I am a True Villain Chapter 2018: Death swamp, recruit new disciples


【I’m really a villain】【】

You must know that science and technology are not just about fighting, and the research on genes is not weak.

Whether the sea beast has the blood of the tree old man in its body, you only need to study it to know the result.

“In addition, regarding the inheritance of the tree old man, where do you think the possibility is the most?” Xu Zimo asked.

After all, he has been here on Immortal Island for too short a time, and he can’t even recognize the place names of many places.

But Gongsun Muya is different, he has been here many years ago to spread his technology.

Presumably, I went through all kinds of places.

So hearing Xu Zimo‘s question, Gongsun Muya began to think.

Mainly because he had never done anything about the old tree before.

After a long time, Gongsun Muya frowned just now and said, “The Immortal Island is not big, but it is definitely not small. I have been everywhere these years, and I haven’t noticed anything unusual.

If you really want to find the location of inheritance, you might as well go to the forbidden Death Swamp on Immortal Island. “

“Death Swamp,” Xu Zimo remembered the name.

“That’s right, but before you go in, you’d better understand it first,” Gongsun Muya said.

“That place is so evil that even I dare not step into it.

I once sent mechas to explore the way, but none of them came back alive. “

Xu Zimo nodded.

“Then you should study the token of the old man tree and the blood of the sea beast as soon as possible to see if there is any connection.”

After returning from Divine State Continent, Xu Zimo consciousness returned to Orchid Island.

At this time, Orchid Island is already blood-red, and the three major forces and the mech army basically belonged to the same end.

Only a small number of people fled in despair.

There were even rumors from the outside world that Gongsun Muya had a demonic technique.

Killed all three superpowers by himself.

For a moment, everyone was in danger, and the entire Immortal Island ushered in a major earthquake.

Leaving aside the veracity of the rumors, the main reason is the destruction of the three major forces.

This has not happened for many years, not even on Immortal Island.

The main reason is that although the many forces on Immortal Island have minor frictions, the general direction is to peacefully unite and jointly fight against sea beasts.

Sea beasts take precedence over all else.

Now that there is no news from the three major forces, many people have started to investigate.

And the instigator of all this, Xu Zimo, found a ship and started sailing towards the downstream of Orchid Island.

Naturally, he wanted to inquire about the Death Swamp along the way.

In addition, he also wanted to visit the Yinshen faction.

It was too hasty to bid farewell to Patriarch Xu Mi and the others, mainly because of the matter of Gongsun Muya.

Now that the matter is over, Gongsun Muya has completely returned to his heart, but Xu Zimo is not in a hurry.

Although the speculation about the corpse is very important.

But he can’t be like a headless chicken, he must have a very clear goal.

Just like the Yinshen faction, one’s own strength is limited after all. If the Yinshen faction can help, Xu Zimo will naturally be more at ease.

Although he is not very familiar with Immortal Island, Xu Zimo took a look at it because of the map given by Patriarch Sumi.

Orchid Island is not far from the location of the Yinshen faction.

Actually, it’s not too far away, mainly because of Immortal Island, no matter how far it is, how far can it go. ….

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【I’m really a villain】【】

The north and south ends of the island are just that little distance away.

Xu Zimo spiritual energy skyrocketed all over his body, and the raft under his feet was like a sharp arrow falling into it.

Cutting through the huge waves directly, the figure quickly went down the river.

This feeling of speeding on the water is very refreshing.

The oncoming water flow is separated, and various slides and jumps fly along the way, and the scenes on both sides gradually approach the Mohu Lake.

The most exciting thing along the way is when passing a waterfall.

The waterfall blocked the way ahead, and the upstream waterfall seemed to be able to swallow everything, and the water roared.

In front of this huge waterfall, the manpower is very weak, when the raft of Xu Zimo comes.

The roar of the waterfall can already be heard, and the water falls like an abyss.

“Get up,” the figure of Xu Zimo jumped up.

Carrying the raft directly into the waterfall, the powerful force distorts the water flow, goes against the current, and goes against the trend.

Although the water flow was ferocious, it didn’t touch his clothes at all.

Submerged directly into the waterfall, and then soared into the sky, landing on the upper reaches of the waterfall.

Xu Zimo‘s clothes were still dry, he smiled, he hadn’t played for a long time.

Continued to look at the map along the upper reaches, and finally on the third day, Xu Zimo rushed to the site of the Yinshen faction with all its strength.

You must know that he has been going all out for the past three days, and when he got tired of playing in the early stage, he took the space-time shuttle.

There is no pause.

The sphere of influence of the Hidden God Sect is still very large.

Since the Dongming Mountains at the farthest border, it has already stepped into the influence of the Yinshen faction, which is just like its name.

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Although they are superpowers, they have always kept a low profile.

Hidden among the mountains, ordinary people can’t find them at all.

On weekdays, when the Hidden God Sect Opening Mountain Gate recruits disciples, the first requirement is that they can find the Hidden God Sect independently without anyone’s help.

If you can’t do this, or if you cheat, the Hidden God Sect won’t accept you at all.

The time of Xu Zimo‘s arrival, coincidentally, happened to be the time for the Hidden God Sect to recruit disciples.

At this time, girls and teenagers from all directions began to appear towards the Dongming Mountain Range.

When Xu Zimo came to the mountains, there were already many people here.

Some people come here alone, and some say goodbye to their families.

As long as you enter the Dongming Mountains, you are no longer allowed to accept help from your family~IndoMTL.com~ you can only rely on yourself.

“Is there any team, a team of three, a team of five.”

At this time, some smart people have already joined forces.

After all, although the Dongming Mountain Range is not considered a fierce place, there are still many kinds of Monster Beast in it.

I heard that there are evil spirits among them.

What is evil? After death, the corpse explodes in the wilderness. The resentment is deep, and there is no one to collect the corpse. It is very likely that the corpse will change.

Eventually become evil.

These evil spirits have only one goal, and that is to prevent everyone from going to the Hidden God Sect.

Naturally, they don’t want others to succeed when they failed in life.

When Xu Zimo arrives, carrying Tyrant Shadow on his back is not easy at first sight.

At this time, many people have come to recruit Xu Zimo team.

Xu Zimo rejected them one by one.

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【I’m really a villain】【】

He is not very interested in forming a team, and he is enough to pass through the Dongming Mountains alone.


“Have you heard, someone came out of the Dead Swamp this year.”

“No way, isn’t it said that it is a forbidden area, and the people who go in don’t come out alive?”

“You are also stupid. Outsiders can’t get in and out, but there are natives inside, and the natives can come out.”

Xu Zimo was planning to walk into the Dongming Mountains, but suddenly overheard several teenagers chatting nearby.

“Death Swamp?”

He was a little curious, after all, this was his next destination.

Then he came over and asked, “What were you talking about just now?”.

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