Ghost King’s Medical Consort Chapter 1078: Two into the devil [3]


Mu Qianyue couldn’t help being angry and funny, “You don’t know the way, how do you get to Xuantian Realm?”

The wind chimes on Moshang looked embarrassed.

“There is a passage that leads to the Xuantian Realm near the Wilderness Ancient Realm. You don’t need to enter the Wilderness Ancient Realm, but the passage of time and space is said to be dangerous. This is what Jing told me.” Mu Qian Moon sighed lightly and said lightly.

“Okay, I’ll be careful.”

After collecting the medicinal pills and medicinal materials given by Mu Qianyue into the Najie space, Moshang Fengling set off and left Jingyue City.

Under the tall city wall, the slender and slender figure of the wind chimes on Moshang was pulled by the sun, making it look a little thin, full of the taste of loneliness and determination, and the determination to see death as home and fight against the odds!

Looking at the back of her leaving, Mu Qianyue’s eyes could not help surging with emotion.

Wind chimes, wait for me, in two years, I will definitely find you! Help you get revenge!

In order to keep her promise, Moshang Fengling did not hesitate to accompany her around, and even went to the Nether Prison together, so when the wind chimes encountered danger and trouble, she would naturally lend a helping hand to her without hesitation.


After staying in Jingyue Pavilion for a few days, Mu Qianyue decided to set off for the Demon Realm.

Because Jingyue City is going to expand, it needs manpower in all aspects, so Mu Qianyue doesn’t plan to take everyone there.

Instead, he went with Nalan Jing, plus Pan San and Chu Xiaoxue.

And then add Xiao Xuan’er and Bing Yan. These two are ancient beasts. Bringing the two of them can save a lot of trouble.

With the strength of a few of them, it is enough to go to the Demon World.

As for Mu Rutian, Tianshuo, and Meng Ximo, they let them stay here.

Chu Xiaoxue heard that she could return to the demon world, she was so excited that she couldn’t sleep for several nights, she was very excited.

Ever since they escaped from the demon world ten years ago, they have never gone back. Now that they can go back, their eyes can’t help but turn slightly red.

No matter how they live in the Huanzhou Continent, the Demon World will always be their home!

And my brother went back alone early. I haven’t seen my brother for five years. I really miss him!

Through the passage of time and space, Mu Qianyue, Nalanjing, Chu Xiaoxue, Pan San, Xiao Xuaner and Bingyan entered the demon world together.

“What is this place?” Mu Qianyue looked up and looked around, her eyes filled with doubts.

At this moment, they are in a dense and dense forest, with lush towering trees, ancient horned branches, and waist-high green grass. Everything here looks like they have come to a virgin forest.

“Master, I don’t know either. Only by walking out of this jungle can I know where this is.” Bingyan frowned.

Bingyan once lived in the Demon World. He grew up here, and he naturally knows more about everything here than Mu Qianyue.

Pan San and Chu Xiaoxue don’t have deep memories. They haven’t come back for ten years. Besides, the demon world is so big, and the forests are similar in size, so it’s normal that they don’t recognize them.

“Okay, then let’s find a way to get out first.” Mu Qianyue nodded and looked around, but found that there were similarities everywhere, and she couldn’t tell the direction at all.

“This is the south, as long as you keep going south, you can go out.” Nalanjing held her hand and walked to the left.

Sure enough, a few people walked for a while, and found that the trees here were not as tall and dense as the previous ones. Obviously, it was in the depths of the forest before, but now it is closer to the periphery.

This proves that they are not on the wrong track.

At this moment, there was a loud fight coming from the front.

“Would you like to go take a look?” Mu Qianyue asked.

“Yes.” Nalan Spotted the head, “We just came here, and we don’t know where this place is. It’s a good choice to ask a few people.”

Walking forward for more than ten meters, I saw two groups of people in front of them fighting in full swing.

Suddenly, a group of people noticed Mu Qianyue and Nalan Jing who were watching. After a group of people glanced at each other, their eyes quickly flashed with horror, and then quickly left, so There is only another group of people who are puzzled, you look at me, I look at you…

“Who are you?” An old man in the crowd looked at Mu Qianyue and Nalanjing’s group with a vigilant gaze.

Others clenched the swords in their hands, with expressions of vigilance on their faces.

“You don’t need to ask, you know for sure, the two of them must be spies sent from Molong City, and arrest them both!” a beautiful young girl shouted angrily, her expression filled with icy coldness. Only when she looked up at Nalan Jing, a flash of surprise flashed in her eyes quickly.

As her voice fell, those people immediately swarmed up and surrounded Mu Qianyue and Nalan Jing’s group.

Mu Qianyue’s expression turned cold. She didn’t expect that she and Jingji would be treated as spies as soon as they arrived. They didn’t even ask questions, so they would just arrest people, hehe…

Nalanjing’s eyes narrowed slightly, and a bit of coldness flashed in the purple eyes.

Bing Yan and Xiao Xuan’er also frowned in dissatisfaction.

The old man shivered for no reason, with a hint of fear in his expression. The strength of these people is very good. What’s more important is that he felt an unpleasant feeling from the man in white in front of him. The breath of fear!

After a pause, she looked at the woman beside her and said, “Miss, they don’t look like people from Molong City. Isn’t it bad to arrest people like this?”

“So what? A few of them have been watching sneakily there, maybe they are with those people just now, this lady needs to take them back for a good review!” The woman was disdainful Hum said.

“You say we are spies, do you have any evidence?” There was a hint of coldness in Mu Qianyue’s cold eyes.

“That’s right! If we were spies, those people would not have escaped, but would have killed you all with me!” Xiao Xuan’er snorted coldly.

“Evidence? Oh, this place belongs to me in Daning City. You all appeared here with the people from Molong City for no reason. This is the evidence! Besides, I am the direct-line lady of the Daning City City Lord’s Mansion, what I said. It’s proof! Come on, take it away!” Ning Xi’er’s eyes flashed coldly, and her eyebrows were full of pride.

Looking at the approaching dozen or so figures, Bingyan’s charming and elegant ice-blue eyes flashed a killing intent quickly.

The dozens of figures that surrounded them suddenly flew out for no reason, and slammed into the tree trunk, causing them to grin in pain.

Ning Xi’er’s face changed greatly, her eyes showed a look of panic and panic, as if she didn’t expect Bing Yan’s strength to be so strong!

“Which green onion are you? You say you are spies, but we are spies?” Bing Yan’s body was filled with undisguised killing intent, and the cold air radiated out, like a demon in hell, Ning Xi’er was already frightened. His face was pale, his lips were trembling, and he was speechless.


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