Heaven Awakening Path Chapter 1129: must live



“This is?”


It was Bamboo Jian of the eight Assassin Alliance who shot, and after them, there was a fantou who was in command. Compared with the skilled killing skills of the eight Zhujian, Fantou is more experienced and experienced. When the vision revealed in the completely diffused green air became clearer, the legendary name also quickly jumped into his mind.


Xuanqing Cangqiu Formation?




The moment the name jumped out, the instructions were already blurted out subconsciously, but it was too late.


Bahesha’s new wave of offensive seems to have never existed in front of the incoming Soul Power. Together with the eight Bamboo Points who launched the offensive, they were instantly swept away by this green Soul Power.


All the movements of the eight people stopped immediately, their eyes widened, and the “fast-rewind” instructions from their pink hair echoed in their ears, but their bodies and will, in the blue air It seems that it no longer belongs to them after the scroll. Only one of the eight turned his head with difficulty, his eyes turned to the direction of their pink heads, and finally what caught his eye was a figure fleeing quickly.


It’s really the Xuanqing Cang Qiuzhen! how can that be! ?


Fengtou, who ran away quickly, was shocked.


He originally wanted to work with the eight Zhujians, but although eight people are not required to kill the eight river sands, eight people are enough to use the eight river sands to the extreme. In the face of such a group of seriously injured people, his shot was unnecessary, but he was suspected of competing with his subordinates. So in the end he chose to sit in the rear.


At the moment, he despised his opponent, and this despise ruined eight of his subordinates, but saved himself. If he was very solemn and personally led the eight people to launch an offensive. Xuanqing Cang Qiuzhen… He doesn’t think he has the ability to survive from the legendary secret formation called Black Tortoise Institute.


Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but look back. The position that had been left behind by him was still flashing with cyan, and his eight subordinates were silent.


“Damn, **** is seriously injured, **** can be dealt with at will!” After fear, Fantou couldn’t help cursing again. There will be such contempt, no doubt because of misjudgment generated by intelligence. If you know that this group of Xuanwumen still have such fighting power, it is not enough for their four fans and thirty-two bamboo tips to stand together. The two sides have never been rivals of an order of magnitude, and they only sent their team to deal with them when they heard that these people were too wounded to fight again, but this is the result.


Let’s hurry up and report.


Pentou thought, and quickened her pace. Although he was a little scared, he also felt sorry for his eight subordinates, but he was not very worried, after all, he had that one this time.




“Run one.”


Looking at the masked corpses of the eight corpses lying on the ground, perceive‘s keen Jane Younan breathed heavily and said to Xu Chuan.


Xu Chuan nodded slightly. He was in a cold sweat, and he didn’t even have the strength to speak at the moment. He looked around and saw that there were not a few people from the same family as him, and some of them even coughed up blood uncontrollably. Following the two who fell during Yagawara’s offensive, two more lie down forever.


After all, what the teenagers have learned is still too shallow, and the enemy has come so quickly. The activation of this wave of Xuanqing Cangqiu formation, these Xuanwu people, but they fought their lives, played a major role. But after this life-threatening performance, the consequences are now, and they don’t need anyone to take action, they will lose two of them themselves.


If anyone else attacks at this time, it is impossible for them to cast the Xuanqing Cangqiu Formation again. Even the Xuanqing Cangqiu Formation just now is actually weak. It’s just that compared to Bahesha, the two sides are not on the same level at all, and this moment is enough. As for the one who escaped from the other party, it seemed that he knew the goods. It was undoubtedly a correct decision to recognize that it was the Xuanqing Cangqiu Formation and run away.


“Look where it came from.” After slowing down for a while, Xu Chuan recovered and said to his classmates. As a result, you look at me, I look at you, and all of them look like they don’t want to move. Seeing that, Xu Chuan couldn’t help but smile bitterly and looked at a young man: “Go and bring that masked guy over and let’s see.”


The teenagers are always in a state of ignorance. Even after killing eight top assassins, they still look like they don’t know anything. When Xu Chuan spoke, everyone seemed to have a direction, and immediately moved. After a while, they carried all eight masked assassins over, neatly lined them up on the ground, and then Just stood there obediently.


Xu Chuan looked at the eight corpses, and after a while, turned around and stared at the other classmates, and raised his arms angrily: “Do you want me to do it?”


The word “hand” was bitten very hard by him. And on his arms, there are still hands. Colleagues all showed their shame, and one stood up with blood: “I’ll come, I’ll come.”


“It’s alright, it’s alright.” Xu Chuan couldn’t bear to see that this classmate was having a hard time getting up. What about the rest of your classmates? It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that this wave of Xuanqing Cang Qiuzhen just now consumed too much.


“Search their bodies and see what’s there.” Xu Chuan could only continue to instruct the teenagers.


The obedient teenagers rushed up to work immediately. After a while, they searched the eight corpses. The found items were then displayed next to each corpse, but they were only daily necessities and some scattered pieces. Money, nothing to identify them.


“The mask is off.” Xu Chuan said again.


The eight people then revealed the truth one by one, with different appearances, but the Xuanwu people didn’t even know a single one.


“They are not bad, they shouldn’t be nameless people.” Jian Younan said.


“What about the one who escaped?” Xu Chuan asked.


“Probably still above them.” Jian Younan said.


“Bring their masks over and I’ll take a look.” Another Xuanwu sect spoke. Zhu Yuan, expert(s) of the lock series, is also a master of magic weapons.


The eight masking cloths were immediately delivered to him. The masking cloths looked exactly the same, but Zhu Yuan carefully researched them one by one.


“Added Heng Bingsi,” he said.


Although other people are not as skilled as him, they also know that the material of Hengbingsi has a certain freezing effect on Soul Power. This kind of thing that will have an effect with Soul Power will be researched by the cultivators to develop what kind of magic weapon.


Zhu Yuan then raised one of the masks, facing the sunlight, pulling and pulling, and looking at it again, this time Infusion’s Soul appeared in his eyes, which was all Ability.


“What do you see?” Xu Chuan noticed that Zhu Yuan’s expression was different.


“This is the production method of the Green Peak God Creation Camp.” Zhu Yuan said slowly.


Green Peak Empire‘s God Creation Camp, affiliated to the Juefeng Hall of Green Peak Empire, is a department that develops and builds magic weapons for their cultivators. The magic weapon system mastered by Shenchuangying will undoubtedly be a highly secret of Green Peak Empire, and it is impossible to disclose it to the outside world. Naturally, no one can forge the things of Shenchuangying.


“It’s something made by the Green Peak God Creation Camp, but that doesn’t mean they’re people from Juefeng Hall, right?” said a Xuanwu sect person. They know what it means if these people are people of Juefeng Hall.


“No matter where they come from, we all have to live,” Xu Chuan said. What they have encountered here is important information, and they must have someone to survive.


“Come on, let’s continue learning.” Xu Chuan said, greeting the teenagers. This time, no one cares about the secrets that are not passed on. Their lives may not be so important, but their encounters here have made them realize that this crusade seems to have a lot of hidden things to be discovered. And what these things will affect and cause, they are not clear, but Black Tortoise Institute has undoubtedly been involved. In order to protect Institute, any sacrifice is worth it.


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