Ghost King’s Medical Consort Chapter 765: Because we are friends【1】



“Hey, it’s a pity, Qianyue has always refused to let us go out for training and inspection.” Qiao Zixian sighed depressedly, but she knew that Qianyue was thinking of her and Hao Yun’s health, so she was only in her heart Just a little depressed.


“I haven’t fought for a long time, and I feel itchy too.” Hao Yun showed a shy smile and rubbed his hands together, looking like he wished he could find a monster to fight right now.


At this time, a slender figure from outside the courtyard came in the afterglow of the sunset, like Fairy Lingbo. Before anyone arrived, a clear and pleasant voice floated over, “From tomorrow, the two of you can go out to practice, Be careful though.”


Qiao Zixian and Hao Yun are overjoyed to hear that, they can finally go out to practice! After holding it for two months, I was worried to death for them, and now I finally don’t have to bear it anymore!


“Okay, okay, ah, after two months, I feel like I’m going crazy!” Qiao Zixian pouted and laughed.


“Then we can cultivate from now on, right?” Hao Yun asked Mu Qianyue with bright eyes.


Under his anxious eyes, Mu Qianyue smiled and nodded, “Of course.”


Then with a flick of the palm of his hand, he took out a pile of spar, “You can take these spar first, you can absorb as much as you can.”


“Wow! Qianyue, where did you get so many spar stones? Remember that we all used up what we picked up last time?” Qiao Zixian looked at her in disbelief, her eyes full of shock and unbelievable.


“I got this from the cave in Heiyanling last time. I didn’t take it out because you weren’t in good health during this time.” Zhu added, “I’m afraid that after you have these spar crystals, you will be so excited that you can’t hold back and practice secretly behind my back, so you didn’t take them out.”


“Ah! Qianyue! How are you?” Qiao Zixian stared in depression, how could she even know what she was thinking?


“In the past, I only accidentally got some spar stones while patrolling in the Black Rock Ridge, which greatly improved my strength, but the amount of spar stones added together in the past two years is only two hundred pieces. That’s it.” Hao Yun’s face was full of sighs.


Qianyue’s luck is really good, she found so many crystal stones as soon as she came, it seems that Qianyue is destined to become a peak powerhouse.


I heard that people who can become peak powerhouses have great luck!


Afterwards, Hao Yun and Qiao Zixian each brought some crystal stones back to the house to practice. Seven days passed, and Qiao Zixian was successfully promoted from the fourth-order holy warrior to the fifth-order holy warrior. Three hundred white spar.


And Hao Yun just spent a hundred white spar to be promoted to the realm of the fourth-order holy warrior.


“Yes, you are now a fifth-order holy warrior.” Looking at Qiao Zixian who was out of the gate, Mu Qianyue smiled and said, “I’ll get you some crystal stones later.”


Qiao Zixian hurriedly waved her hand when she heard the words, “Now these crystals have no effect on me. In the past, the spiritual energy in a single crystal was enough for me to absorb a lot of spiritual energy, but now it has little effect. But these crystals have little effect on me. Stone has a great effect on the brothers and sisters in the door, so don’t waste it. Keep it for the brothers and sisters in the door, their strength is stronger, and our Jingyue Pavilion will be stronger!”


Speaking, a longing smile appeared on her face.


“Don’t worry, these spar stones will definitely have a great effect on you.” A sly smile flashed in Mu Qianyue’s dark Danfeng eyes. In the breeze, a mysterious smile appeared on her beautiful face. With a flick of her palm, twenty red spar crystals suddenly appeared in her palm.


As soon as these red spar stones appeared, the air immediately fluctuated slightly, and there was a strong and pure aura around them.


“Wow! What a strong spiritual energy!” Qiao Zixian opened her mouth in surprise, and her eyes fell on the twenty red spar in Mu Qianyue’s palm without blinking.


These twenty red spar stones are the size of pigeon eggs, exuding a mesmerizing brilliance in the sun.


“These red spar stones are even more powerful! Qianyue, where did these come from?” After being stunned for a while, Qiao Zixian came to her senses with a surprised look on her face.


“It was also found in that cave. You should take these to practice first.” Mu Qianyue put the twenty red crystal stones in her palm into her arms, and Qiao Zixian took them with joy. With these twenty red spar, it is estimated that she will soon become a sixth-order paladin!


So, are you still far from the gods and warriors?


Thinking about it, the excitement and joy on Qiao Zixian’s face couldn’t help but thicken a bit.


“This is yours.” Then Mu Qianyue took out another twenty red spar and handed it to Hao Yun beside him.


“Me, mine?” Hao Yun was stunned for a moment, and looked at the girl in front of him in surprise and shock. If Mu Qianyue rescued her before and gave her some white crystals, it was to repay her kindness, she felt Guilty words, then now?


She doesn’t need that at all!


She can keep these red spar by herself, after all, she is not from Jingyue Pavilion!


But she took it out selflessly!


“Yes.” Mu Qianyue smiled and nodded, looking at him.


“Why? You don’t owe me anything…” Hao Yun asked the doubts in his heart.


“Because we are friends.” The corners of her fair lips raised a graceful smile, like a rosy glow floating in the clouds, magnificent and elegant.


Because we are friends…


The seven short words resounded in Hao Yun’s ears, resounding back and forth in his heart, shaking.


It turns out that in her heart, she has long regarded herself as a friend!


This news made Hao Yun’s face show excitement and ecstasy. He was flattered! He never thought that one day he would become friends with her, because in his heart, she was so unattainable, like a **** overlooking the world!


“Miss Mu, no, Sect Master Mu, can I join Jingyue Pavilion?” Hao Yun tried his best to suppress his inner excitement and asked.


“Of course.” Mu Qianyue smiled.


“In the future, I will be a member of Jingyue Pavilion in life, and will be a ghost in Jingyue Pavilion in death!” He Yun put his **** together, swearing to the sky, with a serious and determined look on his face.


After a while, the fifth elder returned to the courtyard. Mu Qianyue was not stingy, and gave him fifty red spar, which moved the fifth elder so much that he almost promised him.


The fifth elder sobbed, with tears in his eyes, holding fifty red spar stones in his hand, “My mistress treats me so sincerely, I must redouble my efforts to cultivate in the future, so as to be worthy of mistress’s kindness of cultivation. Ah!”


This made Mu Qianyue twitch the corners of her mouth speechlessly.


However, she is never stingy with her own people and Jing’s people.


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