Ghost King’s Medical Consort Chapter 534: There is a beauty



At this moment, the door of the box was kicked open with a ‘bang’…


“This is a restaurant, a place to eat, not a place for you to fall in love! Go back home if you want to do that kind of thing!”


A tall man held a generous long sword in his hand, looked at the two tangled bodies on the soft couch in the box with cold and angry eyes, and said contemptuously.


Because he suddenly rushed over and kicked out, the movement was so fast that the two guards guarding outside the box did not respond.


The door was kicked open suddenly, and Mo Yang, who was on the point of excitement, was so frightened that his body trembled suddenly, and he almost collapsed!


Liu Ruoying also hurriedly pulled the robe on the side and quickly put it on her body, and then her body moved, swept behind the screen next to her, and quickly dressed.


“Damn! You’re courting death! It’s actually disturbing Lao Tzu’s good deeds!” Mo Yang picked up the clothes on the ground, quickly put them on, and walked out of the box, staring at the man at the door with a stern look in his eyes. Undisguised killing intent. As he spoke, he looked at the two guards guarding the door, stretched out his feet and kicked the two of them, “What are you two doing to eat, you didn’t even stop anyone, you caught the young master’s interest, what a waste!”


“Young Master Yang, go back and continue to enjoy. This person who ruined your good deeds will be handed over to me and the two of us. We will definitely make him survive and die.” One of the guards said hurriedly.


“I’m still enjoying a fart! I’m not in the mood anymore, understand? Arrest him for me!” Mo Yang turned to look at the man again, his voice full of murderous intent.


The two guards roared, took out the knives from their waists and charged at the man. The man didn’t even use the knives, but threw two quick punches, immediately beating the two of them. fly.


Mo Yang was startled, and his eyes flashed with a hint of surprise. The two people beside him were both powerful warriors of the ninth-order king, and they were beaten away by the opponent’s punch?


“This place is originally a public place, so disregarding the wishes of our guests and doing such disgusting things, you are not allowed to tell anyone?” There was no trace of fear on his face due to the opponent’s power.


The guests shook their heads and sighed. This man was too impulsive. Offending the Mo family was like courting death.


“You’re courting death!” Mo Yang came back to his senses, roared, clenched his fists, moved his body, and swung towards the man’s chest, the fierce fist blowing, the man’s face changed, and his steps hurried. Dodging backwards, but he still couldn’t avoid it. A punch opened his chest, and he stepped back ten steps, until he hit Mu Qianyue’s table and stopped.


Mu Qianyue reached out to support him, “Are you all right?”


The man was slightly taken aback, “I’m fine, thank you.”


When the words fell, he moved and met Mo Yang again, but unfortunately he was not Mo Yang’s opponent, he was quickly suppressed and restrained everywhere. He fell to Mu Qianyue’s side again, and Mu Qianyue supported him again.


Mo Yang’s ultimate move came with a bang, hitting the Baihui Point on the top of the man’s head violently!


There’s nothing fancy about this punch, but it’s packed with fierce power. It’s a solid punch!


“Hey! This person is doomed! It’s a pity, someone is not good to offend, and he has to take care of the fourth young master of the Mo family…”


“Yeah, although the fourth Shaoyang of the Mo family is romantic, he is an eighth-order emperor martial artist, and this person looks very good-looking. He must have just arrived in Baizhou City not long ago. Admissions assessment students.”


“Tomorrow is the admissions assessment, he is destroying his future…”


“Cut, it doesn’t matter whether you can pass the examination of the White Tiger Academy, you must know how changeable the examination of the White Tiger Academy is!”




There was a lot of discussion, and just when everyone thought that this person would definitely die, a slender and white hand suddenly blocked Mo Yang’s attack.


The slender, jade-like green fingers easily defused Mo Yang’s attack. When he raised his wrist, Mo Yang’s body fell backward uncontrollably, and he fell down and sat in the box. Extremely embarrassed.


“Did I see flowers just now?”


“Uh, I seem to see flowers too! I saw the fourth young master of the Mo family fell out…”


“Who is that woman? It’s incredible that you can easily resist Yang Shao’s attack with one hand?”


“I don’t know, hey, that woman is very beautiful, and she looks very good-looking. Could it be that she also participated in the examination of the White Tiger Academy?”


For a while, all kinds of amazed and puzzled eyes fell on Mu Qianyue.


Can easily defuse the attack of a sixth-order emperor warrior with one move. Could it be that this girl’s strength is much stronger than Mo Yang? At least it has the strength of a senior emperor warrior!


However, she looks very young, she seems to be only sixteen!


Hey! A sixteen-year-old high-level emperor martial artist, this talent is definitely excellent! I don’t know which family this girl is from?


“Which one who doesn’t have long eyes dares to do something to Lao Tzu?” Mo Yang got up from the ground, supported his painful buttocks, and roared with grinning canthal teeth.


“Fourth Young Master, that’s what she did to you.” A guard pointed at Mu Qianyue, who was on the opposite side while supporting Mo Yang.


“Grass! Looking for…death…” Mo Yang’s roar stopped abruptly in the middle of his roar, and he swallowed the word ‘death’ abruptly. Yue, a startled look flashed in his eyes.


My God!


There are still such beautiful women in the world!


All words such as sinking fish and falling geese, closing the moon and embarrassing flowers, alluring the city and the country, and the beauty of the country cannot describe her beauty.


There are creepers in the wild, and there is no dew.


There is a beautiful person, who is clean and graceful.


Encounter, meet my wishes.


“Hey, you impotent, if your sperm gets your head, go home quickly, don’t be embarrassed here.” Tong Ling stood up, moved, and protected Mu Qianyue in front of him, look That impotence looks smug, you know it’s not a good thing.


Want to covet his master’s beauty? Beautiful!


If the man hadn’t shot just now, he would have shot too, but he was just a step ahead of him!


“Stinky boy, who are you scolding?” Mo Yang came back to his senses, and his eyebrows suddenly became angry. In exchange, no man can tolerate being scolded as impotence in public. This is not only a very self-respecting thing, but also the most vicious insult!


So at this time, Mo Yang was furious, and the expression on his face was extremely gloomy.


“I’ll just scold you, what the hell.” Tong Ling snorted lightly.


“No one dares to scold me in this Baizhou City, and no one dares to break ground on my head. Very good, the courage of you guys is really fat! Soon I will make you regret it!” Mo Yang said angrily, his palm swayed, a dazzling long sword appeared in his hand, and his true energy surged rapidly!


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