Ghost King’s Medical Consort Chapter 1214: Despicable Xiao Jing【3】



She just fell in love with the fragrance and love, and she has no resistance at all. Her struggle, her slapping, and her anger aroused Xiao Jing’s desire and made him even more excited .


“Wei Wei, you are trying to kill me now, and when we are united, you will fall in love with me again…” Xiao Jing’s eyes showed a shameless lewd ~ evil light,


Looking up and seeing no one around, the light in his eyes is even brighter, “Why don’t we just stay here? Take the sky as the quilt, the earth as the furnace, the bright moon, the stars are shining, how romantic…”


“Help me… help me…” Cang Yuwei wept helplessly.


“Haha, Weiwei, you’d better save your energy, everyone is already sleeping at this time, this is a remote place, there are no people during the day, let alone at night…haha…” Xiao Jing With a sneer, he reached out to pick off her clothes.


“Xiao Jing, let me go, or I’ll bite my tongue and kill myself…” Cang Yuwei tried her best to endure the fiery evil energy in her body, but she felt more and more out of control.


She had a humiliated look on her face, and she knew that this was the effect of the charm of love!


Xiao Jing didn’t seem to hear her words at all and bullied her up.


Just when Cang Yuwei was about to bite her tongue and commit suicide, a sword light suddenly struck in the dark night. The icy sword light was as gorgeous as fireworks, briefly illuminating the night sky.


The frightening and stern aura suddenly attacked behind him, Xiao Jing was shocked, and hurriedly rolled on the spot to hide.


He stood up angrily, turned his head, and looked gloomily at the person who destroyed his good deeds, his pupils shrank, and his eyes were filled with shock and anger, “Situ Mingrui? It’s you again!”


This **** guy is really haunted! He is the one who destroys his good deeds every time!


Situ Mingrui ignored him, but looked at the crying woman lying on the grass in front of him, and couldn’t help being startled, “Sixth Princess?!”


Quickly rushed forward and quickly took off her clothes to cover the snow white on Cang Yuwei’s chest.


He stretched out his hand to help her up, and then looked up at Xiao Jing angrily, “Xiao Jing! You are too despicable and shameless!”


“Situ Mingrui, there is a way to heaven, you don’t go, **** has no way to break in! Humph!” Xiao Jing’s mouth curled into a sneer, just looking for an opportunity to kill him, but he didn’t expect this to happen by himself. He came to the door and wanted to destroy his good deeds!


“Ming Rui, let’s go, you’re not his opponent…” Cang Yuwei’s face was flushed, and she was limp in his arms, her voice was extremely seductive.


“Let’s go together!” Situ Mingrui didn’t seem to notice her strangeness, but carried her on his back, quickly threw a sword light, turned around and ran, very fast.


But Xiao Jing was faster and blocked his way in an instant.


“Go to hell!” Xiao Jing’s expression was ferocious, and he slammed his sword out, fast and ruthless, and immediately blasted Situ Mingrui out.


In order not to hurt Cang Yuwei, Situ Mingrui hugged her tightly in his arms, turned his body in the air, turned into a pad of flesh, and caught Cang Yuwei with his body.


His back slammed hard against a sharp stone under him, stabbing into the flesh. Situ Mingrui frowned, but didn’t say a word.


In the blink of an eye, Xiao Jing’s attack struck again.


Seeing that Situ Mingrui was holding Cang Yuwei, Xiao Jing was even more furious, and rushed over in anger.


Situ Mingrui’s strength is not as good as him, and since he has a person behind his back, he is naturally not his opponent, and he is quickly suppressed.


Soon, Situ Mingrui’s body was covered in blood, and he was very embarrassed. He was obviously seriously injured.


“Ming Rui, leave me alone, hurry up…” Cang Yuwei only felt her body getting hotter and her consciousness became a little blurry, but the man’s resolute eyebrows and eyes were so clear and clear. engraved in her eyes, in her mind…


“Sixth princess, no matter what, I won’t leave you alone!” Situ Mingrui’s eyes filled with determination, he raised his hand to wipe the blood from his mouth, and clenched the frost in his hand. sword.


He knows that if Cang Yuwei is thrown away at this time, he still has a chance to escape, but Cang Yuwei will be defiled by Xiao Jing!


There’s nothing he can’t do! Not because she’s a princess! Instead, if any woman encounters such a danger, he will also come forward!


Otherwise his conscience will be in trouble for the rest of his life!


“But, for me, you will die…” Tears streamed down her face, and the man’s unwavering gaze and expression deeply moved her.


“I’m not afraid of death… I’m just afraid that I won’t be able to protect you for a long time.” Situ Mingrui sighed lightly, and glanced around, only to realize that he was unknowingly farther away from Canglang City during the battle.


There are dense dark jungles all around, and occasionally there are several shouts of monsters.


Situ Mingrui’s eyes flashed a gleam of light quickly, and he launched a sword light again, turned around and ran, instantly submerged into the jungle, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.


“I see where the two of you can go!” Xiao Jing’s eyes were gloomy and his expression was extremely angry.


Where the **** did Situ Mingrui jump out of! If it wasn’t for him, he would have already succeeded!


Once Cang Yuwei becomes his woman, everyone will know about it tomorrow morning. At that time, no matter how angry His Majesty the Wolf is, he will betroth her to him!


After all, it’s about the royal family’s reputation!


He had already planned all this, but he didn’t expect to kill a Situ Mingrui halfway through!


Xiao Jing went all the way looking for his breath, a sneer appeared in his eyes, and quickly chased forward, and it didn’t take long to see two figures stumbling away in front of him.


You don’t have to think about it, you know it’s Situ Mingrui and Cang Yuwei.


Situ Mingrui and Cang Yuwei paused for a while, looking at the cliff ahead with a helpless, wry smile in their eyes, “Sixth princess, it seems that we are destined to have no way to escape.”


Seeing that they had stopped, Xiao Jing quickly caught up with them. After seeing the cliff in front of him through the pale moonlight, he couldn’t help showing a wanton and arrogant sneer in his eyes.


“Haha, run, run, let’s see where you’re going! Hahaha… It seems that even the gods won’t help you!” Xiao Jing’s cold laughter sounded in the night sky, looking very Yunnanese .


He vowed to kill Situ Mingrui, regain his Frost Sword, and torture Cang Yuwei…


“Weiwei, come to me obediently, I promise to love you as before.” Xiao Jing bewitched with a gentle voice.


“Ming Rui, are you afraid?!” Cang Yuwei didn’t even look at him, but looked at Situ Ming Rui next to her with bright eyes.


Perhaps it was blown by the cold wind, and her consciousness regained a sense of sobriety.


“Don’t be afraid. It is my blessing to die with the princess!” Situ Mingrui raised a smile on the corner of his mouth, and hugged the woman in his arms tightly.


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