Ghost King’s Medical Consort Chapter 345: Mad dog?


“Someone must have been here just now and stole the treasure while we weren’t paying attention!” Pang Jianchun said suddenly.

Hearing this, Pang Bizhu’s face suddenly turned pale, thinking that what happened to herself and Pang Jianchun was seen by others, she was so frightened that she couldn’t help trembling. How can I live in the future, how can I meet people!

“It’s all you! You killed me! I’m going to kill you!” Pang Bizhu roared and rushed towards Pang Jianchun, but unfortunately she was not his opponent at all and was thrown to the ground by him.

Pang Jianchun looked impatient and sneered fiercely, “Pang Bizhu, you better be honest with me, or I will kill you! Also, if you want to marry and have children in the future, the most important thing is So let me be obedient, otherwise I will ruin your reputation, let alone in Blackwater City, even in Tianwu Continent, you don’t even want to live with dignity!”

Pang Bizhu was really frightened, she didn’t even dare to scold, she lay on the ground and cried bitterly.


On the other side of the ancient land, in the stone room, Nalan Ye woke up faintly, only to feel a little sore all over. He suddenly remembered the last picture in his mind, as if his body was out of control, like going crazy The general threw down the moon?


What happened then?

He tried hard to search for the memory in his mind, but he couldn’t remember it. He only remembered a trace of the image left. He seemed to be galloping and venting on a woman’s body…

He bowed his head and found himself covered in ****, and the smell of **** still remained in the air. The quilt on the soft couch was a touch of red, bright and dazzling, like a plum blossom in full bloom.

Nalanye’s pupils shrank suddenly, is this the blood of a virgin?

Although he has never met any woman before, he still knows something about the bed weft.

There is a look of joy and excitement in his eyes. Is the blood of this virgin Yueer’s? That is to say, although Yue’er and Nalan Jing have been married for more than a year, they have not become husband and wife? !

“Yue’er!” Nalanye hurriedly stood up, but found that there was no Mu Qianyue around at all. He quickly took out a set of robes and trousers from Najie and hurriedly put them on. Not caring that the messy hair has not been sorted out, he hurriedly ran out.

No way!

He must find Yue’er and ask!

“Yue’er, don’t worry! I will definitely be responsible for you! I will also give you a proper name and marry you with red makeup on a large sedan chair and ten miles! In this life, I, Nalanye, will only have You are a wife!”

Nalanye’s handsome face was full of excitement and excitement. He turned into a shadow and flew out, but his voice still lingered in the stone room for a long time.

Just as Nalanye left his forefoot, a pink figure walked over from the corner. The girl’s beautiful face was as pale as paper, and her dark eyes were full of tears. Her expression was sad and slender as jade. Her fingers supported the stone wall, her nails made a deep mark on the hard stone wall, and blood dripped from her green fingertips, but she didn’t even notice it.

Two lines of clear tears dripped from the corners of his eyes and ran across his face.

Ye, do you really love her that much? Why don’t you look back at me…

Yun Chang endured the severe pain under her body, and took a last look at Shi Shi. This Shi Shi, who had traces of her and Ye’s relationship, turned and left.

Alright, maybe it’s a good thing that you don’t know that the person you’re **** with is me, so that you won’t hate me and let him be a mystery forever!


Here, Mu Qianyue and Nalanjing walked along the ruins for a long time, when they suddenly heard the sound of ‘boom’ and ‘gulu’ coming from the front, a gust of wind came, and the feeling was no longer gloomy and cold. , but the air is hot.

The temperature here is significantly higher than elsewhere.

I saw a red river laying in front of me, rushing endlessly. The sound of ‘boom’ and ‘guru’ came from the red river, and there were a few figures standing on the edge of the river.

“Let’s go and have a look.” Mu Qianyue and Nalan Jing walked over, only to find that the red river turned out to be a lava!

The width is nearly 100 meters, and as for the length, I can’t see the head at a glance, and I don’t know where it leads.

“Master.” Seeing the familiar figure in the crowd, Mu Qianyue was overjoyed, but she didn’t expect Master to be here too.

Among the people in front of me, Dongfang Ao is also among them. As for the others, there are three emperor warriors from Yunzong, two emperor warriors from Phantom Pavilion, and two emperor warriors from Purple Soul Hall and Zhanqing Hall. here.

“Apprentice, Boy Jing, you two are very fast, and you actually arrived.” Dongfang Ao smiled.

Suddenly, Mu Qianyue squinted and fell on the person beside him. It was the old Pang family who chased and killed her before. The person with a dragon tattoo on the back of his neck, besides him, the Pang family Another emperor martial artist is also here, and there are two other high-level king martial artists.

At this time, he also noticed that Mu Qianyue came over, a sullen light flashed in his eyes, and there was a trace of unwillingness, but because Dongfang Ao was here, he didn’t dare to do it. Moving his apprentice in front of Dongfang Ao would be tantamount to courting death.

“What’s wrong?” Feeling the murderous aura circulating between Mu Qianyue and that person, Dongfang Ao frowned and asked.

“It’s okay, I was almost bitten by a mad dog.” Mu Qianyue said with an indifferent expression, she didn’t say anything about the elder Pang chasing her, and now in the ancient land, she looked at He Yun on the surface. Zong, Phantom Pavilion, Purple Soul Palace, Zhanqing Palace and others don’t seem to have any impulsiveness, but in fact, they are secretly planning their own ghosts. Who knows if they will suddenly attack behind the scenes.

What’s more, Mu Qianyue and Phantom Pavilion had clashed in Qingfeng Academy before, but this time they didn’t look for trouble, which made Mu Qianyue very surprised, and at the same time, she felt a little more vigilant in her heart.

After hearing Mu Qianyue’s words, the elder Pang’s face turned blue with anger, and the anger in his eyes was even more. The secret, but she has escaped! It was an absolute shame for him to let a ninth-order king warrior run under his nose!

The anger in my heart has not yet been suppressed, and at this moment, Mu Qianyue has mocked him as a mad dog. It’s no wonder that his face is good!

“Huh! Crazy dog? My teacher’s favorite thing is to beat dogs and eat dog meat!” Dongfang Ao snorted coldly, murderous aura surging in his eyes, and looked up at the elder Pang. A terrifying aura emanated from him, and he pressed down on the man like a mountain.

The elder Pang’s face turned pale, and he spit out a mouthful of blood, “Pfft!”

The body is shaking, shaking, and the complexion is extremely ugly!

Under Dongfang Ao’s gaze, the Emperor Martial Artist was directly shocked and injured!


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