Harry Potter’s Book of Sin: The dawn named “Hogwarts”



  Sunlight came in through the cracks of the shabby tan curtains, and the fresh air in the morning washed away the dullness in the small attic a little bit.


   maybe because it is too close to the sea, the humidity here is still as high as ever. Even in the attic, there are still moss arbitrarily climbing and expanding their territory in the corners, leaving behind inexplicable patches of vitality.


  When the men in London were still hugging their wives—or their lovers, that’s not sure; in short, when those guys were still sleeping on the soft bed, the people of Torpoint Already busy.


   This is the morning in the port city. It didn’t take long to let go of the drunken fans of last night, and once again ushered in a new round of noisy and busyness, as if people don’t need sleep.


   Of course, all these vibrant images must have nothing to do with the residents of Taimo Lane.


  Maca is a resident in this dark alley east of Torpoint. Although he was born in Plymouth, what does it matter?


   The poor have the ways of the poor, and they will naturally have their choices. In this alley full of “ideal” and full of “future”, you can live much more securely than in Plymouth, where many forces meet. .


   Here, there is not much official sight, and there is no key power of chaebol behemoths. Those are all in Plymouth! In this dark port city under the lights, there are only various undercurrent transactions sinking under the water.


   Although Maca is not very old, but with his innate intelligence and extraordinary shrewdness, he lives here day and night upside-down. Two hours ago, he had just returned from the colorful night scene. He was sleeping in a slightly stale bed! There are a few more cargo ships on the wharf, where he can manage them.


   Just as he was lingering in his colorful dreamland, there was a sudden rush of flapping wings outside the curtains, as if something had fallen on the narrow window sill outside.




   It seems that a bird is pecking at the window frame, and a dull voice comes in through the curtains.


   Maca in his sleep frowned, but was not awakened. He turned over, and the quilt was pulled over his head to cover his head.




   there are three soft beeps, as if knocking on the door, making people a little concerned about what is going on outside.




   was three more times, probably because the last peck was crooked or something. The old window glass immediately delivered its mission, and the glass fragments fell to the ground. Had it not been for the curtains, the glass **** would have splashed all over the bed by now.


  The old quilt was suddenly lifted, and the Maca fan sat up with staring eyes. Yomo hadn’t woken up yet, and saw that he looked around, the look of confusion made people feel quite amused.


   Suddenly, Maca, who was stunned, opened the curtains, but was stunned.


   Outside the window, a pale gray owl is standing there, with its big eyes meeting Maca’s line of sight. Not long after, the owl tilted its head and gave a dry cry, seeming to be a little bit embarrassed about his mistake.


   Maca blinked twice, not knowing what expression to make for a moment. Because he discovered that he actually saw the kind of agility that only humans can reveal on an owl.


  ”Is the IQ of an owl that high?” Maca found that he was a little skeptical of the direction of life.




   Just when Maca was full of question marks, the owl gave a soft cry, then stretched out its left paw, and placed a letter on the edge of the window sill.


   The address is written in emerald green ink on the thick parchment envelope. There is no stamp on the envelope. Maca froze, stretched out his hand and picked it up, only to see a fiery red wax seal and a shield coat of arms on it. Around the capital “H”, lions, eagles, badgers and snakes each occupy a quarter of the space.


   At the top of the coat of arms, there is a word that is unfamiliar and familiar to Maca.


   “Hogg, Watts?” Maca spelled out the word, her tone full of surprise and confusion.


   He didn’t rush to open the envelope, but stared at the shield-shaped crest, but his thoughts drifted farther and farther. It took a while before I came back to my senses.


   He put the envelope on the bed silently, and while curling up, he hugged his head tightly with his pale and thin arms. The dark lustrous black hair slumped messily between his fingers, as if telling the dim and bitter past of these years.


   “It’s only now…” For a long time, Maca squeezed a moan full of pain from his dry throat, “Uh-this is ridiculous.”


   A sea breeze suddenly came in from outside the window, making it extremely cold.


   Yes, Torpoint in June is a time that has nothing to do with heat.




   The sun gradually rose a little, and the sun brought a hint of warmth to this coastal town. Maca sat on the **** of the roof outside the window, leaning against the outer wall of the attic and looking at the gleaming surface of the Taima River. The morning sun rises from the junction of water and sky, coating the blue river with a layer of shining gold.


   This is a rare sight for Maca who wanders the streets late at night all the year round.


   He stared into the distance in a daze, but he clutched the unopened letter in his hand. This letter is so light, but Maca feels it all the time, the weight it weighs on her heart.




   The envelope was torn open gently, two rather textured letter papers were neatly folded together, and the Maca was pulled out together. He shook the corner of the letter, and the beautiful handwriting made him feel strangely unreality.




   Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


  Principal: Albus Dumbledore (President of the International Union of Magic, President of the Wizarding Association, First-Class Magician of Sir Merlin)


  Dear Mr. Maca McLean:


   We are happy to inform you that you have been approved to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Enclosed is a list of required books and equipment. The semester is scheduled to start on September 1. We will wait for Owl to bring your reply back before July 31st.


   Also, if the owl needs to stay with you for a while, please feed the little guy something to eat.




  Maca read the contents of the letter several times, then turned to the next page, but before looking at it more, he poked his mouth and stuffed the letter paper back into the envelope.


   “Yes, yes, you have to spend money.” Maca whispered, “Tuition fees are waived, miscellaneous fees are inevitable, I should have thought of it long ago!”


   He sighed and crawled back into the attic with a gloomy expression on his face. He pulled out a few dusty papers from the small cabinet beside the bed and threw them on the counter. Then he pulled out a dirty and dusty suitcase from the bottom of the bed, and opened it with a click, ignoring the rising dust, and pulled out a long, small box from the inside.


   This is a fountain pen. Although it is not a good brand, it is the only birthday present left by his long-dead mother. It is also his most cherished treasure in his entire life, except for the pound sterling.


   “By the way, I need ink! Ink!”


   He muttered as he prepared to write a reply. Not far away, the pale gray owl was standing on the bed bar with his head tilted, watching Maca busy curiously.


   Although I’m a little rusty with pen, I haven’t forgotten how to spell words anyway. Maca’s memory is very good. This can be seen from the fact that he has secretly memorized a large number of fragments of pound sterling in his daily life. It is only inevitable that the letters written are skewed.


   For this reason, he eventually scrapped several pieces of paper.


   Watching the owl fell and flew out of the window, it quickly disappeared in the corner, and Maca’s heart was slightly calmer.


   He really did not expect that he, who was determined to sink into the dark side of Britain in despair, would see a miraculous light. What he didn’t even expect was that this miraculous light was actually related to Hogwarts, who was almost buried deep in his memory.


   “Hogwarts, ha!” Maca chewed on the word again, and his face showed the innocent smile that was buried in the old tomb of Plymouth with his mother, who had already died.


   Just when Maca was thinking about his not-so-distant future, at No. 4 Privt Road, Little Huijin District, Surrey, the boy who survived the catastrophe just got under the stairs. Wake up in the cupboard. And what is waiting for him will be the chaotic life that was messed up by that “accidental visitor”.




   More than two months may have been an ordinary life journey for Maca in the past. But now, everything has become completely different.


  Maca bid farewell to the small attic that accompanied him through the gloomy years of three years, and also bid farewell to the bar owner Uncle Angelu who gave him his first job. He sold everything he could sell to the stolen merchants on the black market that he often went to, and then carried all the pounds he had earned so far, and his renewed expectations~IndoMTL.com~ got on the ferry to Plymouth .


  Only in Plymouth, he can get on the train to London and embark on his new life journey.


   “Let’s see mother first!” Maca leaned against the fence on the edge of the ferry deck, looking across the Tamar River, muttered.


  The time spent rippling in the Tamar River is not too long, and the distance between the two banks of the river is actually not that far. It didn’t take long before Maca was already standing in a tomb that was a little messy.


   At that time, Maca, who was only 9 years old, spent the last sum of money left by his father and set up a tombstone for his mother that was a luxury for him at the time. Nothing else, because it was the first time he had admitted in his heart this woman who was always busy for money.


  ”…Mother” Maca stroked the tombstone that he cleaned up, even though it was already noon, it was still astonishingly cold, “This seems to be the second time I call you’mother’.”


  He paused, then went on: “To be honest, I can’t call you that naturally until now. I don’t know if I should call you that, or I don’t know if I have the qualifications. . But, anyway, now, you are my mother. My… mother.”


   “Oh, I know, it still sounds very uncomfortable, but anyhow I called, you just listen to it…”


   It seems that because of the atmosphere, or the feelings and misses over the past three years, Maca has spoken on and off for a long time. It was not until dusk that he stood up and patted his pants, sighed and planned to find a cheaper hotel to stay for the night, and then go to the city center tomorrow to take the train to London.


   The moment he turned his head, a touch of light gold flashed past his vision. In the setting sun, it exudes a unique brilliance…


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