Humanity’s Great Sage Chapter 1190: Another celebration banquet


Some of the first batch of monks who joined the Jade Blood Sect had been promoted to the real lake, and they also participated in the previous expeditions.

Compared to other sects in Kyushu, the losses of Jade Blood Sect and Ziwei Dao Palace in the expedition battle are almost negligible

Slightly negligible, because Lan Qiyue is on the side to help clear the blood race, her cultivation level may not be too high in the Divine Sea Realm,

But the suppression of sanctity is fatal to the vampires.

So in the process of clearing the blood clan, the battle between the two sects was basically destructive.

The responsibility of sitting in the branch of the sect is heavy. Those sects that have the conditions usually choose the Shenhai Realm to sit in. The Jade Blood Sect does not have this condition for the time being. It’s barely enough, but it takes a little more work.

The Cloud River Realm is not suitable for this task. Firstly, the cultivation level is not enough, and secondly, the footsteps are too slow, and the area with a radius of 100,000 miles is too large. Once something happens, it will take a lot of time to just travel.

The three of Kong Niu have a lot of things to do next. At the very least, they need to let the human race in the sub-zong territory know that the Jade Blood Sect will be open to them, and those with sufficient qualifications can be included and go to Kyushu to learn from teachers.

In addition, they also need to organize manpower to mine mineral deposits. Of course, these things are all carried out as sect tasks, and they can all get enough rewards in terms of cultivation materials.

After one or two years, the sect will send people to replace them, and it will not delay their own practice too much.

This is probably the process.

Lu Ye communicated with the three of them for a while, and chatted with Pang Huanyin for a while, before returning to Kyushu via the Tianji Pillar.

The location where he appeared was in the Heavenly Mystery Hall of the Jade Blood Sect. As soon as he returned to Kyushu, he faintly noticed some subtle abnormalities.

Because of the level of the world, monks above the Divine Sea Realm cannot be born in Kyushu, and for this reason, after the monks are promoted to the Divine Sea, it will become more and more difficult to improve their cultivation.

This is also the reason why many monks have been trapped in the sixth, seventh, and eighth layers of the Divine Sea for many years. It is not because they are not talented enough, nor are they lacking in cultivation resources, but because of the constraints of the world.

Lu Ye actually felt the same way. Despite his rapid progress in cultivation, after being promoted to Shenhai, he could clearly feel some invisible restraining power. powerful.

However, because his foundation is too solid and he has a talent tree nearby, although he can feel the power of restraint, it doesn’t have much impact on his promotion. 1

But after returning this time, it is obvious that the invisible force of restraint has weakened!

This is undoubtedly the result of Jiuzhou devouring the background of the blood refining world and strengthening itself.

Now that he can feel such a clear feeling at the sixth level of the Divine Sea, the feelings of those at the ninth level of the Divine Sea will inevitably be more obvious, because the constraints of the world are the strongest and most intuitive for them. felt.

This has led to today’s Kyushu, the monks in the Divine Sea Realm, especially those in the Ninth-Layer Realm, are all in a happy mood and full of expectations.

Finally, it was confirmed that what Lu Ye said about the background of the world that day was not false.

At the celebration banquet for the end of the insect disaster, Lu Ye made shocking remarks in public. Although it was shocking, there was no definite evidence after all. No one could guarantee whether things were as Lu Ye said.

Furthermore, under the circumstances at that time, it was a fact that the blood refinement world was rapidly approaching Kyushu, so the monks couldn’t get to the bottom of it.

Until the Blood Refining Realm was pacified and he returned to Kyushu, he immediately noticed the difference.

So I was very happy.

The monks born in this era are extremely lucky. In the post-Kyushu period, generations of monks have many talented people. Yes.

Until this era, Kyushu monks finally have to imitate the ancient ancestors and break out of the world of raising them

Field, step into the starry sky.

Whether it is a blessing or a curse, no one knows, but a monk’s life must continue to move forward after all, and he also has the instinct to pursue a higher level of cultivation. This big stage.

This is unstoppable by the constraints of any world. Lu Ye returned to Jade Blood Sect to spend a few days of cleanliness. A few days later, under the leadership of the head teacher, he went to Haotian City.

Without him, Kyushu has prepared a celebration banquet for the great victory of the expedition to the blood refinement world!

In fact, before Lu Ye came back, the monks in Kyushu were making preparations. The reason why they waited until today was because they were waiting for Lu Ye to return.

It is undeniable that Lu Ye contributed a lot to the expedition to the Blood Refining Realm, whether it was the preparations in the early stage or the subsequent conquest, especially in the process of beheading the Holy Seed, Lu Ye contributed a lot. Participating in the celebration banquet is somewhat unreasonable, and it will make the banquet a lot less attractive.

Combined with the fact that the last celebration banquet ended without a problem, this time it can be said that the Kyushu side is doing a lot of planning, and it will be time to participate

The number of people at the event may be several times higher than last time.

It is not only a celebration banquet, but also a grand event where the heads of the various sects in the Nine Continents gather together to discuss the future.

The original structure of Kyushu has been broken. In the future, how the two camps of the Haotian League Wanmo Ridge will get along with each other. Although there is some tacit agreement now, there are still many things that need to be discussed. Before the new structure is formed, it is inevitable There will still be a lot of running-in. package

Only the head teacher and Lu Ye came to the Jade Blood Sect. Shui Yuan didn’t like this lively environment and didn’t come. Lan Qiyue came to Kyushu for the first time. Feel free to show your face. 3

The city of Haotian was already overcrowded, and the great sect gods from all over Kyushu gathered together, talking and laughing happily.

Because of the desire for the future, coupled with the sincere cooperation twice before and after, the current strength of the two camps

When people meet, the atmosphere is basically harmonious, talking and laughing.

Not long after Lu Ye and the head teacher arrived, the grand meeting began. From this point of view, the head teacher came in time.

There are not so many red tapes for the gathering of monks. As the head of the Bingzhou Haotian Union, Pang Zhen came on stage and gave a short speech. The last sentence summed it up: “Everyone, eat and drink well. If you don’t get drunk today, you won’t go home. !”

The atmosphere suddenly became lively. On the huge square, tables were filled with exquisite fruits and delicacies, which were basically specialties from the blood refinement world. New food and wine.

The whole square is bustling like an ordinary vegetable market.

All the top seniors were present, and they were arranged in the top position, and monks kept coming to toast.

Lu Ye’s side was equally lively, some came to thank him for his help during the expedition to the blood refining world, and some came to make friends.

We all know that he is the most secretive person in this era. It can be said that this era is his era, and even Feng Wujiang of the previous era can’t compare. Let’s get familiar first.

Until a certain moment, a figure staggered over with a wine glass, his face was flushed, and he seemed to have drunk a lot.

Lu Ye got up quickly: “How dare you bother senior, it should be junior who goes to offer a toast to senior.”

What came was impermanence.

Beside Lu Ye, the head teacher also stood up. Impermanence smiled and pressed his hands, and sat down across the table in an imageless manner.

After Lu Ye and the head teacher sat down again, Wuchang said: “They are all putting on the airs of old seniors, I don’t care about these things, I just came here to ask, what is the future for our monks to practice in the future? Is there anything I need to pay attention to? What kind of realm is above the sea of ​​gods?”

As soon as the words were spoken, the nearby noise suddenly subsided, and then the subdued area became wider and wider, and within a moment, the huge square could be heard quietly.

What Impermanence wanted to know was exactly what everyone in the Divine Sea Realm wanted to understand.

——For a long time, the Divine Sea Realm has been the limit of the Kyushu cultivation world. No one knows what is going on above the Divine Sea, and there is no experience of any seniors to learn from. For the current Kyushu cultivation world, This is tantamount to crossing the river by feeling the stones.

At this time, if someone can solve one or two doubts in it, it will definitely benefit the entire practice world.

Lu Ye was surprised: “Why did you ask me, senior? The boy is only at the sixth level of the Divine Sea…”

Impermanence glared at him: “Don’t play sloppy eyes with this old man, Tianji often gives you a little trouble, you think us old guys are blind? If there is anyone in this world who knows something about God Sea, then It’s just you, kid. If you can speak, say a few words to listen, if you can’t speak or don’t know, then treat it like an old man who didn’t ask.”

Everyone who was attracted by these words agreed, and immediately looked at him eagerly.

Lu Ye had no choice but to touch the mark of the battlefield unconsciously, but he was actually communicating with Xiao Jiu.

He does have some understanding of what Impermanence asked. He heard it from Xiaojiu. The time is different, Xiaojiu was jointly refined by the great experts of Kyushu in the former Kyushu period, and naturally he is no stranger to practice.

However, this kind of matter related to the future of a realm should not be preached by him, and he does not need to preach it, because when the time comes, those monks who meet the conditions will feel ~ If not, he would have already told the head teacher and senior brother about these things.

But now it seems that these top powerhouses in Kyushu obviously couldn’t wait any longer, and that’s why Wuchang came to ask him about it.

With so many people staring at it, it seems unreasonable not to give an explanation.

And this is not something that cannot be said, but Lu Ye still needs to ask Xiao Jiu for his opinion.

Soon, Xiao Jiu sent a response: It can be said.



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