Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3766: Dispatching troops across the board



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The rapid change in the attitude of the Rose Dynasty civilization was obviously stimulated by the Gallente Federation.


This surprisingly large-scale Federal Fleet did not sneak into the Wizarding Star Territory to participate in the battle, but went across many star regions within the Anti-Light Protoss Alliance with great fanfare.


The civilization of the Rose Dynasty is not blind, they naturally saw the great actions of the Gallente Federation.


Considering the small and medium world civilizations with which the Gallente Federation has frequently communicated with them in recent times, many world civilizations within the Anti-Light Protoss Alliance have also begun to prepare for war, and the Rose Dynasty civilization is obviously unable to sit still. Up.


The cooperation negotiated with Locke between Elizabeth and the senior officials of the civilization and royal family of the Rose Dynasty is more like a conservative cooperation that tends to be more stable.


In this level of cooperation, it is impossible for the Rose Dynasty civilization to lose money, and because it did not send a combat army, the Rose Dynasty civilization bears very little risk.


But the Gallente Federation is different. High risk means high return!


Such a huge amount of Federal Legion heading to the Wizarding Starfield battlefield, the war profits that will be reaped at that time, I am afraid that it will be 100 times more than the civilization of the Rose Dynasty.


For nearly hundreds of thousands of years, the Gallente Federation has suppressed the Rose Dynasty civilization hard enough, and the tentacles of the economic power of the Federation have not stopped infiltrating the Rose Dynasty civilization for a moment.


If the Rose Dynasty civilization does not want to be emptied by the Gallente Federation in the future, they have to continue their own path to becoming stronger.


If not, after a few years, the Anti-Light Protoss Alliance is likely to become a huge alliance with only one voice just like the Wizard Alliance.


As the true leader of the Anti-Light Protoss Alliance, the Gallente Federation may have expanded its civilization strength by more than ten times without a single soldier.


At that time, should it continue to be called the Rose Dynasty Civilization, or should it be more appropriate to call her a ‘state’ under the Gallente Commonwealth.


Sitting and waiting for death is never something a qualified civilization leader should do. It is also before Locke and others are about to pass through the mechanical energy star field to reach the next star field, the emergency negotiation team sent by the Rose Dynasty civilization will be in place.


And as one of the leaders of this negotiation team, it was not long ago that he met with Locke


Respective old friends Anderson, Caroline and others.


The action of the civilization of the Rose Dynasty has not been concealed from the five-star general Kadiga Gaius who has been walking with Locke.


In the face of the comers of the Rose Dynasty civilization, General Kadiga Gaius was very polite and did not disturb Locke during that time, giving Locke plenty of room to negotiate with the Rose Dynasty civilization envoy.


Afterwards, Anderson and others hurriedly left with the newly signed rules contract, and Locke also realized with hindsight that perhaps the Gallente Federation traveled through the territory of the Anti-Illuminati Protoss Alliance with such a big fanfare, and additionally informed Locke about anti-illumination One of the purposes of the various information intelligence within the Protoss Alliance is to urge the civilization of the Rose Dynasty to join the battle of civilizations.


To share the risks of civilized warfare? Or is there any other purpose?


In short, when Locke once again walked with the Federation Five-Star Admiral Kadika Gaius, he found that the Federation general, who had originally been very appetizing for him, suddenly appeared mysterious and had a lot of city government.


But no matter what, this trip to the Anti-Light Protoss Alliance is a huge gain for both Locke and the Wizarding World.


No matter what interests or conspiracies are in the Anti-Light Protoss Alliance, it has nothing to do with the Wizarding World. What they have gained from the Wizarding World is a large number of practical combat corps.


In the planned invasion plan of the Wizarding World, the Brain Eater star field and the Krupp star field where the Protoss are located are the focus of their attack.


Although the star fields of the Underworld and Mesopotamia are also full of wealth and opportunities, Locke and other senior wizards in the wizarding world know that it is easy to get rid of the eggs if the steps are too large.


Forcibly attacking the home star domain of the three civilizations at the same time, the final result can only be that the wizarding world itself is consumed first.


At the moment, it is most in line with the current interests of the wizarding world to win the largest star field on one side first.


Originally, with the participation of the Gallente Confederate army, the Wizarding World can consider coordinating an attack on Mesopotamia civilization.


As the civilization of the Rose Dynasty also began to invest in the army, and with the addition of other small and medium world civilizations within the Anti-Light Protoss Alliance, perhaps the tiger’s whiskers of the underworld civilization can also be stroked.


At the same time, the idea of ​​launching an attack on the home star domain of the three civilizations will follow


The full-line participation of the Anti-Light Protoss Alliance will no longer be an illusion.


The direct cause of this result is that in addition to Locke himself going to the Anti-Light Protoss Alliance to lobby and negotiate, there is another important reason for the ‘cooperation’ of the Light Protoss.


The Guangming Protoss can be said to have grasped an opportunity that they have not encountered in nearly 100,000 years.


If it is normal, the Guangming Protoss sends out such a large army to conquer the **** and the devil. Although the reputation of the demon and the **** is very poor, but under the premise of cold lips and teeth, the Anti-Bright Protoss Alliance will probably still help the devil and hell.


Even if you don’t directly send troops to reinforce, you will inevitably launch an offensive against the Guangming Protoss occupying the star field in the rear to alleviate the pressure on the demon world and hell.


But now, who has the time to control the life and death of the Demon Realm and Hell!


The Demon World and Hell were originally in the star realm. They were very popular in the star realm. They were attacked by the Guangming Protoss. Anyone who can help them went to the home star domain of the three civilizations to make a fortune. How can there be extra troops to provoke the light? Protoss.


I have to say that the eighth-level **** of the Guangming Protoss, the Eternal Lord, has really made a good move.


The decisive withdrawal of troops from the Dark Star Territory and the demon world and **** seem to be laissez-faire to the wizarding civilization, and this extremely wide-span alien horde deployment method has also created a lot of strength for the Bright Protoss And waste of resources.


In fact, the Bright Protoss can take this opportunity to solve the two malignant tumors that have troubled them for hundreds of thousands of years.


In this war of civilizations, almost all participating civilizations feel that they have made a profit.


The only people who enjoy the bitter fruits are the tripartite civilizations that were originally in a superior position in war, as well as the devildom and **** that have been sitting on the mountains and watching tigers fighting and making profits on the edge of the civilized battlefield.


Among them, the two large-scale world civilizations, Hell and Demon Realm, are the most unlucky. Whoever provokes me is just a bite of oil and water on the edge of the Wizarding Star Territory.


For the Guangming Protoss, although they have a high probability of erasing the two large world civilizations, the Demon Realm and Hell, in this battle, what they will face afterwards is to fish enough oil and water in the home star domain of the three civilizations and have great influence. The rising wizarding civilization and anti-light protoss alliance.


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