Ghost King’s Medical Consort Chapter 1218: Domineering and arrogant [2]





With a muffled sound, Qin Shu’s right arm suddenly exploded, turning into flesh and blood.


Qin Shu’s entire arm turned into a piece of flesh and blood that spread all the way to his right shoulder.


The bright red blood spurted out, instantly dyeing the ground red.


Qin Shu was stunned for a moment, only to find that his entire arm was gone, not even the bones and scum!


“Ah ah ah ah…”


The tearing pain came later, and the pain made him pale and tremble.


This **** and violent scene shocked everyone. It seems that Nalan Jing did not think that he would take action when he said it.


It’s so arrogant, domineering, and arrogant!


Not only everyone, even His Majesty Canglang and the others did not expect that Nalan Jing would suddenly shoot, and he moved so fast that he destroyed Qin Shu’s right hand with a single wave!


Everyone looked at Qin Shu with some sympathy. Although Mu Qianyue’s hand was destroyed, the realm of his life would be restored in an instant, but Qin Shu, if Mu Qianyue didn’t help him, he would Always be a broken person!


Without my right hand, I can’t hold a sword, and no matter how strong my strength is, I can’t use it, it’s all waste!


“You should be glad that you just destroyed my wife’s right hand, otherwise I don’t mind tearing you up.” Nalan Jing snorted coldly, his purple eyes surging with a cold aura of killing.




An old man flew out of the auditorium and landed on the test stage. With a flick of his hand, he quickly took out an elixir and fed it to Qin Shu. Then he raised his eyes and looked angrily at Nalan. scene.


“Boy, don’t be mad! This is a martial arts competition, and you can’t help it! Since you ruined his hand, then I can only ruin yours!”


“Destroy my hand?” Nalanjing sneered at the corner of his mouth, “It also depends on whether you have the ability.”


“Humph! Courting death!” The old man snorted angrily, his body moved, and his hands were fiercely shot forward, suddenly pressing down like two giant mountains, with surging and terrifying palm strength, coming in an instant.


The gust of wind blew Nalanjing’s robe, making a hunting sound.


I saw Nalanjing standing in the same place like a rock, motionless like a mountain, a violent and raging aura emanated from him, raised his hands lightly, and met the palm of the old man.


“Boom…” Two loud noises.


I saw that the palm of the old man’s shadow was instantly shattered, and his body flew out violently, falling under the competition platform and smashing dust!




The scene was full of air-conditioning sounds.


This old man is Qin Shu’s master, and his name is Qin Ling. I heard that it is the seventh-order **** king! He was easily slapped by this man in white…


His strength is definitely above the Qinling Mountains! !


“God, God Emperor?” Qin Ling was half lying on the ground, with one hand on his chest, his eyes were full of astonishment and shock.


What? !


God Emperor!




This man in white turned out to be a **** emperor? ! But it looks like he is only about twenty-seven years old…


Such a young **** emperor, this is almost nothing in the Xuantian realm! Even if there is, it is the genius of the six major factions, and it is definitely the best and most highly anticipated genius!


At this moment, everyone was shocked.


Xiao Jing’s eyes shone with jealousy. He was twenty-eight before he was able to break through to the first-order God King, and he was still relying on the power of Qiongqi Bloodline Pill…


His Majesty the wolf and others were also shocked.


Is this man in white a member of the six major sects?


Liu Ruyan’s eyes widened in disbelief. This man who was as beautiful as a painting was actually Mu Qianyue’s husband? Or the Emperor?


Why is she so lucky? Not only does she have the bloodline of the Azure Dragon, but she is also a 10th-grade pharmacist, and she understands such a powerful field as the field of birth, and now even her husband is as good as…


She herself was lost in Xiao Jing, she thought he would marry her in a big sedan chair, but she didn’t expect to humiliate her like this…


The endless rage filled her heart, making her jealous!


Qin Ling got up from the ground and spat out another mouthful of blood. Obviously, Nalanjing’s palm had seriously injured him. He looked up at His Majesty Canglang on the high platform, and said in a bad tone, “Your Majesty Canglang, could this be true? Is that what you call a fair and just game in the Blue Wolf Kingdom?”


His Majesty the wolf frowned.


“This man rushed in recklessly regardless of the rules of the game, and injured my disciple. Now he is ignoring the authority of our four countries and is wanton provocation. If His Majesty Canglang doesn’t give an explanation, this old man will not give up!” Qin Ling’s voice With a strong threat.


“An explanation? What explanation do you want me to give? I don’t know where he jumped out.” His Majesty Canglang said lightly.


“You…” Qin Ling’s face turned blue with anger, “Could it be that His Majesty Canglang should not arrest him and give me justice?”


“He is a god-king-level powerhouse, and I really can’t catch him. But Qinling, you can catch him yourself. I will never interfere in this matter, how about that?” His Majesty Canglang said, his eyes narrowed, “Besides, the ghost energy that Qin Shu used in the competition was already a foul!”


Hearing this, Qin Ling was even more angry. He never imagined that His Majesty the Blue Wolf would be so shameless! When such a thing happened in their Blue Wolf Country, he didn’t even care!


Qin Ling took a few deep breaths and calmed down, then his eyes flashed and he turned to look at Mu Qianyue, “Mu Qianqian, if you heal Shu’er’s hand now, I can ignore this matter. .”


Mu Qianyue’s pretty face showed a puzzled look, “Cure him? Why should I cure him?”


“Your husband ruined Shu’er’s hand, shouldn’t you cure him?” Qin Ling said angrily.


“Qin Shu used the ghost energy to destroy my hand just now. It just happened to be even. I didn’t ask you to treat my hand.” Mu Qianyue said extremely innocently.


Jokes, Qin Shu wants to destroy herself, she will cure him so stupidly?




“You!” Qin Ling’s face changed greatly with anger, he looked at Mu Qianyue and Nalan Jing angrily, and helped Qin Shu up, “Let’s go!”


Quickly stepped off the stage, he paused, looked at His Majesty the Blue Wolf above, and said viciously, “I hope His Majesty the Blue Wolf will not regret what happened today!”


After all, leave quickly.


“Mu Qianyue won this match, please prepare for the next match,” the referee said.


The next round of fierce competition begins.


After Mu Qianyue got off the test stage, she sat down with Nalan Jing, and the scorching heat came from his palm, so warm and so familiar.


“Miss, how are you during this time? Has someone bullied you?” Nalanjing looked at her lovingly, her purple eyes filled with tenderness.


“No one can bully me.” Mu Qianyue cuddled in his arms, smiling sweetly, happily and sweetly.


This scene deeply hurt Liu Ruyan’s eyes.


After a few trials, I just heard the referee say, “In the fifth game of the final, Situ Mingrui will play against XX.”


A young man jumped onto the competition stage, and after waiting for a long time, Situ Mingrui couldn’t help frowning.


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