Ghost King’s Medical Consort Chapter 1217: Domineering and arrogant [1]



But even so, her talent is against the sky, enough to amaze the entire Xuantian Realm! I originally thought that the talents of the emperors were good, but compared with her, they were much inferior!


Prince Cang was stunned for a long time before he could react, his face relaxed. He was so frightened just now that he thought her hand was really useless…


I didn’t expect her to have such a perverted realm as the realm of life!


“The realm of life?” Qin Shu narrowed his eyes, but he didn’t guess this, because this trump card was something she had never shown in front of everyone.


Xiao Jing’s face in the crowd was ashen, while Liu Ruyan’s eyes were filled with deep jealousy and anger, **** it! She’s obviously been sacked! Actually, there is a realm of life! Ah ah ah! How could she comprehend the realm of birth!


Everyone thought that Mu Qianyue’s arm was cured by the realm of life, only she herself understood that it was the power of the stars.


The realm of life also has the effect of flesh and bones, but the arms that grow out of the realm of life are very weak, not as strong as the power of the stars!


So Mu Qianyue chose to use the power of the stars to restore, the power of the stars, the nine transformations of Tai Chi, the tenfold body, and the immortality.


It’s just that if the secrets of such powerful perverts as Tai Chi Jiu Bian were spread out, it would definitely cause many people to covet and bring trouble to themselves.


That’s why she deliberately said the realm of birth.


Suddenly, Qin Shu said, “I admit defeat in this game.”


His voice fell, causing an uproar.


“What?! He conceded?”


“Hi! A fifth-order **** king admits defeat to a second-order **** king?”


“Tsk tsk, the fifth-order **** king voluntarily surrendered…it’s really surprising!”


“Cut! What Mu Qianqian possesses is the realm of life, which can instantly restore her injuries and real energy, and her battles are comparable to that of a fifth-order **** king. It is normal for Qin Shu to admit defeat. Keep fighting, and he will lose!”


“Humph! Just now, Qin Shu suddenly used ghost energy to destroy Mu Qianqian’s hand. How could Mu Qianqian not take revenge? It’s just that Qin Shu has conceded defeat, so she can no longer shoot at him.”


“Damn! This Qin Shu is really insidious, the city is so deep!”


Everyone roared incessantly, looking at Qin Shu with contempt.


There are regulations in the martial arts competition. No matter how fierce and tragic the fight is on the competition stage, no one can seek revenge under the stage.


So it’s really thought-provoking that Qin Shu suddenly admits defeat at this time…


Mu Qianyue narrowed her eyes, but said nothing. It seems that this Qin Shu wants to abolish himself or put himself to death. If he fails, he will admit defeat…


However, she believes that Qin Shu will never give up so easily, and will definitely find another opportunity to attack her…


Even so, she is not afraid. Before the Tai Chi nine changes have not been displayed, if the Qinglong bloodline is further Taiji nine changes, her strength can reach the sixth-order **** king, killing Qin Shu easily.


If he does, she doesn’t mind taking care of him in the dark.


At this moment, a cold and bloodthirsty voice sounded above the sky, “You want to admit defeat when you hurt my lady’s hand?”


Everyone couldn’t help but look up, and a figure slowly appeared in front of everyone on the blue sky.


The man dressed in white, as graceful as snow, came to the sky with golden light.


At this moment, the blue sky appeared behind him, becoming a foil, soft white clouds swept around him, elegant and noble, full of compelling fairy spirit.


His delicate and picturesque face is almost perfect.


A head full of blue silk flutters in the wind, and those purple pupils are like pure amethyst, which is breathtaking.


The pale thin lips are like peach blossoms in April, the city is stunning, and the peerless elegance makes everyone fascinated.


Everyone was dumbfounded. Seeing this man who descended from the sky like an immortal, they thought in a trance that the gods had descended into the world.


Especially Liu Ruyan, she was even more dumbfounded. At this moment, there was only a peerless figure in her eyes. There is such a beautiful man in the world, who is even more beautiful than her adoptive father…




After everyone was stunned for a while, then there was a look of doubt in their eyes. Who is the lady this exiled man said?


Seeing this familiar figure, the corners of Mu Qianyue’s mouth couldn’t help evoking a graceful arc.




The singing voice sounded, with a hint of joy, the next moment, his figure swept down from the sky, fell in front of Mu Qianyue, and hugged her fiercely in his arms, “Miss, I When I finally found you, I knew you would come to the martial arts competition.”


“Well, I also participated in the martial arts competition so that you can find me faster.” Mu Qianyue’s lips curved into a smile.


Fighting with Qin Shu just now, she didn’t even notice Jing Lai.




When everyone saw this scene, they all had the urge to vomit blood, what? Is Mu Qianqian married? This handsome man is her husband?


Especially some people who have a crush on Qianyue are even more depressed and want to vomit blood.


The arrival of Mu Qianyue is like a beautiful landscape, her talent, her strength, her appearance, her background, no matter which one is very attractive, she is simply the goddess in their hearts!


I always thought the goddess was single and thought they had a chance.


Now suddenly a husband pops up, almost breaking their hearts.


It turns out that the goddess has long been married!


Only then did Na Lanjing turn his head, his cold purple eyes narrowed slightly and landed on Qin Shu, who was on the opposite side, with infinite murderous intent in his eyes, “Is it you who hurt my lady’s hand?”


Qin Shu frowned displeasedly, “This is a competition, and injury is inevitable. If you are afraid of injury, don’t come to the martial arts competition.”


“Humph! I didn’t forget that you seem to be using ghost energy.” Nalan Jing’s eyes flashed coldly, and the aura around his body was cold and terrifying.


Qin Shu’s expression changed, “I’ve already given up, but you still want to attack me? Besides, you’re not a contestant, and you’re not qualified to attack me!”


As he spoke, he glanced at His Majesty the Blue Wolf on the high platform. This is the Blue Wolf Country, and His Majesty the Blue Wolf will never allow anyone to break the rules.


Because this is provoking the authority of His Majesty the Blue Wolf, but also the authority of the four kingdoms!


Otherwise, the four countries will join forces to conquer!


It’s just that he may be too confident. For Nalan Jing, he never takes these things seriously, let alone ask him the rules!


His purple pupils were filled with contempt and sarcasm, “It’s useless if you admit defeat. I’m really not a contestant, so I don’t need to follow any rules!”


When the words fell, an incomparably strong and irresistible force poured out from his body, like a mountain torrent, and rushed towards Qin Shu!


Qin Shu was shocked, and he was horrified to find that he could not move.


I saw a cloud of red-gold light covering his right arm, Qin Shu was shocked, and before he had time to react, all the nerve sensations in the arm disappeared, as if the hand was not his…


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