Ghost King’s Medical Consort Chapter 983: The tragic end [2]


You know, she used to be the envy of the Jin family as a direct disciple!

Not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has enviable talents, family status, status…

But now all of this is gone, she just fell from the sky into the abyss, and is beyond redemption!

Why is this happening?

Why is this happening? !

It seems that it all started when I met Mu Qianyue, and then slowly changed…

If she hadn’t met Mu Qianyue, would things have been a different situation? Father became the head of the Jin family, grandpa became the old master of the Jin family, and she will be the most beloved and proud little princess of the Jin family!

If she hadn’t poisoned Mu Qianyue and the others, if she hadn’t poisoned them and designed them, maybe she wouldn’t have fallen to this point…

However, she is not reconciled! It’s all Mu Qianyue!

It was Mu Qianyue who killed her!

“Ahhh! Mu Qianyue, you bitch, I hate you! I won’t let you go even if I’m a ghost!!”

Jin Mengni used all her strength to roar out the last sentence, and then completely lost her breath. Even if she died, her eyes were still unwilling to open the boss, and she couldn’t rest her eyes!

Even if she died, she still didn’t wake up, and she still pushed all the guilt on Mu Qianyue’s body.

If she hadn’t harmed anyone, Mu Qianyue and the others wouldn’t have fought back, they could only say that she killed herself!

It’s okay to do evil in the sky, but you can’t live if you do it yourself!

After Jin Mengni’s death, Jin Yiran found her body. Seeing her so miserable appearance, she couldn’t help sighing. , “Take her back and bury her for a good life!”

Anyway, he’s also a member of his Kim family.

Before she died, she also suffered great torture…

When a person dies, all the grievances disappear and it is over.


After the Jin family’s affairs were over, Mu Qianyue decided to return to Jingyue City. On the one hand, her grandfather was still there, and on the other hand, she was due to give birth in more than a month, so it was time to go back and prepare.

This time with Mu Qianyue, in addition to Jin Xiaoying, there is also my grandfather Jin Long.

I heard that my grandfather was in Jingyue City. Grandpa seemed very excited. He couldn’t help but redden his eyes. He looked like he wanted to fly to Jingyue City immediately.

Although Jingyue Pavilion is quite far away from Jinzhou City, under the super-fast flight speed of Bingyan, it took everyone less than a day to arrive at Jingyue City and return to Jingyue Pavilion.

“Grandpa, come out quickly to see who is coming!” As soon as he entered the mansion, Nalan Xueling’s cheerful voice quickly spread out.

Mu Hong ran out of the mansion after hearing the words, and saw Mu Qianyue coming back, with a smile on his face, he hurriedly greeted him, “Yue’er, you’re finally back, I think you want to come back again. Leave my grandfather here alone.”

“Grandpa, I’m sorry, I left in a hurry a while ago and didn’t have time to accompany you well.” There was a hint of apology in Mu Qianyue’s eyes. After she rescued her grandfather from Mu’s house last time, she hadn’t had time to say a few words. , and immediately rushed to Jinzhou City.

She hasn’t been by her grandfather’s side all these years, and she always left her loneliness to this loner!

Fortunately, Ding Hao has been by Mu Hong’s side these few days, and the two of them can be considered a companion. Ding Hao always talks about Mu Qianyue’s deeds over and over again, and Mu Hong’s general manager Sitting quietly, listening tirelessly, over and over again…

One finished speaking, the other finished listening, and the eyes of the two could not help but show emotion.

The little girl back then has now become a powerhouse that everyone fears and admires! The two of them eat and drink in Jingyue Pavilion every day without incident. If they are bored again, they will wander in Jingyue City. Although this kind of life is comfortable, it is also very boring.

In the future, in Tianwu Continent, he was afraid that he would miss Yueer and Fenger. will feel lonely.

But in the ten days here, I was idle every day and had nothing to do, and the thoughts in my heart spread uncontrollably and madly.

“Grandpa doesn’t blame you. Yue’er is the head of the house. There are many things to deal with. Grandpa can wait for you.” His face was full of love.

“My in-laws?” Suddenly, there was a voice of incomparable joy and excitement.

Mu Hong turned his head to look, when he saw the golden dragon, he was stunned for a moment, the floodgate of memory opened, “It’s you, are you Lan’er’s father?”

“It’s me, it’s me! I didn’t expect that after so long, you still remember me…” Jin Long’s voice was a little choked.

Maybe it’s because these two elderly people, who are over fifty years old, share the same pain of losing a child and a daughter.

“When we parted, we should have missed more than a dozen times, right?” At this moment, Mu Hong couldn’t help shedding tears.

“Yeah! The first time we met was when Lan’er gave birth to Feng’er. The second time we met was when Lan’er gave birth to Yue’er. After that, we never met again…” Nineteen years have passed, but Jin Long still remembers it, as if everything just happened yesterday.

He raised his hand and slowly wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes.

“Yeah! We haven’t seen each other for nineteen years!” Mu Hong said with emotion.

The in-laws meet again after 19 years!

And those lost times will never come back…

So the two old men pulled each other’s hands, found a place, served two pots of spirits, a few plates of side dishes, and began to reminisce.

Mu Qianyue didn’t bother them. This moment belongs to them both. They must have a lot of things to say in their hearts and want to talk to each other…

Jin Long and Jin Xiaoying also lived in Jingyue Pavilion. Every day, Jin Long and Mu Hong played games and drank happily with smiles on their faces.

Jin Xiaoying is practicing here, joining Jingyue Pavilion’s devil-like training method. Occasionally, Bingyan will also instruct her on martial arts and training.

The time passes without haste, harmoniously and beautifully.


In the past few days, everyone in the Jingyue Pavilion has been immersed in joy and joy, and each and everyone has an extremely excited and nervous expression on their faces, not because something good is coming.

It’s because their gatekeeper is about to give birth!

At first, there was still more than a month before giving birth, and now this month is almost up, and Mu Qianyue’s stomach is getting bigger and bigger every day.

Jinlong is clamoring to see his little grandson every day, and now he lives in Jingyue Pavilion, waiting for the birth of his little grandson.

Mu Hong also smiles from ear to ear every day. Ding Hao sees his master so happy, and his heart is also happy for the master…


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