Ghost King’s Medical Consort Chapter 982: The tragic end [1]



Patriarch Li’s face was extremely gloomy, and he directly knocked Li Hongxiao unconscious, but Jin Mengni was clinging to her. A black footprint was left.


Jin Mengni is no longer an object of entanglement. When she sees passersby, she will arrest, grab, bite, and tear each other’s clothes, scaring passersby to avoid them, looking at her like a ghost.


But there are also some local hooligans who don’t care about their vision and directly drag Jin Mengni into a dead end.


Jin Mengni is the direct descendant of the Jin family. She has a plump figure, a bumpy body, snow-white skin, and is extremely attractive.


These local gangsters can only stroll around the flower building on weekdays. When have they seen such beauties?


So one by one, like a hungry wolf rushing towards a tiger…


At this time, great changes were also taking place in the Kim family.


Jin Yimo, King Kong and others surrounded Jin Yiran and Jin Yicheng with more than a dozen people, Jin Yimo’s face showed a very proud look, “Hurry up and hand over Jin Jiayin, and hand over the family master’s name obediently. Don’t blame us for being ruthless.”


“What do you want to do?” Jin Yiran frowned, a look of displeasure in his eyes.


“What are you doing? Humph! Naturally, you are forced to hand over the position of the head of the family! No one will come to rescue you today, because Mu Qianyue and the others are already in danger!” The thought of Mu Qianyue and her group being deceived by Meng Ni After going out, Jin Yimo’s face was even more proud.


“What did you do to the girl Yue?” Jin Yicheng was furious.


“I didn’t do anything, just let them get a good night’s sleep, and then enjoy what they deserved, who made her against us?” Jin Yimo sneered.


King Kong’s face also showed a contemptuous sneer, “Today is the death of your two brothers! Soon, Mu Qianyue and the others will also accompany you! Hahaha…”


After the words were finished, a cold and terrifying aura emanated from his body, and he rushed towards Jin Yicheng and Jin Yiran.


But Jin Yiran and Jin Yicheng’s faces were calm and indifferent, and there was no fear or panic on their faces.


“If you want to kill my two sons, you have to see if you have the ability!” A thick cold shout suddenly sounded, with thunderous coercion, and instantly fell into the ears of King Kong, Jin Yimo and others .


This familiar but slightly unfamiliar cold drink made King Kong, Jin Yimo and others pale in shock. They turned their heads and saw a handsome middle-aged man leading a group of other elders from the Jin family. He walked over aggressively.


When King Kong saw the person coming, his eyes widened in disbelief, and his eyes were full of horror, “You, you… Who are you?”


Why is this raging middle-aged man so similar to the young Golden Dragon?


“Old brother, we haven’t seen you for more than ten years, so you can’t even recognize me?” Jin Long snorted coldly and stepped forward. The crowd pressed down, and the invisible momentum was pressed in their hearts, making everyone feel extremely palpitated.


Hearing this, King Kong’s face instantly turned pale, staring in horror, with a look of shock and disbelief deep in his eyes, “No, it’s impossible! You are definitely not him! He clearly… …”


And the golden dragon in front of him not only has healthy limbs, but also returned to his youthful appearance. More importantly, his aura is clearly the strength of a sixth-order emperor warrior!


“I’m obviously paralyzed and turned into a waste of nothing, right?” Jin Long sneered disdainfully, “Yes, I am indeed paralyzed and turned into a waste. If it weren’t for my granddaughter, I’m afraid Now I’m still in bed! She cured me!”


“Mu Qianyue cured you?” The surprise on King Kong’s face was even more shocking.


With such a serious injury, I don’t know how many pharmacists have been searching for it back then, but they were all helpless, but Mu Qianyue actually cured him!


It’s Mu Qianyue again!


Damn it!


“Yes! Didn’t expect it?” A coldness gradually appeared in Jin Long’s eyes, “Actually, my injury has already healed. It’s just that I wanted to give you a chance to correct it, but you don’t cherish it!”


King Kong’s eyes narrowed deeply when he heard the words, and only then did he know that he had been put together. Jinlong’s injury has long since healed, and his strength has long since recovered, and everything they did was carried out under his nose. I thought it was seamless, but in the eyes of others it was just a joke!


The next thing is of course needless to say. King Kong, Jin Yimo and others are not opponents of Jinlong at all, and he alone is enough.


This time, the Golden Dragon did not show mercy, but killed them all.


If it wasn’t for Xiaoyue who suddenly healed herself and regained her strength this time, it would be his two sons who died today! So he did not show kindness to King Kong and others!


The next step is to deal with the affairs of the Jin family. The position of the elders of the Jin family is suddenly reduced by seven people, and the strength is naturally greatly reduced.


Although the Jin family is now recruiting strong players, it is not necessary for everyone. Strength is one aspect, and absolute loyalty to the Jin family must be on the other hand!


The great changes in the Jin family soon spread in the city of Jinzhou, especially when it comes to the fact that Jinlong, the old master of the Jin family who had been paralyzed for 19 years, has recovered from his injuries! Not only has the youthful appearance been restored, but also the strength of the former sixth-order emperor warrior!


This amazing news spread like a hurricane in the city of Jinzhou, and all restaurants, tea shops, streets and alleys were discussing this issue.


In a foul-smelling garbage dump in Jinzhou City, Jin Mengni lay naked on her back, her eyes were empty and sluggish, just like a fool.


Countless flies, mosquitoes, insects and ants swooped on her body, and her originally white skin was covered with traces of love, or bruised, or covered with stains, and her hair was also messy in the stinky sewage. Terrible.


But she didn’t seem to realize it, and her eyes were staring at the vast and high sky.


It was the third day since the incident. After the effect of the love medicine had passed, she slowly woke up. After realizing what had happened in the past three days, her heart was ashes as she was. despair.


In the past three days, because she lost consciousness, she was bullied by the ugly and old hooligans every day, but she was like a slut, indulged…


She’s become a tool for these rascals!


In the end, after her lower body festered, she threw her in this stinky and dirty garbage heap like trash…


Every day people who pass by here will avoid it far away, as if looking at her one more time, her eyes are dirty…


The entire Golden State saw this scene, where her reputation is long gone!


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