Greetings, Mister Principal: The end of childhood (finale)


It only takes a genius one second to remember the address of this website: (Vertex Chinese), the fastest updates! No ads! In an instant, Reiner felt that everything in his field of vision had changed. The real world was deconstructed, and he seemed to see it. This is the mystery at the bottom of the universe. In an instant, Reiner felt that his personality had changed.

If using magic is to use one’s own power to change the world, then what Reiner is doing now is to use the power of the world itself to reshape everything.

Because he was the first to decipher the secret of the Star Sea, he gained the highest authority. At this moment, the whole world is running for Reiner.

His will is equivalent to the will of the world.

Reiner knew that this state could not last long. He had a glimpse of the truth of the world and thus temporarily gained the highest authority. However, the entire world was not allowed to change due to one person’s will. Therefore, Reiner could clearly He realized that his own power was passing by with time, forming a delicate balance with other creatures.

There is not much time left for Reiner.

The white space suddenly disappeared, and Reiner returned to Sauron’s alien sea of ​​consciousness again, back to the towering giant.

The trident fell, and the ripples of destruction surged. Reiner, a tiny human, raised his head.


Who would have thought that Reiner’s gentle glance would freeze the giant’s trident in place. The huge power had nowhere to vent, causing the trident itself to suffer backlash and shatter into pieces.

This can be compared to the destruction of a planet. The shock wave of the explosion distorted time and space, making the figure of the giant Sauron blurry.

Liner raised his hand, and the space around him suddenly expanded, causing the giant to continuously retreat and distance itself from Linner.

At the same time, Reiner’s other palm opened, and a golden sphere rotated in it.

He aimed it at the Sauron giant, and the golden sphere exploded, and a beam of light burst out from it.

This beam of light is extremely thin, but goes straight forward, unaffected by the distortion of the surrounding space and time.


The beam of light penetrated the body of the giant Sauron, and then, splitting from the end, countless golden thin threads wrapped around the giant Sauron, causing it to lose its center of gravity and fall to one knee on the ground.

At this moment, there was an absolute contrast in strength between the giant Sauron and the tiny Reiner.

Countless golden threads enveloped the Sauron giant, covering it completely. At this time, Reiner pulled hard.


The whole world seemed to be affected by this pull. The giant wrapped in golden threads let out a mournful cry. Then, countless darkness emerged from the gaps in the thin threads. In the blink of an eye, the entire giant was shrouded in a black cloud. .

This is the Black Domain, a low-light speed area. Reiner just used his authority to transform the time and space around the giant, turning it into a low-light-speed black hole. Even if the Sauron giant looks like a **** here, he can only Imprisoned in this cage, I can never escape.

Reiner continued to pull the golden thread, and eventually, the low-light-speed black hole, which was as huge as the entire galaxy, continued to shrink until it was only the size of a bullet.

At this scale, this is already a real black hole. Not even light can escape. The giant Sauron will be permanently trapped in it.

With the disappearance of the giant Sauron, Reiner felt the tremors in the space, and the entire sea of ​​Sauron’s alien consciousness began to collapse because it lost its core!

He saw the blue light spots extinguishing one after another, and the vast universe fell into silence at this moment.

At the same time, in the demiplane, the battle between Sauron’s alien species and humans is most intense.

All the Sauron mutants stopped their movements at the same time. They no longer flapped their wings, waved their claws, or tore apart living beings. All the mutants were still.

The next moment, the Sauron alien species turned into particles of light and dispersed.

In an instant, the whole world was enveloped in a sea of ​​light, like white snow, falling leisurely.

People didn’t know what happened at first, but soon, some people reacted.

The Sauron alien species were eliminated.

At this time, the morning light was emerging from the east, and a ray of sunshine fell, illuminating the whole world.

In the far north, all the legendary mages looked at the fish belly white in the east. They had received the message that the Sauron alien species had been completely defeated and disappeared from this land forever.

Your Excellencies looked at the twisted tower. At this moment, the tower was emitting a faint glow and shining brightly.

Reiner walked out of it, followed by a somewhat confused Helleson. In the area where magic could not be used, Reiner was strolling leisurely.

“In this way, the dead zone should be caused by the nearby star sea robots temporarily losing energy due to high-intensity stimulation, so they become silent and unable to collapse. Over time, depending on the surrounding influence, these places will gradually disappear Right.”

Reiner said to himself, he came to the edge of the dead zone and stepped out.

“Have you become a legend?”

Your Excellency Braggs quickly saw the changes in Reiner. During this period of coming and going, he had crossed that boundary and became a legendary existence.

“Sir Braggs, I have made a very important discovery, which may be related to the future of our world.”

Reiner said that Sauron’s alien species are remnants from the past, relics of the last era, but what Reiner learned from the sea of ​​​​stars is about the crisis and disaster of the entire universe and the entire endless void.

“What did you find, Reiner?”

Your Excellency Alberton frowned slightly. Although the crisis of Sauron’s alien species was now resolved, Reiner’s tone did not make him feel relaxed.

“About order and chaos, about the wars that occur throughout the universe, and about that indescribable existence…”

Reiner sighed, from now on the childhood of the mage civilization has come to an end, and what will greet them may be a youth full of frustration. He paused, and then he learned what he had learned from Xinghai. Say the name Zhi.

“Entropy Demon.”


Crescent College, early spring.

The birds are singing happily, and the new green on the treetops is budding. Although the school has not yet started, the school has become less deserted. You can see some students who came to school early, walking in small groups to the classroom or books pavilion.

Alymiya was walking in the corridor with a book in her arms. A breeze blew by, making her stop and look at the blue and high sky.

Just when Amelia was in a daze, a burst of rapid footsteps came from behind her. The sound of small leather shoes clicking on the ground made Amelia raise her eyebrows and turned around to take a look. , only to find out it was Claire.

Wearing a long blue dress, she was running towards Emilia anxiously.

“No running in the corridor, Teacher Claire…”

Claire waved her hands before Alymiya finished speaking.

“Get out of the way, Emilia.”

Then he quickly passed Emilia and ran towards the end of the corridor.

“What happened?”

Almiya tilted her head, and then quickly followed.

Soon, she saw Claire crossing the square and arriving at the gate of Crescent College.

There, a man in formal clothes was getting off the carriage, carrying a suitcase. It seemed that he had not been back for a long time. The maid behind him was serious and unsmiling.

“He’s back…”

Alymiya bit her lower lip lightly, and she saw Claire hugging the young man, as if she was the happiest girl in the world.

She hesitated for a moment, then smiled and stepped forward.

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