Ghost King’s Medical Consort Chapter 343: In love with poison [1]


“Why? Yue’er, why are you so cruel to me? Why did you choose to fall in love with Nalan Jing? Why didn’t you want to wait for me for three years! Just because he was better than me?!”

Mu Qianyue was stunned, and looked at him blankly, her dark eyes filled with mist, she never thought that so many things happened to him during that time. He never thought that he would become his only spiritual support!

However, one day, this only spiritual support became someone else’s…

What a helpless and painful thing this must be!

But if you don’t love it, you just don’t love it!

“Loving someone is not because he is good, and if you don’t love someone, it is not because he is not good, but the heart!” Mu Qianyue took a deep breath and tried to calm down her voice, since she could not give What he wants cannot give him hope.

In addition to rejecting, she still rejects, now all she can do is to make herself unfeeling, let him down completely, and then completely forget about herself…

Nalanye was stunned for a moment, with a stunned look on his face, and his hands slowly slipped from her shoulders.

Love a person, not because he is good, don’t love a person, not because he is not good, but the heart?


Does she have no love for herself in her heart?

So why did you do so much for yourself before, even risking your life?

“In my heart, I’ve always regarded you as my best friend. I’m here to say sorry for the misunderstanding you caused me in the past.”


The three words slammed into his heart like a heavy hammer.

Nalan Ye’s face was as pale as paper, she couldn’t help laughing bitterly, but everything was exchanged for her apology, I’m sorry…

But he doesn’t want her apology, he doesn’t want her sorry!

The air was quiet and solemn, and the dull atmosphere made Mu Qianyue almost breathless. Damn, she was trapped in it and couldn’t get out, otherwise she wouldn’t have to face such an embarrassing scene.

“It’s me who should say sorry, it’s you who saved me, helped me, but I’m still pestering you…” Nalanye took a deep breath, and his voice gradually quieted down, “Okay. , let’s not talk about this, let’s find a way to get out first.”

“En.” Mu Qianyue sighed slightly. He was able to figure it out so quickly. This state of mind is indeed rare.

Suddenly, the passage vibrated violently. Mu Qianyue only felt that her feet were empty, and she quickly fell down. Nalanye also fell down, and there was only a whistling cold wind in her ears.

“Pfft!” Mu Qianyue and Nalan Ye fell to the ground at the same time with two muffled noises.

The surrounding light is a little dim, but it is much better than before. At least I can see the surrounding situation clearly. It seems to be a stone room with a soft couch inside and a neat dark green brocade quilt folded on it.

Mu Qianyue frowned, where is this? Is it still in fantasy? There is no end to this **** fantasy! It was so embarrassing to have her stay with Nalanye in the room! She would rather be locked up here alone!

“It seems that this is not an illusion.” A trace of doubt appeared on Nalan Ye’s handsome face.

“Isn’t it an illusion? That’s the secret room. There should be an exit. Let’s look for it.” Mu Qianyue’s eyes lit up when she heard the words, and she hurriedly searched around.

Suddenly, there was a strange fragrance in the air. The fragrance was very light and faint, and could hardly be smelled. However, Mu Qianyue was looking for the mechanism, so she didn’t notice it at all. Gradually, she felt a rush of heat rising inside her body, and two patches of red glow appeared on her fair and delicate little face.

It feels like…

She raised her head and saw Nalan Ye standing in front of her. At this time, his face was a little red, and his eyes were also dyed with a hint of red, and he looked at her with a strange expression. Forbearance suppressed something.

The next moment, he turned his head abruptly, his voice was hoarse and unnatural, “I feel like my body is out of control.”

Mu Qianyue’s eyes sank, they were caught in love medicine! This is clearly the effect of love medicine!

Just how could there be love medicine here?

“Meditate in meditation, hold the spiritual platform, and return to one mind.” Mu Qianyue said, and quickly sat down with her legs crossed, discarding the distracting thoughts in her heart. The more suppressed it was, the more uncomfortable it became, and the faint feeling of eruption seemed to break through the last trace of reason in her mind.

And within a minute of Nalanye’s admission, he couldn’t hold on anymore. He already loved Mu Qianyue deeply, and his mood was always shaking. At this moment, under the effect of love medicine, he couldn’t hold back at all. , on the contrary, the more suppressed it is, the more ferocious it is, like a stormy sea!

A masculine aura emanated from him, and I saw him stand up, staring at Mu Qianyue with fixed eyes, his eyes became a little scarlet and hideous, desire~fire hit his body, engulfing him only With the last trace of reason left, he walked towards Mu Qianyue.

Mu Qianyue was startled, she quickly stood up and stepped back. At this time, she was not much better. Her cheeks were as red as burning clouds, and her eyes gradually became blurred. She shook her head vigorously. , No, she must not be controlled by this love drug!

The medicinal properties of this love medicine are so strong that it is several times stronger than the ecstasy she made! !

The body is weak and the limbs are weak. At this moment, she can’t exert any strength!

The next moment, Nalanye pounced on her and hugged her fiercely. He was confused, and shouted with blurred eyes, “Yue’er, Yue’er…”

Mu Qianyue wanted to break free, but she couldn’t use her strength. Looking at the **** of his lips, she wanted to die.

Grass, if I knew there was a big temptation in the ancient land, she wouldn’t come!

She doesn’t want to cheat~! I don’t even want to do anything wrong!

“Bang!” The door of the stone room was suddenly opened, and a strong wind blew over. Nalanye flew out instantly and hit the stone wall with a dull sound.

Mu Qianyue looked up, her eyes lit up, only to see a white figure floating over, her familiar and handsome face was now covered with a layer of frost.

The next moment, she has fallen into the familiar and warm embrace, and the tip of her nose is fluttering with a faint fragrance of snow lotus, which makes her feel at ease, at ease, at ease…

“Jing…” She finally didn’t have to hold on any longer, she could finally lose the last shred of sanity at ease.

Na Lanjing hugged Mu Qianyue tightly in his arms, but his heart couldn’t help trembling~ He couldn’t imagine what kind of picture would appear in front of him if he came a little later! !

It’s okay, okay, he’s here!

“I’ll let you go for now!” Nalan Jingheng hugged Mu Qianyue, his purple eyes filled with anger and murderous intent, glared at Yunshang who walked in later, and then hugged Mu Qianyue Leave quickly.


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