Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul Chapter 8209: You are too impatient!



“That’s not enough yet.”


Ji Mingkong shook his head and said: “The selection of the Dragon God Army should have just ended, is it possible that they are so crazy after knowing the news?”


“Unfortunately, this place is too far away from the Dragon Destruction City. Our news is blocked, and we can’t know the specific results. I don’t know what happened to the emperor?”


Long Qian frowned and said: “Now our situation is delicate. If Wolf State really has to join forces with Dongfang Wudi, unless His Majesty Tyrant becomes the Dragon God Guard, and if they do not have the Dragon God Guard, we can seek self-protection, otherwise everything It’s all over.”


“Don’t worry, our emperor’s strength will never fail.”


Zhang Feiling gritted his teeth and said.


He is also working hard now, hoping that one day he can become the Dragon God Army.


“Don’t worry, under normal circumstances, once you become the Dragon God Guard, the Dragon Temple will send someone to announce the good news. Wait, wait!”


Lao Feng said in his mouth to wait, but deep down he was really anxious.


“Here is coming!”


Suddenly, someone shouted outside.


“The Dragon Temple is here!”


This exclamation made everyone nervous.


It’s the same as the moment when the college entrance examination results came out. Even if you are confident, but nothing has become a fact, you will still be a little nervous.


One person was welcomed into the Tyrant Empire palace.


Ji Mingkong led a group of officials to greet him.


“You are too polite, please relax.”


The one who came was Qiu Santong.


“Envoy, please sit down.”


Ji Ming Kongdao.


Qiu Santong sat down and just about to speak, suddenly Hong Tu asked: “Special envoy, can I become a member of the Dragon God Army in Wanzhou?”


“Yes! There are not only the Dragon God Army, but also people who have become the Dragon God Guard. This year Wanzhou has achieved excellent results.”


Qiu Santong smiled.


“Who became the Dragon God Army?”


Long Qian asked hurriedly.


“Black Mountain, Oriental Yuhua.”


Xiru like miaoshuyuan.com. “Just two people? They are both from the Zulong Empire, it’s troublesome.”


The hearts of everyone sank to the bottom.


“Oh, people haven’t finished speaking yet, some have become the Dragon God Army, aren’t there some who have become Dragon God Guards.”


The people of the Overlord Empire use these words to comfort themselves, but in fact they have no hope in their hearts.


It is the limit for their people to become the Dragon God Army. How can they become the Dragon God Guard?


“That Dongfang Tianyu should be Dragon God Guard, right?”


Feng Lao asked.


Qiu Santong nodded and said: “Exactly.”


He is a little strange, these people don’t care about Ling Xiao, but what Dongfang Tianyu do they care about?


He is really unclear. At the beginning, Dongfang Tianyu was much more famous than Ling Xiao, and too powerful.




Like a thunderstorm, it stunned everyone present.


“Dongfang Tianyu really has become the Dragon God Guard, how is this possible, Pei Yue? Isn’t he the number one in the Wanzhou Qianlong List? He has not become the Dragon God Guard?”


Qiu Santong shook his head and said: “I originally had high hopes for Pei Yue, but Pei Yue didn’t even get out of the land of Dragon Destruction. There is a high probability of being killed.


As for Dongfang Tianyu, I have to say that he is a real super evildoer.


Comprehend the two prototypes of wind and fire.


Moreover, he got the great help of his master and learned the heavenly martial arts. Too many people were defeated in his hands. By the way, that Lang Xiaoyao was not even his enemy.


He finally broke into the top three in the fire zone! “




Everyone’s expressions changed drastically, and none of them knew what to do.


Originally, Dongfang Invincible used the power of Wolf State to suppress them, which made them feel uncomfortable.


Now Dongfang Tianyu has become the Dragon God Guard.


The Black Mountain Master and Dongfang Yuhua also became the Dragon God Army.


Once they used the Dragon Temple to deal with the Tyrant Empire, the Tyrant Empire was destroyed.


“This is a matter of life and death!”


“You guys, think of a way, if we can’t change the status quo, we are really done.”


Ban 汜汜汜. “Damn it, Dongfang Tianyu is obviously not that strong in Wanzhou, and it is unacceptable to be able to break into the top three of Long Shenwei.”


Everyone is very nervous, very speechless, and very helpless.


I can’t do anything in a hurry.


They can even imagine that even if Dongfang Tianyu did not become the fire dragon **** general, with his aptitude, he would be absolutely supported by the Dragon Temple.


At that time, who can fight the Zulong Empire?


Everything is over!


It feels like a nightmare.


“It is not surprising that Dongfang Tianyu has that kind of achievement. His master is a great figure in the Dragon Temple.”


Qiu Santong said lightly.


Hearing this, everyone was even more embarrassed.


Even Ji Mingkong became nervous.


This is the first time I have encountered huge troubles after coming to a new continent.


“I announce that we will start the return agenda. If we can’t resist it, we can only return to our original place of residence and wait for the opportunity.”


Ji Mingkong is not a lunatic, she must consider the safety of the fighters of the Overlord Empire.


“I said that you are all dejected like grandchildren. Have you forgotten the most important thing?”


Blood Demon Sovereign said suddenly: “Can we be inferior to that Dongfang Tianyu on Tyrant? You don’t care about his performance?”


Everyone shook their heads.


It’s not that I don’t care, but that it is impossible.


Ling Xiao has no one to help. It may be a miracle to become the Dragon God Army, not to mention the Dragon God Guard, and even prepare the Dragon God General to be the top three.


“It seems that you don’t have enough confidence in Ling Xiao~ IndoMTL.com~ Qiu Santong smiled and said, “I thought he was always strong when he was here. “


“Could it be said that Ling Xiao has also become the Dragon God Guard?”


Long Qian stood up, shaking with excitement.


“That is natural.”


Qiu Santong smiled and said: “Not only did he become the Dragon God Guard, but also the Black Scale Master and Yao Chenxiang of your Tyrant Empire became the Dragon God Guard.


Moreover, Ling Xiao seemed to have attracted Lang Xiaoyao and Long Wuji.


It’s a pity that Baili Qiulu and Condensed Snow disappeared midway. They still don’t know their whereabouts and missed the Dragon God Army assessment. “


“Three! Actually three dragon guards!”


Feng Lao cried with joy.


It just went from the most desperate to the happiest.


“It’s five.”


Long Qian smiled and said: “There are still Lang Xiaoyao and Long Wuji.”


“It’s not that I poured cold water on you, even five dragon guards, I’m afraid that it won’t be as good as one Dongfang Tianyu.”


Hong Tu frowned and said: “Dongfang Tianyu has entered the top three places of the Dragon God General. His absolute status is much higher than that of the ordinary Dragon God Guard.”


Hearing this, everyone’s mood fell again.


One by one, he shook his head and sighed.


Yes, it is also the Dragon God Guard. The power in Dongfang Tianyu’s hands can completely suppress the five people on their side.


The Overlord Empire is still dangerous.


Mi He Mi. “Damn it, since God gave birth to Ling Xiao, why did he have to give birth to Dongfang Tianyu? If it weren’t for Dongfang Tianyu, our Tyrant Empire would definitely go down in history.”


Long Qian sighed.


“What you said is wrong.”


Qiu Santong shook his head and said: “Your Majesty Tyrant, is it really inferior to that Dongfang Tianyu in your mind?”


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