Ghost King’s Medical Consort Chapter 574: The Dilemma of the Mu Family



In addition to Mu Ruke, there is another great genius in the Mu family. The second young master of the Mu family, Mu Rutian, has the strength of a seventh-order holy warrior, and his bloodline awakening has reached the perfect level!


With the arrival of the Mu family, it immediately caused a great sensation. The scene was full of uproar, and all kinds of envious and jealous eyes were cast towards the Mu family.


Mu Qianyue noticed that Mu Yifeng was also inside, it was her holy warrior puppet, Mu Yifeng cast an excited look at her, but he did not immediately run to find Mu Qianyue, without the master’s order , he will not recognize the master without authorization, because the time has not come.


“Are you Mu Qianyue?”


Suddenly the opposite Mu Rutian came over, his eyes fixed on Mu Qianyue’s body, and his eyes flashed with calculation.


Mu Qianyue frowned slightly, looked up at him, did not reply, the other party could recognize her at first sight, presumably the Mu family had already secretly investigated herself, I wonder how much he knew about her?


“I’m very surprised. You are obviously not from my Mu family. Why do you have the inheritance of the Qinglong bloodline, and why do you have the surname Mu?” Mu Rutian frowned and stared at the girl’s beautiful face. There was an indistinct light.


“This is my business, not yours!” Mu Qianyue said lightly.


As Mu Rutian’s voice fell, the scene was full of uproar, especially the elders of the White Tiger Academy, their eyes widened in disbelief, what? She is also the inheritor of the Qinglong bloodline? This is impossible!


On the Huanzhou Continent, only the Mu family from Qingzhou belongs to the Qinglong bloodline!


But as Mu Rutian is the second young master of the Mu family, what he said can’t be wrong!


“It has nothing to do with me? Oh, do you think it’s possible? I can’t let you insult the noble blood of my Mu family. Let’s be honest, what’s the matter with the Qinglong blood on your body?” Mu Rutian He asked in a cold voice. Seeing that Mu Qianyue didn’t speak, the light in his eyes became a little colder, “Don’t say it? Even if you don’t speak, do you think I’ll let you go?”


Speaking, a cold and powerful aura emanated from his body, forcing Mu Qianyue away.


Mu Qianyue’s complexion changed slightly, and she just took the pressure from him.


Mu Rutian saw that she actually carried her own pressure without changing her face. Just when he was about to get angry, suddenly a roar came from the sky, like rolling thunder, with a mighty rainbow, majestic and loud.


“Who dares to hurt my sister, die!”


Immediately afterwards, I saw a figure flying like a meteor, coming to the front in an instant, and landed in front of Mu Qianyue, her sword brows knitted, and she looked at Mu Rutian in front of her coldly.


“Who are you?” Mu Rutian looked at Mu Rufeng suspiciously, a gleam on his face.


“Big Brother?” Looking at the familiar figure in front of her, tall and slender, strong and strong, she seemed to be full of power, which made her feel very at ease.


Mu Rufeng snorted coldly and didn’t even look at him, but turned around and looked at the girl behind her, her eyes full of joy and excitement, “Yue’er, so you really came to the White Tiger Secret Realm. , Nalanjing didn’t lie to me!”


The corners of Mu Qianyue’s lips curved slightly. It turned out to be the eldest brother Jing told. It seems that the two of them have met before. Before she could ask how the eldest brother and Jing met, Mu Rutian’s voice sounded from the side. .


“It turns out that you are brothers and sisters. It seems that you have leftovers? Hmph, you don’t have the ability to want me to die!” Mu Rutian’s eyes flashed with cold light, and his figure moved, and he suddenly moved towards Mu Rufeng. Take a palm, there is no warning, fast, accurate and ruthless!


The expression on Mu Rufeng’s face did not change, his fingers clenched into fists, and he threw a punch forward.


The two fist shadows collided, and I saw Mu Rutian swayed, then stood still, and Mu Rufeng took a dozen steps back to stabilize his figure. He raised his head and looked at Mu Rutian with a cold and firm gaze, without the slightest fear in his eyes.


“En?” Mu Rutian’s eyes changed slightly, he was able to catch his own punch! It’s kind of incredible!


“Everyone who pretends to be the Mu family must die!” Here, an elder of the Houmu family stood up and walked slowly to Mu Rutian’s side, with fierce murderous intent surging in his eyes.


Seeing this scene, a sneer appeared on the corner of Su Mengling’s mouth in the distance. It seems that someone wants Mu Qianyue’s life without having to do it himself, or the Mu family in Qingzhou. .


After all, if he kills her, Jing will be unhappy when he finds out. The last time he did something to her, he already made Jing unhappy. For this reason, she hid in the Su family’s ancestral hall for half a year and did not dare to come out. closed. But after half a year of retreat, her strength has risen to the realm of a third-order holy warrior. These people don’t know it, thinking that they are still a second-order holy warrior.


The elder of the Mu family and the Mu Rutian Dynasty, Mu Qianyue and Mu Rufeng, were forced to leave.


“Humph! Who dares to kill my apprentice? Lao Tzu killed him!” A roar resounded in the distance, the sound was as loud as a bell, and it was majestic.


Then a blue-blue figure came from the sky and landed in front of everyone in an instant. There was a trace of vicissitudes on the handsome and resolute face of the man, but it was more mature and charming.


“Master? Why are you here?”


Looking at the visitor, Mu Qianyue was overjoyed again, because the visitor was none other than Dongfang Ao!


After not seeing her for a while, she felt that Master’s strength had become a lot more profound, and it became increasingly difficult for people to see through.


Seeing to see Mu Qianyue’s thoughts, Dongfang Ao smiled and said, “Apprentice, what do you mean by that look? Could it be that your strength is only allowed to increase like a fly, and I am not allowed to become stronger?”


“No way, Master, I’m just sighing with emotion. If you become stronger, it will benefit me a lot. It’s nice to enjoy the shade under the big tree.” Mu Qianyue smiled.


The sixth elder of the Mu family and Mu Rutian saw that each other was still thinking about joking and laughing. Obviously, they didn’t pay attention to them. The expressions on their faces became more and more gloomy. Ao, “I advise you not to meddle in your own business, otherwise you won’t be right! After all, your strength doesn’t come easily.”


“Fuck you, you are going to bully Lao Tzu’s apprentice, but you tell me not to meddle in my own business? This is Lao Tzu’s apprentice, not someone else, I’ll take care of this matter! Who dares to bully my apprentice, you have to ask Ask me if the sword in my hand will answer!” Dongfang Ao said coldly.


“It seems that you are determined to go against my Mu family!” Elder Mu Liu’s expression darkened.




“Elder Mu Liu, you are going too far. This is my Bai family’s territory. You openly attack the disciples of my White Tiger Academy here. You don’t take the Duobai family seriously. Right?” Bai Yili was obviously displeased and frowned.


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