Ghost King’s Medical Consort Chapter 767: Situ Mo Reappearance【1】



“Well, I believe in you.” Mu Qianyue’s eyes shone brightly, looking at him with a smile.


Five days passed quickly, and soon it was time for Mu Qianyue to go to the next floor.


In the teleportation array, besides Mu Qianyue, there were several people standing, both male and female. Like Mu Qianyue, they are all about to go to the sixth floor of the ancient wild world.


The five elders stood outside the teleportation formation and kept looking around. From time to time, anxious expressions flashed in their eyes, as if they were waiting for someone. After waiting for a long time, he looked up at the high-hanging sun in the sky, and let out a faint sigh, “Hey, the time is almost up, it seems that Qiao Zixian will not be able to come. Also, breaking through the first order in just five days, It’s very difficult, it seems that she can only wait for the next chance.”


Mu Qianyue smiled without saying a word, the corner of her lips just raised a graceful arc.


Maybe there will be a miracle.


“Okay, the time is up, it’s time to…” The fifth elder looked at Mu Qianyue and the others and said, but he was interrupted by a familiar voice before he finished speaking.


“Well, I’m not late…” Qiao Zixian hurried over, her cheeks flushed with seductive crimson, standing behind the fifth elder, panting heavily.


The fifth elder turned around and looked at her in surprise. It took a long time for him to come back to his senses, with a look of surprise on his face, “You really succeeded! It only took five days to successfully go from five to five. The promotion of a tier holy warrior to the realm of a sixth tier holy warrior… is really incredible!”


“A person’s potential is unlimited.” With a mysterious smile on Qiao Zixian’s face, she walked up to Mu Qianyue’s side, “Qianyue, don’t try to leave me, I said that I will be with you all my life. you.”


“Well… People who don’t know think you’re in love with me.” Mu Qianyue couldn’t help joking that Qiao Zixian’s breakthrough in just five days was enough to prove her strength. I just didn’t expect her to make a breakthrough so quickly.


“Haha, it really is a genius!” The fifth elder had a smile on his face. The stronger the people around the mistress, the safer the mistress. Just before he left, the fifth elder suddenly remembered something, and his face changed. He suddenly became solemn, looked at Mu Qianyue, Qiao Zixian and the others and said, “The sixth floor of the wild ancient world is different from the first to fifth floors. If you kill people there, you will not be punished by law enforcement.”


“What?” Everyone was shocked when they heard the words.


“Won’t be punished? Wouldn’t that mean killing people at will?”


“Yes! Those of us who are new and weak are not allowed to be slaughtered by others?”


“Why do law enforcement officers ignore the sixth floor of the ancient world!”


Everyone looked shocked and talked a lot.


“Don’t be afraid, everyone, we go to the sixth floor of the ancient world, not to fight for revenge, but to experience. As long as we take care of ourselves and stay together, there is generally no problem.” One of the six The woman stood up and said in a soft tone.


The woman’s facial features are exquisite, exquisitely carved, wearing a cream-yellow dress, like a noble and beautiful daffodil.


“It turned out to be the cold daffodil girl.”


“Han Shuixian? I heard that she is a ninth-order paladin! Three years ago, Miss Han was only a fifth-order paladin. In just three years, she was promoted to the fourth-order, which is amazing!”


“With Miss Han around, we don’t have to be afraid of anything.”


“That’s right! Miss Han is a ninth-order holy warrior!”


This time, the voices of the crowd were full of passion, with fiery admiration, and even flattery.


Han Shuixian had a gentle smile on her face, and seemed to enjoy this kind of gaze and pursuit. She raised her eyes and glanced at Mu Qianyue, the first emperor, with a rather smug look on her face.


“Heh… It took three years to be promoted to Tier 4, do you think I’m very powerful? Look at her stinky ass, I really want to give her a good blow!” Qiao Zixian muttered in dissatisfaction.


Originally, the strength of this cold daffodils has nothing to do with her.


But this Han Shuixian glanced at him and Qianyue intentionally or unintentionally, obviously showing off to himself!


Han Shuixian came here three years ago, and now it’s three years later. She could have gone out the last time the gate of the ancient world was opened, but she gave up this opportunity.


Because the modification in the wild ancient world is much higher than the outside, many people are reluctant to go out after entering.


Mu Qianyue just glanced at Han Shuixian lightly, and then withdrew her gaze. Her indifferent appearance successfully aroused the dissatisfaction in Han Shuixian’s heart.


The fifth elder warned earnestly, “What Han Shuixian said just now is right, as long as you don’t cause trouble, there is generally no problem. In the sixth layer of the wild ancient world, there are many strong people, and many of them are gods and martial arts. The law enforcers are only first-order warriors, so after a long time, they lose their role as law enforcers. All survival there can only rely on yourself. But as long as you keep a low profile, you will be fine.”


When the words were over, he turned his head to look at Mu Qianyue, and secretly transmitted a voice, “Mother, when you reach the sixth floor, if you encounter an unsolvable danger, you can go to Mr. Huo.”4


Fire old?


When Mu Qianyue heard the words, a flash of surprise flashed in her eyes, and she quickly wrote down the name.


“Okay, the time is up, I’ll start the teleportation array now.” The five elders’ two-handed tactic immediately squeezed out one after another, and the thick real yuan force motivated the teleportation array, only to see a dazzling white light lit up , shrouded in the entire teleportation array.


Mu Qianyue and the others only felt a flash in front of them, and the next moment, they had reached the sixth floor of the ancient wild world.


Looking at the disappearing crowd, the fifth elder suddenly shouted, “Oh, I forgot to tell the mistress, Huo Lao has always lived in Huoyun Mountain!”


Hey, if the lord knows, will he slap himself to death? !


Thinking of this, the Fifth Elder’s body trembled involuntarily.




The sixth floor of the Wild Ancient World is full of green mountains and green waters, full of vitality. The blue sky is vast and high, and the white clouds are floating across the sky.


Behind everyone is a light blue aperture, here is the door of space between the fifth and sixth floors.


“Welcome to the sixth floor of the Ancient Wilderness Realm. There are no restrictions here. You can choose where you like to live, as long as you hunt down the monsters that break into the Ancient Realm every day.” The young-looking man said with a smile.


Everyone’s eyes fell on him. It seemed that this person was a law enforcement officer in the ancient world, but unfortunately this law enforcement officer was just a decoration. However, even if it was a decoration, everyone did not want to offend him easily.


After saying thank you, everyone left, because everyone was here for the first time, so they gathered together.


But Mu Qianyue and Qiao Zixian did not choose to go with them.


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