Ghost King’s Medical Consort Chapter 828: Professional Queen【3】



When everyone heard this, they couldn’t help but gasp. This is too crazy, isn’t it? Even seeing the king, she can’t kneel and bow, and she is so arrogant. I am afraid that this time, even General Bingyan can’t protect her!


Zi Ya’er didn’t get angry but laughed when she heard the words, and a sneer appeared on the corner of her mouth. This little snake is too ignorant of the sky and the sky, thinking that with the protection of Brother Yan, he can be lawless?


Hmph, this time she annoyed the king’s elder brother, she looks good! It’s better for the king’s brother to drive her out of Wuya Kingdom!


Just when everyone thought that King Wuya would punish Mu Qianyue, they saw King Wuya sitting on the throne of Dan, and waved his hand with a smile, “Get up!”


“Your Majesty, this woman is so rude and disrespectful to you, won’t you punish her?” Zi Ya’er looked at King Wu Ya in confusion.


King Wuya didn’t even look at her, but looked at Mu Qianyue, “You won’t be polite in the future, this deity will give you a special case.”




All of a sudden, their eyes widened in surprise, their mouths wide open, as if they were hallucinating.




What did the king say? !


He said that this woman doesn’t have to kneel in the future? !


This is absolutely unprecedented!


Even Lord Bingyan, the first demon general of Wuya Kingdom, cannot receive this honor! Why is this woman?


All of them looked at the man above Dan Ma in puzzlement and shock. Even Bingyan opened his mouth in shock~ Ba, as if he didn’t understand why the king did this. Could it be that the king also took a fancy to the master?


Bad, it seems that the king seems to be in love with the master!


The king has never liked any woman for thousands of years, even if it is like a stone, cold and cold, but now the stone has bloomed, and there are two flowers at once? Do you want to?


Mu Qianyue’s eyes narrowed, and a little light flashed in her long and narrow eyes, and it was fleeting in the blink of an eye. At the same time, a sense of vigilance surged in her heart. She intuitively told her that this King Wuya was very difficult to deal with. Hidden old fox.


“Today I want to announce a happy event to everyone.” King Wu Ya stood up and waved his hand, the singers retreated, and the hilarious atmosphere suddenly cooled down.


When everyone heard the happy event, they couldn’t help but open their eyes wide to look up at the Wuya Kings, and they all wondered in their hearts, could it be that the king finally made up his mind to make the woman captured from the wild and ancient world as his concubine?


I saw King Wuya slowly walking down from above, walking straight to Mu Qianyue’s side, slowly reaching out to her, looking directly at her affectionately and tenderly, “Yueyue, are you willing to be me? The woman who lives in you, to be the queen of this boundless kingdom?”


Wow! !


There was another uproar at the scene, and everyone was stunned, too shocked to describe in words.


One of the mouths~ The boss is so open that he is about to stuff a dinosaur egg.


What? The king wants to make this little snake as his queen?


This, this… Didn’t the king like the human woman who was caught by Tu Bing? There is also a palace specially built for her, just in the Yao Pavilion next to Wuya Hall!


So what’s going on now?


Zi Ya’er was so shocked that she couldn’t get back to her senses for a long time. Not only did she not see Brother Wang Shang punish this woman, but she also heard Brother Wang Shang said that he wanted to make her queen? Did you hallucinate just now?


No, absolutely not, why is this woman a queen! Brother Yan likes her, and now even brother Wang Shang likes her. What kind of charm does this woman have?


Monthly? Do you want to be so nauseous? It seems that this is the second time they meet, right? Mu Qianyue also looked at him with disdain and contempt.


The King of Wuya didn’t feel embarrassed, and still stretched out his hand, with his plain white and smooth palm facing upwards. His movements were elegant and noble, and he was very good-looking, like a gorgeous and beautiful picture scroll.


“Yueyue, are you stupidly happy?”


Day! You are so happy!


Mu Qianyue came back to her senses, she couldn’t help but cursed in her heart, and said with a smile, “Your Majesty, you have made a mistake, I am Xiao Bingbing’s woman, you may be doing something wrong. .”


As he spoke, he held Bingyan’s arm with one hand, resting his head on his shoulder, making a look of deep love.


Bing Yan’s body froze, her handsome and fair face was flushed with two blushes, and she lowered her head unnaturally. The master said this, I feel so shy! Is there any wood? !


“Oh? Is that so? Then the deity will inevitably win love with a horizontal sword.” The corners of King Wuya’s lips curled into a smile that was not a smile. .




Everyone can’t help but gasp when they hear this. Is the king trying to win love?


There shouldn’t be any fake words from the king’s mouth, right? And looking at the king like this, it’s not like a joke.


What is the charm of this little snake, to make the king make such a crazy decision! You must know that the relationship between the King and Lord Bingyan was very good before. Although they were subordinates, they were also close brothers.


Now the king has a crush on Lord Bingyan’s woman!


“Your Majesty, this woman is just a little snake. You can’t make her your queen, she’s not worthy of being the queen of our Wuya Kingdom!” Zi Ya’er finally recovered from this series of shocks Come, stand up immediately, and say loudly.


“Oh? Why isn’t she worthy?” King Wuya narrowed his eyes in a dangerous arc, squinting at Zi Ya’er.


Seeing Wang Wuya’s terrifying gaze, Zi Ya’er couldn’t help shaking her body in fear, her voice and momentum weakened, “I, I just don’t think she deserves you, brother Wang Shang, you are O supreme king of our boundless kingdom!”


Suddenly, Wang Wuya’s eyes widened and his voice was cold, “It seems that you forgot what I said again.”


“Your Majesty.” Zi Ya’er hurriedly changed her mouth, her eyebrows lowered, and she bit her lip unwillingly.


A quick curiosity flashed in Mu Qianyue’s eyes. This King Wuya didn’t let Zi Ya’er call her brother. It was really strange. It seemed that this King Wu Ya didn’t like Zi Ya’er.


Only then did King Wu Ya turn to look at Mu Qianyue, his eyes flashing light, a faint smile appeared on his handsome and cold face like a god, and there was a rare warmth in his voice. Do.


“Yueyue, how long have you known Bingyan? I believe you will like me more.”


Speaking, looking at Bingyan and saying, “Bingyan, are you right?”


“This…” Bing Yan’s face froze, “Your Majesty, she, she, she is the woman I like, and please let Your Majesty fulfill it…”


It’s hard to say this! But for the master, he can only fight!


“Bingyan, this kind of thing really can’t be done. You know why Tu Bing captured a human woman. As my powerful magician, you shouldn’t be ignorant, right?” , a sharp look flashed in his eyes.


Bingyan’s face changed suddenly, “I don’t know.”


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