Ghost King’s Medical Consort Chapter 723: Xiaoling is jealous



“My lady, why did you come to the temple? Are you here to find my husband? My lady has searched for her husband for thousands of miles, which is very touching.” Nalanjing’s face was also full of smiles, he lowered his voice. Looking at the woman in his arms for the first time, his glass-like purple eyes were filled with tenderness and doting.


Everyone in the garden couldn’t help but petrify when they heard the words. But for this girl in purple? Just who is this girl in purple? Why did the young master of the temple call her a lady?


Suddenly everyone remembered the rumor that the young master of the temple had married in the outside world. Could that rumor be true? The young master of the temple has really been married in the outside world!


Thinking of this, everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but look at Chu Yuzhen who was on the side with sympathy.


The original bright and proud smile on Chu Yuzhen’s face instantly solidified on his lips. His face was stiff, and there was no longer a smile. She stared at Mu Qianyue in Nalan Jing’s arms, her fingers tightly clenched under her sleeve, this woman is Brother Jing’s wife in the outside world?


No wonder I felt uncomfortable the first time I saw her, and felt that something I loved was snatched away. The original feeling was correct!


The face of the Holy Master also sank instantly, and a sneer flashed in the eyes of Situ Mo, who was standing beside him.


On the other hand, Qiao Zixian looked surprised and stunned. Is Xuan’er the wife of the young master of the temple? Did she hear it right? !


“Daddy, Xiaoling misses you so much!” Nalan Xueling rushed forward, raised her face slightly, and looked at Nalan Jing with undisguised thoughts in her eyes.


“Daddy also misses Xiaoling.” Nalan Jing let go of Mu Qianyue’s hand, hugged Nalan Xueling and smiled, and gave her a kiss on her pinkish little face.


“Liar! Daddy doesn’t want Xiaoling. As soon as Daddy sees his mother, he hugs her and doesn’t remember Xiaoling at all! Xiaoling is jealous!” Nalan Xueling pouted angrily.


“Haha…” Looking at Nalan Xueling’s coquettish and cute appearance, Nalan Jing couldn’t help but feel good, and the gloom that filled his heart before disappeared.


The corners of Mu Qianyue’s lips also slightly curved, as if she was amused by Xiaoling.


When everyone saw this harmonious and loving family of three, they felt that their hearts were filled with warmth. This is the real family! So everyone looked at Chu Yuzhen with a hint of contempt, is she trying to destroy someone’s family? But it seems that there is no room for her in other people’s world, right?


At this moment, Chu Yuzhen’s face was even more ugly, her sharp nails were pinched into the flesh, but she couldn’t feel the pain. If there is no such woman, the one standing next to Brother Jing at this moment must be himself, and they will also have a lovely daughter and a sweet family of three…


At this moment, Chu Yuzhen’s hatred for Mu Qianyue rose to a higher level in her heart.


The originally lively atmosphere in the garden became stiff and solemn due to the appearance of Nalan Jing, Mu Qianyue, and Nalan Xueling.


“Jing’er, is this the woman you married outside?” the Holy Master asked.


“Yes, Master.” Nalan Jing raised his eyes to look at him, his eyes were cold.


Mu Qianyue was stunned when she heard the words, the Holy Master of the temple is Jing’s master?


“Congratulations, Junior Brother, you not only have a beautiful wife, but also a beautiful daughter. Now you are going to marry a goddess, hugging from left to right, and enjoying the blessings of everyone. It is really enviable.” Situ Mo opened his mouth and said, and there was a hint of sinisterness and joy in misfortune in that smile.


Hearing that, Mu Qianyue raised her eyes and glanced at Situ Mo, a deep light flashed in her phoenix eyes, and now she finally understood why Situ Mo would help herself, not because he was kind, not because he was bored, but It was he who wanted to destroy Jing’s impression in the mind of the Holy Master and affect Jing’s position in the temple!


“Since she was able to find the temple for you, it shows that her affection for you is true. If that’s the case, then let her stay. The engagement banquet between you and the goddess continues.” The Holy Lord said.


“Master, Yue’er is my wife. I won’t marry anyone except her. And the engagement with her was arranged by you, not my wish.” Nalan Jing coldly refused, Not even a single sympathy.


“Brother Jing…” Chu Yuzhen’s face suddenly turned pale, his body couldn’t help trembling slightly, his eyes filled with tears, and he looked at him pitifully, like a flower swaying in the wind and rain.


He brushed his face in front of so many people! To Tianyin Pavilion’s face is disregarded!


“Hey, you bad woman, don’t try to beat my dad’s idea. My dad won’t like you. My dad said that he will only love my mother in this life.” Nalan Xueling stood beside Nalan Jing, her small hand tightly grasped one of Nalan Jing’s fingers, and looked up at Chu Yuzhen, her **** eyes were full of disdain and contempt.


Hey, it’s all because Daddy is so handsome and so good.


Chu Yuzhen’s face sank when he heard the words, anger surging in his eyes, staring coldly at Nalan Xueling, looking at her terrifying gaze, Nalan Xueling only felt a ‘boom’ in his mind With a sound, the image in the nightmare came like a tide, making her face pale in fright, and hurriedly drilled behind Nalan Jing.


“Little Ling, what’s wrong with you?” Seeing this, Mu Qianyue hurriedly held her in her arms.


“Mother, I’m afraid, her eyes are so scary, like the person in my dream… But she doesn’t feel very similar to me… Mother, Xiaoling’s head hurts.” Nalan Snow Ling Fu was in Mu Qianyue’s arms and said weakly.


Mu Qianyue’s eyes widened, and she looked up at Chu Yuzhen with a hint of coldness in her eyes. Could she be the woman who killed Xiaoling in her previous life? Xiaoling’s feeling is generally not wrong, this is the first time Xiaoling has such a feeling!


Na Lanjing’s complexion also changed, and his gaze towards Chu Yuzhen was dyed with murderous intent.


Seeing this, Chu Yuzhen immediately restrained the anger in his eyes, put on the pitiful appearance again, and said affectionately, “Brother Jing, I was just sad for a while, so I didn’t control it. Emotions, don’t worry, I will treat her as my own, just like I love you!”


“Is it really good for you to rob my husband and my daughter in front of so many people? Are all the men in the world dead?” Mu Qianyue’s lips curled into a mocking sneer.


Acting in front of her? It’s too tender!


Mu Qianyue’s words were very poisonous. She didn’t show any mercy, and instantly struck Chu Yuzhen to the ground.


“You…” Chu Yuzhen’s face turned pale, he snorted lightly, and pretended to be noble and elegant, “Brother Jing is so good, he should have three wives and four concubines, not you being so selfish. I really don’t understand how Brother Jing would marry a woman like you? As a woman, you should think about your husband, take more wives and concubines for him, and continue to have children!”


“You don’t love Nalan Jing at all, and you don’t even know what love is.” Mu Qianyue laughed.


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