Harry Potter’s Book of Sin Chapter 2637: Unexpected induction



The ghoul net, which was a bit reluctant when dealing with normal high-level living corpses, now needs to be faced with an individual with a further strength, and the effect is naturally predictable.


Not to mention, here, which is only a stone’s throw away from Hogwarts Castle, the proportion of high-level living corpses among the enemy group has reached an unprecedented level!


In this extreme case, only a mutated magical plant seems to be unable to truly replace a regular magic after all…


But I have to say, they’ve done a good enough job.


“Willie, let them get to the bridge! I’ll help them open the way at the front, and try to see if I can re-build the broken middle section of the bridge!”


Among the enemies in front of the team, Harry, who is holding a sharp sword, growled lowly, while he kept the sword in his hand flying up and down around him…


Because he was afraid of being accidentally injured by the ghoul net, Rebes had just retreated with a group of his fellow clan. Although this arrangement change made the rear of the team a lot more stable, it also made Harry lose some of the strong cover, and the battle on his side was obviously much more difficult now.


Until now, he was able to take time to turn his head and shout, signaling Willie to let the many vines that were constantly spreading and bound the enemy group carry out a purposeful cooperative battle.


It’s really not good to delay any longer. After all, the ghoul net can’t even hold back some demonized high-level living corpses like the gravity rule rune. will get worse!


Hearing this, Willie turned her head and glanced at Maca, then turned around abruptly and waved her wand straight forward.


At the moment when Maca’s attention was attracted by the green light that quietly swayed in her eyes, the black vines that were already moving forward in the tide of living corpses were also changing to emerald green. At the same time, the speed of the tumbling and rushing has been accelerated again!


It must be said that Willie’s newly awakened Druid bloodline ability has been obviously suppressed for the most part in this place that has almost been trampled and ravaged by living corpses. Under such circumstances, even Maca, who didn’t know much about this rare ancient bloodline talent, immediately realized that she might have used all her strength.


“Since the person who wanted to wait didn’t come, it really can only… continue to move forward.”


Maka couldn’t help but agree with Harry’s intuitive decision to strike. And in the next moment, he also naturally put his due action into this.


I saw Maca, who was no longer distracted from time to time. At this moment, he suddenly raised his wand in his hand, and used the signature Patronus spell to cover his body with a silver mist.


The next moment, at the same time that the silver radiance suddenly condensed, he also stepped forward and jumped high, using himself as a hammer to “smash” against a large number of oncoming enemies in front of him. past—




The silver light covering his body exploded the moment he touched the living corpse, and then, perhaps at the same moment when the brilliance erupted, Maca waved his wand again, and saw those who were pushed away by the strong impact. The living corpse once again splattered with blood and filth like many times before, turning into shocking “fireworks”.


And Maca had already taken advantage of this forcibly carved gap to go to Harry’s side.


Taking this opportunity, those ghoul nets that were driven and controlled by Willie’s personal will immediately followed Maca, and began to continuously penetrate into the area with the densest living corpses below it.


When the other companions saw that even Maca took the initiative to attack, they immediately abandoned the previous tactics of maintaining the position and fighting steadily, and followed behind Willie and started to attack.


For a time, the black soul flames surged into the sky like waves, and the gradually green sea of ​​vines drilled forward half of the surface and half of the ground, and occasionally a few extremely cold frost marks flickered in between, point by point Click the ground until it meshes with the silver sword light that is constantly winding in front of it.


As for Maca, who is covered in brilliance, she has already surpassed Harry’s position in the blink of an eye, and almost rushed to the broken bridge in one breath…




Suddenly, everyone who was rushing forward seemed to hear a sound of glass breaking in the front of the enemy group.


At the moment when everyone didn’t understand what was going on, a dazzling bright blue flame happened to rise above the broken bridge in front of the castle.


The gorgeous and dangerous flame reaction made many people who saw it suddenly felt a familiar feeling.


“It’s… the flame of the Flaming Bottle.”


Harry, who was closest to Maca, looked up and took in the magnificent picture.


He could even see the sparkling dots of light scattered by the broken potion bottle and mostly engulfed by blue flames again. And of course, at the same time, he also saw the neat figure of Maka who was flying high and quickly backed away.


It’s just that while Maca is retreating, the wand in his hand is still pointing directly at the bright blue flame~IndoMTL.com~ At the same time, he knows about the potion “Flame Fire Bottle” and many details about Maca. Harry, even if he wasn’t as quick-thinking as Hermione, realized almost immediately what Maca was doing – he was injecting the revitalized magic within himself into the flames, which also made As soon as Lan Yanfu appeared, it began to expand at a high speed!


“Get ready, Willie will start building the bridge as soon as the flames go out! And before the enemy surrounds us again, we’ll have to pass through this area and rush into the school vestibule!”


Even if Maca was as strong as before, he couldn’t forcefully break through the air in this area with the highest concentration of high-level living corpses-maybe he was the only one who could do it, but he absolutely couldn’t guarantee other People also made it through.


Under such circumstances, even if there is only one broken bridge, everyone can only pin their hopes on it…and the ghoul net that will soon be the bridge repairer.


However, at this moment, Maca, who had just been forced to fall back to the ground, suddenly had a heart palpitation. As if he instinctively felt something, he raised his head quickly through the blue flames and countless living corpses, and turned his attention to the Hogwarts Castle in front of him.


“Finally… it seems to be coming from the direction of the auditorium, but… hiss, what a strong perceptual interference.”


After that, a dull pain that was gradually familiar arose from the depths of the soul. The pain that eroded the marrow caused the blue flames affected by his magical infusion to vibrate like a wave, and even faintly had A trend that explodes out of control.


Fortunately, Maca quickly endured the sudden pain and stabilized it again with the power of the Patronus Charm on her body.


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