she quickly explained: “I can’t touch you, I have a curse on me.

Everyone who touches me will end badly. “

Upon hearing this, the three of Huang Mao couldn’t help taking a step back and hid behind Xu Zimo.

“It’s okay, my life is too hard to die,” Xu Zimo laughed.

The girl thought for a while, and finally stretched out her hand to shake Xu Zimo.

Xu Zimo actually had a tentative meaning in it. At the moment of shaking hands, he could feel a force surging from the girl’s fingertips.

Straight into his body, towards the heart.

“Is this the so-called curse?” Xu Zimo smiled ~IndoMTL.com~ The powerful power in the body wrapped these curses, and felt it carefully.

“It is indeed the power of the curse.”

Curse is a very strange power. If it is a slight curse, it is like bad luck, making you often unlucky.

Once the curse takes shape, the person will surely die.

Xu Zimo looked at the girl, and the lines on her face clearly showed that the curse had penetrated deep into the bone marrow and was difficult to cure.

But it’s very strange, because under normal circumstances, this appearance is sure to die.

It is impossible to live long.

But the young girl in front of her didn’t show any signs of dying, instead she was alive and kicking, full of vitality.

It seems that the death swamp is really interesting.

But the girl seems timid, Xu Zimo is ready to get familiar with it, and then ask the girl about the Death Swamp.

The girl’s name is Mu Yang, and after she saw that Xu Zimo shook hands, she was safe and sound.

Said a little happily: “You are the first outsider who has contacted me in these years without incident.”

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【I’m really a villain】【】

“I said that my fate is hard, and God can’t take it away, let alone a mere curse,” Xu Zimo laughed.

A group of five people walked into the Dongming mountain range while talking.

Huangmao and the others all wanted to become apprentices to the Yinshen School, when Xu Zimo asked about the reason for the girl Muyang’s visit.

The other party was silent for a while.

Said: “I’m here to ask for medicine, my grandma is dying, I want to save her.

I heard that the divine grass of the Hidden God Sect can relieve curses, so I want to ask for one to bring to her. “


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