Grasping Evil Chapter 1288: The Nirvana world of Chi Yi

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The leader of Sealing Heaven presented 16 Daojin treasure boxes. The boxes contained not treasures, but Great Thousand worlds one after another!

I thought that after the demise of Divine Artisan Country, the past friendship had been wiped out.

Unexpectedly, after countless Samsaras, Divine Artisan Successor demand repayment came to visit, and it was suspected that two Inverse Saints were supporting this person…

The only thing we can do is settle Karma honestly…

Oh? One take action is the 16 seat [Nirvana world], Dao Brother is such a big deal!” Chi Biaonu was very moved. He always knew that the leader of Fengtian Cult was rich, but he did not expect that he was so extravagant to the extent of this kind of. “Use Daojin refining to form a box, and use the world in the box to re-enact the catastrophe of Samsara in a lifetime. This is a method that only a few Saint Sects have, and the old thief Fengtian can actually do it! 16 seat Nirvana world is worth at least two or three million gold, Fengtian Old thief

I have given too much, but when it is my turn, how much should I give! I am just an ordinary Saint, how can Nirvana Saint have money! “Sage Taibai said nothing on his face, but he was very nervous in his heart. “I became a saint in the past, all thanks to the help of Divine Artisan Country Lord Yanshi Fellow Daoist. I only regret that when Divine Artisan Country was robbed, I was limited by Karma and could not help… As time passed, I could only take out some external things to express my regret. “Fengtian

The leader said beautiful words, but in fact he was heartbroken, but he knew that this was not the time to save money. If he wanted to satisfy Inverse Saint Senior, he couldn’t do it without being ruthless to bleeding.

After that, the leader of Fengtian Cult introduced the information about the world in the box to Ning Fan and Chi Yi.

He is Nirvana Saint, cultivate Dao so far, and has experienced Samsara tribulations three hundred and 16 times, including Samsara initial tribulations 300 times and Nirvana tribulations 16 times.

Samsara tribulation is Saint Great Tribulation. Every time a tribulation is overcome, Saint must be reborn once in Nirvana. If one can successfully survive a thousand tribulations, he will be qualified to enter the reverse.

This calamity is closely related. Very few Saint will crossing tribulation within Real World. What they are afraid of is the interference of the saints and the evil plots.

The best way is to choose an unowned Great Thousand world as the place to deal with the disaster, so as to minimize the external impact.

After making all preparations, do your best and obey fate. This is nothing more.

Ordinary Shisheng has Nirvana dozens of times, and having one 2nd time to survive the catastrophe is considered extremely lucky. In the past, Ant Lord only Nirvanaed seven 14 times and survived ten initial tribulations, which once attracted Real World‘s amazement.

The difficulty of the Nirvana Tribulation is higher than that of the First Tribulation, and it is as powerful as the Sealed Heaven Cult Master. Now he can only survive 16 Nirvana Tribulations. These 16 gold boxes, Seal are the experience of these 16 Nirvana. The leader of Sealing Heaven is best at Sealing Heaven Technique, which can store Seal of past experiences in the Daojin Box. If this item is sold to the First Saint Nirvana Saint, the price will start at least 50,000 gold, but with 50,000 gold, you can only buy the Nirvana world that records the first tribulation

Realm, and if it is a Tao gold box that records the Nirvana, it would be too expensive… “In this Tao gold box, the world of the Nirvana of first time is sealed. It is full of this world thunder force, so after my Nirvana, this I obeyed destiny and walked the path of Thunder Cultivator. In the end, after many lives and deaths, I killed 12, Thunder Spirit and become a Saint after everyone betrayed their relatives. Nirvana succeeded… Afterwards, I complete the resources consumed by crossing tribulation, and turned back the time of this world to respond to the moment before the disaster. , and then seal it up… If any Fellow Daoist wants to find a way to escape the Nirvana, they only need to follow the path I took in the past, and there is a high probability that it will succeed. Luoyun Lei Guo’s Country Lord once offered 15 million taels of Heavenly Dao Gold to buy this world, and was I refused. But he didn’t know that just using the Sealing Technique to refine this box would require 20,000 gold, and it would be extra to replenish the resources in the world

spending costs 12 ten thousand gold, and this world is less than two 100,000 gold. I will not sell it. ”

While introducing the usage of this world, Master Fengtian quietly pointed out the value of this world. “In this box, the world of my 2nd nirvana is sealed. The this world fire element is abundant, but I have experienced the failed nirvana of fire cultivation before, so this time without/has not chose the path of fire cultivation, but the opposite. Walk it, in all fires

Take the path of water cultivation. Such unconventional choices led to my slow progress in the early stage, but in the final stage, I used the power of water to suppress the Fire Tribulation beast master of Nirvana… this world is worth 15 ten thousand gold. ”

“In this box, the world of my 3rd Nirvana is sealed. this world is rich in mineral materials, and the most precious one is the Ancient Country wind crystal. Therefore, I imitated Yanshi Fellow Daoist in this life and walked the path of Refiner Masterthis world It’s worth 15 ten thousand gold.”

“This world is suitable for the growth of Immortal Medicine. I planted gloomy wood extensively in this world, refined Immeasurable Pill, and finally succeeded in Nirvanathis world is worth two 100,000 gold.”

this world hide a piece 12 The ancient star Counterstar Iron , relying on this thing, I Nirvana success… this world Worth two 100,000 gold. ” ” this world There are many ancient heart lotuses growing, and I this world Borrowing the benefits of heart lotus Three Flowers Gather on Crown , after the three flowers are completed, then repair the six flowers, and then repair the 12 Flowers, wait and see 20 fourth grade heart lotus perfection , Nirvana has passed… this world Worth two 15 Wan

Gold. “There is a Innate Zhen Yuan tree growing in this world. This tree has three 1000 yearss and one bloom, three 1000 years and one fruit. The fruit can be ripe in three 1000 years, and the ginseng fruit is the name.” I took ginseng fruit in the world and practiced the wonderful technique of Five Qi Towards Origin. I practiced it again and obtained the five qi

The Zhen Yuan technique cannot be obtained after repeated cultivation, but it still survives the Nirvana… this world is worth two 15 ten thousand gold. ”

this world15 ten thousand gold.”

this world15 ten thousand gold.”

this world…”

In the end, according to the leader of Sealing Heaven himself, he had 16 Dao gold boxes, with a total value of about three million gold!

What is a big deal? This is it!

In Real World, it would be good if the First Saint can have 35 100,000 gold. As for Nirvana Saint, it is rich if he can have 35 million Golden Body.

It is rare to find a wealthy Nirvana Saint like Master Fengtian who can easily take out three million gold treasures…

Chi Biaonu asked himself that although he was also a Nirvana Saint, he was far less wealthy than Fengtian. Fortunately, the Karma he owed was not big, but it did not need to be big bleeding.

Taibai Sheng is in trouble. The Karma he and Chi Yi have is much bigger than Fengtian! With Feng Tianzhu and Jade in front of him, can he come up with something more valuable to pay off Karma?

Can’t take it out! All of his wealth combined, he can’t even make a single million of gold… He’s a step too slow, what should he do if it comes to this!

Even Ning Fan was a little shocked.

“One box can contain the entire Great Thousand world, and this world resources are abundant, and can also be used to reenact Saint Great Tribulation16 boxes added together are worth three million gold…”

You must know that the entire Zi Dou Imaginary Dream World combined can be regarded as a complete Great Thousand world, and now, such a complete Great Thousand world, the Sealing Master will give you 16.

Total value, three million gold!

Ning Fan had “only” 200 more than ten thousand gold nothing more in his whole body. This was the result of selling off many Zi Wei sundries. Compared with the leader of Fengtian Cult, Ning Fan felt ashamed.

Ant Lord: “No, you are already very rich…No one in 2nd step is richer than you…”

Duo Wen: “Indeed, ordinary Shisheng will not be richer than the Immortal.”

Ant Lord: “But I’m still very strange. Where is this place? Why are there three Saints who are so polite to you and give you generous gifts? This gift is so expensive that I want it…”

More news: “This place is suspected to be an abandoned world in 4th step. I just don’t know who the old owner is. I always feel that I am in this world. There are many things that I can’t remember, let alone observe. It seems that this world is not allowed…”

Because Chiwei Demon Monarch did not allow it, Ant Lord and Duo Wen couldn’t figure out why Chi Biaonu and others were so polite to Ning Fan. They couldn’t think of many things, couldn’t remember them, like being blinded by random flowers, Spiritual Sense felt as if they were lost.

In the end, 16 gold boxes were given to Chi Yi in this way. With Chongbao in front of him, Chi Yi only felt confused. She has a bad memory. She doesn’t remember what the Great Thousand world is, and she doesn’t know how much three million taels of Heavenly Dao Gold cost. As for this box being used to ferry Saint Great Tribulation, it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with her

What kind of relationship is there? She is not Saint, so it is useless…

Although I don’t know why, looking at Ning Fan’s expression, these treasure boxes seem to be really valuable…

Chi Yi: “Master, Chi Yi does not need these boxes. Give them all to the master…”

Ning Fan: “This is something someone gave you. You have to keep it yourself. You don’t have to give it to me.”

Chi Yi: “But Chi Yi has a bad memory. These treasures will definitely be lost if they are placed on Chi Yi…”

The reasons for Chi Yi are very good.

But, this is an excuse.

Her real idea is to compensate her master!

She used the opportunity of refining Xianxing and Ancestral Blood to do this to her master many times. The master is tired, Chi Yi is very distressed! Although I dare to do it next time, Chi Yi will never be in vain!

Ning Fan saw through Chi Yi’s thoughts: “…”

In the end, at Chi Yi’s insistence, Ning Fan agreed to keep these Taoist treasure chests for Chi Yi.

In any case, three million gold items are really not suitable to be placed in the pockets of Chi Yi. Ning Fan understands the reason why it is a crime to possess a treasure. And for today’s Chi Yi, this 16 Nirvana world is indeed of little use. Nirvana Saint has a high probability of making cultivation base improve to 16 Samsaras, but is there Nirvana Saint in Ning Fan’s team? without/has not, the little ant with the highest cultivation base, has only cultivated to the height of the First Saint of 10 Eras, and is still far away from Nirvana Saint… This feeling is like buying a coffin for a pearl. Obviously the pearl is the most expensive, but for As far as Ning Fan is concerned, the orb is of no use yet, but the box is more useful


These Great Thousand worlds cannot yet be used to survive the Nirvana Tribulation, but the resources in the world are very rich. If the resources are mined, there are many things that will be useful to Chi Yi… Or, persuade Chi Yi to sell these 16 worlds , change it into money, and then use the money to make purchases in the trading array? No, it can’t be done. Really good things may not be bought even if you have money. Ancient Country trading array has its own system. Many things are not allowed to be sold to Imaginary Dream World. There are also many things with scarce supply and no way to buy them. You can only place trading orders in Heavenspan Church. Slow down. Slowly wait for the seller to appear… This is why Ning Fan obviously has a huge sum of more than 200 gold

, but it is difficult to turn this money into combat effectiveness…

Ning Fan’s mind was racing.

Chi Yi suddenly had an idea and proposed that he want to go to 16 to visit the Great Thousand world.

The reason is that the master insists on not accepting these worlds, so she is still the master of these worlds and has the obligation to enter and inspect them and exercise her World Lord rights.

But considering that these worlds may be exist(ence) dangerous, Chi Yi hopes that the owner will accompany her on inspections.

It is a patrol in name, but in fact she can take this opportunity to do this and this again with her master… “little friend relax, the time in these worlds has been frozen by Old Man Sealing Heaven Technique and is in a state of stasis. You can enter at any time There is no danger in patrolling, unless the time is restarted by means of 3rd stepthis kind of patrolling is a trivial matter,

You don’t have to bother Ni Zun Senior to follow. “The leader of Fengtian Cult explained.

Oh, it turns out that without/has not is dangerous inside, so you really don’t need to be accompanied by the master, please give me more Senior reminders…” He said thank you, but Chi Yi‘s face was covered by shadows, and his innocent eyes were shrouded in black energy.

Of course she knows that these worlds without/has not are dangerous, otherwise how could she be willing to take her master in! But do you need other people to talk too much about this kind of thing?

Well now, the Chi Yi plan is cancelled, Chi Yi is not happy!

Chi Yi resentment +1!

When the resentment reaches 100, give Senior a Gangyin Loose Soul Moon-Sealing Tathagata machine cannon! Who makes Senior talk so much!

“What’s going on? Why did this little girl’s gaze become so permeable…” The leader of Fengtian Cult felt confused.

“It’s this kind of look again! She was so inexplicable back then, and she trapped me in the mechanism Grand Formation after a disagreement…” Taibai Sheng was shocked, recalling the terrifying that was dominated by Chi Yi‘s mechanism technique in the past.

“Okay, don’t be disrespectful to Senior.” Ning Fan poked Chi Yi‘s little head, and he didn’t know that the little girl was thinking some make trouble thoughts.

He knows that the little girl is Divine Ability, but no matter how talented she is, she is just a Immortal Emperor after all. It’s easy to dodge open guns, but hard to guard against hidden arrows. Combining Karma with Nirvana Saint for some inexplicable reason can easily get you into trouble.

Don’t look at the Three Saints being very respectful at the moment, but that was just the prestige of Chiwei Demon Monarch, and the Three Saints misunderstood Ning Fan’s cultivation base. However, misunderstanding cannot always be exist(ence), and Chiwei cannot always protect…

This little Scarlet Leopard really needs a good education, otherwise Ning Fan would not relax her go out alone…

“Master, don’t be angry, Chi Yi realizes your mistake…” Chi Yi lowered his head and carefully apologized to the master.

“Well, let’s go.”

“Where to go?”

“Aren’t you going to visit your world? Let me accompany you to see it.”

“The master is so kind! The master has orders, but Chi Yi nobody dares doesn’t obey!”

Ning Fan really just wanted to go in and have a look. He was also a little curious as to whether there were any resources in these worlds that could be put to good use.

But Chi Yi doesn’t think so. The patrol is just an excuse, and make trouble is the truth.

1st world.

Ning Fan looked at the Ten Realms Ultimate Thunder Continent in front of him and the Three Thousand True Dao of Thunder fruit trees standing in the center of Continent, and suddenly felt like boiling as thunder force surged in his body.

this world is indeed the best part of cultivation Thunderbolt

However, Chi Yi had no interest in the Thunder Sea Thunder Tree in front of her. She only wanted to do this, so after she did this, she really did this with Ning Fan under Sanqianzhen Thunder Tree

It’s indescribable to be on the crispy and numb ground. It’s such a wonderful experience! Chi Yi happy!

2nd world.

The ancient volcano standing in front of you is like an ancient Demon Spirit spear falling from the sky, and the vast fire Origin Energy breath makes it difficult for Quasi-Saint to stand.

Ning Fan is not bad, enough to compete with the this kind of aura.

Chi Yi said she couldn’t stand any longer, so she could only lie down, and at the same time pulled Ning Fan onto her hot bed and into her bed…

Dangdang Divine Artisan Successor, there is nothing wrong with having a fire bed on top of the volcano!

3rd world.

Ancient Country wind crystals condensed into the posture of Bell Mountain Wind Dragon. Countless Giant Dragon were hiding in the clouds, glaring towards the sky, but due to time stasis, they were frozen between heaven and earth, but they still maintained their former posture of Hu Feng (calling wind) Summon The Rain.

“I have already practiced Rain Dragon. If there is a magic method, I can practice some Wind Dragon techniques in this world…” Ning Fan praised.

“Master has Rain Dragon? Really, can Chi Yi touch master’s Rain Dragon…”

Then Chi Yi touched Rain Dragon

As a last resort, Rain Dragon had no choice but to roar out the anger in his heart, so and so, so and so… Life is not easy, Rain Dragon sighed.

4th world.

“Huh? this world actually has so many 800 million sunken wood, and the sunken wood without/has not here has been contaminated by Raising Dao Immortal Grain. If all of them are used refining Immeasurable Pill…”

“Master, help! Yin Qi is so heavy here, Chi Yi needs Master’s Yang Qi to stay alive!”

“Don’t make trouble, I just used a lot of Yang Qi, there is not much left…”

“Master is lying! It’s so hot here, there are obviously also and a lot of Yang Qi! In order to prevent the master from being exploded by Yang Qi, Chi Yi must work harder!”

5th world.

Oh? It turns out that the Taikoo Counterstar Iron of this world is hidden here. The Rank of 12 star, if used as Counterstar refining magic armor, will have what kind of power, could it be enough to counter the attack of Saint…”

“Master, you don’t want anyone to help you with this Counterstar refining, right? Hum…”

“You are becoming more and more presumptuous…”

“But Chi Yi has paid. This Counterstar now belongs to the owner! And the owner now belongs to Chi Yi. The money and goods are cleared. Please use your strength…”

6th world. “These ancient heart lotuses are very similar to the ancient God Heart lotus, but they are of a higher grade than the ancient God Heart lotus. If you use cultivation Three Flowers Gather on Crown… I haven’t used this method for many years. It just so happens that Chiwei Senior‘s Dao Law also has extremely profound Thousands of flowers gather at the top

Maybe you can practice this technique again…”

Chi Yi is willing to be the cauldron of the three flowers of master cultivation and help the master complete the great cause of unifying the three realms! But before unifying the three realms, master please unify Chi Yi first!”

The atmosphere has reached this point, so I have no choice but to give it a try…

Then 7th world.

8th world.


I have finished patrolling the 16th world.

Chi Yi obviously just broke through Immortal Emperor not long ago, but at this moment Realm is already somewhat stable.

The reason was that she and her master had cultivation dozens of times and benefited a lot.

Ning Fan has also gained a lot, but he cannot let Chi Yi keep doing whatever he wants.

“Master, can we inspect these worlds again…” Chi Yi begged.

“There will be time later to say again, right now also is busy…” Ning Fan poked Chi Yi‘s head and refused.

“For Oh, it’s time for Chi Yi to help the master repair Duowen Wushuang.” Chi Yi nodded, and of course she didn’t forget the reason why she was here. “…Chi Yi also wants to help the master build some other equipment. The master thought that Chi Yi was in make trouble, but in fact Chi Yi also patrolled these worlds carefully. Chi Yi has written down all the immortal materials that can be used, probably, all of them,

Just write it down…” At the end of the sentence, Chi Yi was a little unsure. Her memory was not very good. She had to write down the treasure refinement plan that she had just thought of during the inspection in a small notebook.

She knows that the master is going to do something very dangerous, so he must be fully armed to ensure safety!

Chi Yi will work hard!

Between Chishan and Douhai, a treasure refinement workshop was built bit by bit.

It is Chi Yi, using the resources of Chishan Douhai and the resources of the 16 world she holds, to build everything step by step.

If you want to repair Duowen Wushuang, you must use the best tools and workbench. Ordinary things, Rank is not enough, so you can only build it yourself.

Hehe, little friend, what Rank treasure refinement tools do you want? As Saint, I have some good quality tools, which may be able to help little friend.” The three saints came around and took the initiative to show their kindness. Especially Taibai Sheng, who showed the clearest intention of goodwill. He hasn’t settled Karma with Chi Yi yet. The main reason is that he doesn’t have enough money and doesn’t know how to repay… It would be great if he can invest in what he likes, even if the value of what he gives out is not as good as Fengtian

The old thief is rich, but it may also satisfy Chi Yi. “It’s great that Seniors are willing to help. I need a blacksmith furnace. The furnace body Grade cannot be lower than Peak Grade Innate. It would be better to have a Starting Heaven forging furnace. The furnace fire needs Innate Flame of Nirvana Tribulation Fire Rank… In addition, me

You also need a wind box for blowing, preferably Starting Heaven Grade. For without/has not, you can use Peak Grade Innate, also hand hammer, sledgehammer, hand pliers, anvil, grindstone, also…” “Uh, excuse me “…” The Three Saints smiled awkwardly. What limited their imagination was poverty! As Saint, Peak Grade Innate Magical Treasure, they could also take out several pieces, but they were all used as weapons. Whose treasure refinement work

Could it be Peak Grade Innate Rank? More do not say times Starting Heaven Grade and other treasure refinement tools, I can’t even think about it…

“Sure enough, the tools I want, Senior and without/has not, I still have to build everything from scratch…” Life is not easy, Chi Yi sighed.

“What tools do you need? Why don’t I open the trading array and purchase some.” Ning Fan asked the Three Saints to avoid it and opened the trading array.

Of course, the Zi Wei trading array is used. After all, this formation has higher authority and can buy things that others cannot.

“Hiss, the aura of this kind of formation light is indeed owned by 4th step…” The Three Saints sensed the aura of the trading array from a distance, and regarding became even more convinced of the “fact” that Ning Fan was a Inverse Saint.

As for peeking into Ning Fan’s transaction process…Sorry! Thank you! Don’t dare to look at it! If you take another look, you will be afraid of getting Inverse Saint Karma!

Once you settle Karma three million gold, I will ask you if you are afraid!

Taibai Sheng is the most afraid! Because his last payment of Karma has not been settled yet and he is still in arrears. If there is another payment, he might as well go home and die…

Unfortunately, Chi Yi and regarding treasure refinement, which are highly craftsmanlike, have too high tool requirements. Even the Ancient Country trading array cannot buy what Chi Yi needs.

Peak Grade Innate is the tool of Saint. If there is no reason, who would sell the this kind of treasure, let alone the treasure refinement tool of this kind of Rank, which is really impossible to buy.

But not all of them are without/has not. There happens to be a Peak Grade Innate Rank Haotian Hammer in Heavenspan Church. It was consigned here by an unknown Saint, and the price is 15 ten thousand gold. It is a pity that this object has been contaminated by the nightmare energy emitted by a certain Desolate Saint. It is stained. If it is used in combat, its power will be halved. ; If used as a forging tool, it will be affected by the nightmare energy and cannot be accurately controlled. It will be seriously affected. Forged Knot

If… and the owner of the goods also requires that if you want to buy this item, you need to contact the owner privately. The other party seems to want to make some special requirements before they are willing to sell this treasure. In short, the process is very troublesome. As a result, the tools that Chi Yi needs can only be built by hand. Fortunately, she has enough resources to use, the resources of a whole 16 Great Thousand world, and countless ores immortal materials for her to collect alone! Only Xin

The hard part is that collecting materials from the vast world takes too much time and energy…

So Ning Fan took out the magic pill and the problem was solved.

Divine Technique No. 9, collecting all things!”

Far Ancient Divine Spirit‘s non-passing Secret Technique was easily used by the little Little Black ball, but her Incantation and nobody could be understood, only Ning Fan could.

The three saints also couldn’t understand what Shenmaru Xiaoqiu was muttering, but they were still shocked.

This mysterious Little Black ball looks more and more like the Far Ancient Divine Spirit family members recorded in Taboo Ancient Book

But how is this possible! Now is the Immortal Spirit era, Divine Spirit has been passed down, why in the world is also Divine Spirit dependent exist(ence)wait a minute/etc., this Inverse Saint Senior, could it be a Far Ancient Divine Spirit

Could it be that when Divine Spirit collapsed in the past, one 4th step Divine Spirit was leaked? No, not one, but two! This can explain why there are two Inverse Saint exist(ence) in the world that are unknown to the world…

The two 4th step Divine Spirit are hiding in the dark, dormant in the shadows, not for Eternal Life, not seeking eternity, they just want to get back the glory that once belonged to the Divine Spirit family! How tough, how…terrible!

this kind of is enough to overturn the three realms of Karma, can we get it! However, they are already involved, this matter is so what!

The three saints looked at each other, all complexion terrified, unable to calm down. After feeling bitter and helpless, he could only accept his fate.

After all, they have practiced countless Samsara in this Inverse Saint world, and now they are escaping from this world. Who would believe that they are not involved in Karma!

There are no intact eggs under the nest, and avalanches of snow can kill them. From the moment they were deceived into the Inverse Saint world, they were already without/has not innocence

The pirate ship is on board, and there is no way out. They can only steer the ship steadily and cannot allow it to sink.

The Three Saints can see that Ning Fan seems to be doing something big now, so he needs the refining treasure for self-defense… I didn’t dare to mess with 4th step Karma before, but now that I’m on a pirate ship, I no longer have the scruples before.

Especially Taibai Sheng!

He still owes Chi Yi Karma unpaid, now Chi Yi wants to treasure refinement for Ning Fan, this indeed is the time for him to repay the debt with meritorious deeds!

He also knows some treasure refinement techniques. Of course, if he were to compete with Divine Artisan Successor in treasure refinement techniques, he would not be able to compete with them anyway.

But he is a Saint after all. If he is just assisting from the side and starting the attack, this treasure refinement skill is enough!

The only thing that needs to be considered is his Saint dignity. After all, he is also a Saint, and he is attacking a mere Immortal Emperor. If this matter comes out…

No, it’s already without/has not, there’s nothing to be afraid of! He has already been defeated by Chi Yi once, and he has already lost all his face. Why is he afraid of losing face again? Moreover, if you don’t tell me and I don’t tell you, who knows!

Only the people in this world know, and only…the two rebels Senior know!

With clear thoughts, the world is wide!

So Taibai Sheng didn’t hesitate any more, slowly walked towards the treasure refinement workshop built by Chi Yi, and asked politely.

“I don’t know…” He planned to speak, but two forbidden spells came across Mountains and Seas, like the eternal fire that burned the world, and like the eternal ice that froze the world. The two came together in one place and punched through his Mountains and Seas, hitting him.

He was speechless for a moment.

“I wonder if there is any place here that needs my help?” Chi Biaonu and the Fengtian Cult Leader spoke first.

In an instant, Taibai Sheng was so angry that the three corpse gods jumped.

You also grab this opportunity to perform! Are you still human? Nirvana Saint is amazing, isn’t it! Two Nirvana Saint bully a First Saint, right? Wait, this is too much!

Facing the furious Xiao Taibai, Xiao Chi and Xiao Fengtian also knew that they were in the wrong. After all, they were fellow Fellow Daoists who had countless Samsaras. At this moment, they had no choice but to calm things down with a smile. “It’s just that you, little Taibai, were the first to be dishonest. Why are you blaming us now!” The pirate ship has been boarded, but who will be the captain and who will be the boatman has not been decided yet? If there is a chance to perform, everyone should come together, but you are so small

If the First Saint wants to be the best, who else will he beat if he doesn’t beat you…

Oh? Senior want to help? But…” Chi Yi looked disgusted, as if worried that the Three Saints would be a waste of help.

“Based on common rationality, division of labor and cooperation can indeed promote the development of productivity. If the three Senior want to help, just agree. If not relax, it’s okay to just let them do some manual work.” Ning Fan said.

Senior, have mercy! Please call me Xiaochi (Xiao Fengtian) (Xiao Taibai)!” The Three Saints said in fear. “Okay, for the sake of the master, I believe you for once. Xiao Chi, come and use the sledgehammer and hit this piece of immortal materials repeatedly… Xiao Fengtian, come and polish this piece of embryo… Xiao Taibai, you , squatting on the ground and watching the stove blowing fire…” So Chi Yi

Assign work to the Three Saints.

The Three Saints are helpless. They don’t want to be nicknamed other people randomly says. Only Inverse Saint Senior is qualified to be called that, okay? Chi Biaonu was most speechless. I thought to myself that I am the ancestor of the Scarlet Leopard clan. How about you call me Xiaochi, your ancestor? Forget it, for the sake of Ni Zun doting on you so much, I allow you to call me Xiaochi a few times…


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