Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul Chapter 8210: The Ancestral Dragon Empire collapses



“Is it possible that His Majesty Tyrant has also entered the stage of preparing the Dragon God General?”


People became excited again when they heard Qiu Santong’s words.


If Ling Xiao can pass the last level and enter the battle of the Dragon God General, then it will be considered a little worse than Dongfang Tianyu, and it should not be much worse.


But is that possible?


Ling Xiao is a genius, but when he left here, he had more strength, and he didn’t even enter the Wanzhou Qianlong Ranking.


It feels really incredible.


But even if it feels impossible, everyone is still looking forward to it.


Being able to participate in the battle of the Dragon God General, it means that in this selection of the Dragon God Army, at least it has entered the top 100.


Such potential will inevitably be recognized by the Dragon Temple and become a key training object.


Furthermore, if the Dragon Temple really wants to clean up the Overlord Empire, you have to consider Ling Xiao’s feelings.


Qiu Santong, you shook your head and sighed. Why are all these people impatient? He hasn’t finished speaking yet, so why are he guessing again?


“It’s so amazing. The Overlord has also become a competitor of the Dragon God General. It must not be much worse than Dongfang Tianyu.


Maybe it’s just as good.


In this way, even if Dongfang Wudi wants to move us, it has to be considered. “

风老平常也是挺稳重的,但一想到这些,真得是有些控制不住自己的情绪了。汜减bxwx.*C o汜

Feng Lao is usually quite stable, but when I think of this, I can’t control my emotions.汜减bxwx.*C o汜


“Hahaha, that’s right, that’s right, our boss is a real super evildoer. We were willing to follow him at the beginning because he is amazing.”


Zhang Feiling laughed loudly, with a smile on his face.


“That guy, I know, I know he will do it.”


Ji Mingkong also smiled.


Ling Xiao performed well, so they don’t have to work hard to move back to Xuanwu Continent. Here, both the resources and the cultivation speed are better than there.


“I said, can you guys stop arguing and let people finish talking?”


The Blood Demon Lord is upset, someone who can make him afraid, just like that?


He doesn’t believe it.


“Yes, yes, please say it, senior.”


Everyone realized that they were a little overjoyed, and they waited slowly for this distinguished guest from the Dragon Temple.


Qiu Santong smiled bitterly: “You guys are happy that I can understand, but can you wait for me to finish talking and be happy together.


What I want to say is that Ling Xiao has not only become a contender for the Dragon God General.


He even killed Dongfang Tianyu outside of the battle.


The most exciting thing is that he has become a fire dragon god. “


At that moment, the cheers were gone, and there was silence instead.


Because everyone was so shocked that they even forgot to breathe.


It was a miracle that Ling Xiao was able to participate in the selection of the Dragon God General. Unexpectedly, there was even more exaggerated good news.


This is too exaggerated.


Qiu Santong smiled, the reaction of these people was similar to his back then.


They all look down on Ling Xiao too much.


Ling Xiao’s performance was even better and more terrifying than they thought.


“Senior, are you kidding us.”


For a long time, Long Qian smiled bitterly and said: “We people can’t stand this turning point.”


“Yes, senior, you didn’t coax us just to make us happy, right?”


Zhang Feiling also said.


Although he thinks Ling Xiao is very good, it is a bit too exaggerated to be so good.


“I don’t have to lie to you.”


Qiu Santong: “Here, Ling Xiao asked me to bring this thing back and give it to you, saying that it was distributed by a person named Ji Mingkong with full authority.”


As he spoke, he took out a storage ring. Xiru yuebiqu.com Xiru


After Ji Mingkong took it over, the moment the power of thought penetrated in, he was trembling all over.


“My God, is that guy stealing that super sect? How come there are so many good things, a lot of earth-level cheats, and even heaven-level cheats!”


Ji Mingkong really couldn’t believe it, she pinched herself severely, thinking she was dreaming.


But everything seems so real, not like a dream at all.


“Everyone, our domineering empire, it’s time to rise up.”


Ji Mingkong smiled and said: “With these things to assemble the army, we must be able to easily defeat the invincible New Ancestral Dragon Empire in the East, and even unify Wanzhou will not be a problem.”


“Huh, that’s someone who can subdue me, can it be bad?”


The Blood Demon Lord snorted coldly, but he was extremely excited.


“Boss, we will definitely work hard and rush to you. In the future, we will also become Dragon God Guards, no, it is Dragon God General!”


Zhang Feiling gritted his teeth.


He and Zhang Qiang can be said to be half of Ling Xiao’s apprentices. They didn’t go to the Dragon God Army for selection at the beginning, simply because their cultivation level was not enough.


But in a few years, they will be fine.


Everyone was so excited that Ling Xiao was able to get the position of the Fire Dragon God General, and even killed Dongfang Tianyu.


This simply solved the big problem for them.


What’s more, I have also sent a large amount of supplies. With these, the Overlord Empire will have a lot to do.


“My lord Queen, the envoy of the Heavenly Dragon Empire just came here and said that he was asking to see you and congratulating the Tyrant Emperor for taking the position of the Fire Dragon God General.”


At this moment, someone came in outside, excited.


“With them, there are many higher empires, all come to congratulate.”


Ji Mingkong smiled when he heard this: “These people reacted very quickly, yes, no one will refuse. Today, my Domineering Empire will have a big banquet to entertain all guests.


However, General Hongtu, pay attention to guarding work~IndoMTL.com~ lest some Xiao Xiaojun will launch a sneak attack on us. “


“Yes, Lord Queen!”


Hong Tu looked into the distance and said with emotion: “Brother, your son is truly unique in the world. I am afraid he will surpass you soon. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see it for the time being, but one day. , You guys will still be apart.”


The so-called sorrows and joys!


The Overlord Empire celebrates the whole country.


The New Zulong Empire is full of wailing.


Dongfang Tianyu is dead.


Ling Xiao became the fire dragon **** general.


As a result, Dongfang Wudi almost fell into despair.


He shut himself in the huge palace alone, his expression on his face was extremely ugly.


“Once that kid becomes the fire dragon **** general, he will inevitably retaliate against us and must escape, otherwise, there will be no place to bury him!”


Thinking of this, Dongfang Wudi hurriedly ordered the family to pack up everything, fled Wanzhou overnight and headed to Langzhou.


He didn’t even tell anyone except family members.


Because I was too anxious to escape, several people died on the road.


But his choice was indeed right.


Because at the time when the Overlord Empire was celebrating the whole nation, they secretly deployed an army and used the spirit soldiers and spirit treasures sent back by Ling Xiao to form an invincible army.


All the way to kill the new ancestor dragon empire.


The emperor escaped.


The soldiers have long since lost their intent to fight. Mi He Mi


In addition, the difference in combat power is too big, so the Overlord Empire has been invincible all the way.


It took only three days to destroy the New Ancestral Dragon Empire.


The current Tyrant Empire’s jurisdiction is already the sum of the original Ancestral Dragon Empire, Fire Dragon Empire, and Earth Dragon Empire.


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