Ghost King’s Medical Consort Chapter 1051: Holy Magic Flower【1】



Back to the house, Mu Qianyue felt a headache. Situ Mo’s matter had not yet been resolved, yet another concubine Mei came to interfere!


A deep cold light flashed in her clear eyes, and no one would try to stop her!


The Buddha blocks and kills the Buddha, and the devil blocks and kills the devil!


Recalling what Concubine Mei said just now, the ghost master of the ghost and Situ Mo were discussing matters at the Situ Mo Hall. No wonder she saw Situ Mo when she went to the Situ Mo Hall just now.


After thinking for a while, his brows stretched slightly, his body moved, hidden in the air, and headed towards the Si Ming Temple again.


Easy to escape the two Shura guards at the gate of the guarding hall, with a sharp body, with stealth, and soon came to the gate of a palace, there was a bright light inside, and there was a faint conversation sound came out.


It is the voice of the ghost master and Situ Mo.


“Master Ghost Master, have you really found a way to devour Nalanjing’s soul?” Situ Mo asked with a hint of deepness in his eyes.


“Yes, but I’m still missing one thing.” The ghost master’s face was gloomy and terrifying, and a cold smile appeared on the corners of his lips, with a hint of excitement, “As long as I get the holy magic flower , I can completely devour his soul! Haha, then I will become a descendant of the Yanhuang bloodline, with a body of the Yanhuang bloodline. If Jie Shi wants to become a Demon Venerable, just around the corner!”


With the body of Yanhuang bloodline, his cultivation speed will be faster than before!


Outside the hall, Mu Qianyue’s face suddenly changed when she heard the words.


“Who!?” The gloomy and bloodthirsty voice of the ghost master came from the house, and only a ‘bang’ sounded, and the window was instantly smashed into countless pieces, floating in the air.


It was pitch black and silent outside the window, and a few crows ‘quack’ flew up, seeming to be frightened, and fled in a panic, flying to the sky.


Other than that, the surroundings were silent, not a single figure, only the sound of bamboo leaves beating against the eaves.


The Nether Ghost Lord snorted coldly and withdrew his gaze, thinking that he was over-hearted just now. He didn’t think anyone would be faster than himself and escape from under his nose.


Situ Mo’s slightly drooping eyes flashed a hint of relief. When he saw the gloomy expression on the ghost master’s face just now, he thought that Xiao Yueyue had come to the Si Ming Palace, but he didn’t expect it to be a few crows.


But isn’t it really Satsuki?


Mu Qianyue hid in the space of the Tongtian Tower and breathed a sigh of relief. She was very dangerous just now and was almost discovered. Fortunately, she was fast and hid in the space of the Tongtian Tower in an instant. Otherwise, the situation would be really bad. Wonderful!


Although she can hide in the space of the Tower of Heaven now, there is one thing that is not good. With her current strength, she can’t control the space of the Tower of Heaven to fly, otherwise this is the absolute stealth function!


Just as Mu Qianyue breathed a sigh of relief, at the next moment, the figure of the ghost master suddenly came out of the window, appeared out of thin air, and a magnified face suddenly appeared in front of her, which startled Mu Qianyue and hurriedly closed it. The Tongtian Tower space was completely cut off from the connection between the Tongtian Tower space and the outside world.


Because at this moment, the place where the ghost ghost’s main station is located is exactly the place hidden in the air in Mu Qianyue’s Tongtian Tower space!


She really didn’t expect the ghost master’s soul power to be so strong, even if she was hidden in the air, he could detect her!


This is so sensitive!


Fortunately, she has the space of the Babel Tower to hide her figure, otherwise it would be really dangerous!


For this reason, Mu Qianyue was still sweating and her face turned pale.


“Master Ghost Master, what’s wrong?” Situ Mo walked out of the room, a look of doubt on his handsome and cold face.


The ghost master frowned tightly, “Strange, why do I feel like someone is spying on me? But no, it’s really strange!”


“Sir Ghost Master, this is the Si Ming Hall, not to mention that there are many Shura guards guarding outside, just talking about Si Ming’s strength, no one can easily hide in, besides, who dares to peep at you What? That’s tantamount to courting death.” Situ Mo said respectfully and indifferently.


Hearing this, the Nether Ghost Lord’s frown slowly loosened.


“Master Ghost Master, you must have been studying how to deal with Nalan Jing these days. You are a little tired.” Situ Mo cared, and a strange light flashed quickly in his slightly drooping eyes.


“Probably so. I thought that kid would be easy to deal with, but I didn’t expect it to be a tough bone.” The ghost master said with dissatisfaction. After a pause, he looked up at Situ Mo and said, ” Tomorrow you will set off for Wanjiuya, but the holy devil flowers are picked for me, and bring the newly promoted Twelve Shura Kings with you. No matter what method you use, you must pick the holy devil flowers for me!”


“Yes. Lord Ghost Lord, Mo’er must live up to the high expectations and pick up the holy magic flower!” Situ Mo bowed his hands, raised his head and glanced at the broken window with deep meaning, and turned to leave.


Not long after that, the ghost master of the ghost also left in a hurry.


But Mu Qianyue didn’t come out in a hurry, but kept hiding in the space of the Tongtian Tower. After a while, she noticed that there was an aura that seemed to disappear gradually in the dark night…


Mu Qianyue knew that the breath hidden in the dark was the ghost master!


His breath is very light and light, if it is not a person with a particularly strong soul, he will not notice it at all!


Although her strength is not as strong as that of the ghost master, her soul power is not much different, so Mu Qianyue felt a little wrong, so she didn’t rush out, and sure enough, he was hiding there!


If she was in a hurry to go out just now, what awaits her now will be shattered and broken.


It’s so dangerous! I didn’t expect the ghost master of the ghost to be so insidious!


After the ghost master left, Si Ming brought a few people to the yard, cleaned the broken windows and sawdust, and repaired them. There is no way to leave.


I saw Situ Mo go and turned back, “Master Ghost Lord likes 10,000-year-old black locust trees, you guys go to the black forest in the west to cut down a few 10,000-year-old black locust trees.”


“Yes.” Those Shura took the order and left.


Suddenly, only Si Ming and Situ Mo were left in the yard.


“Si Ming, let’s sit down there and have a cup of tea first, and taste the holy fruit tea I brought back from the Huanzhou Continent.” Situ Mo looked at him, his eyes warm and kind, without the indifference of the past.


Si meditated for a while, then nodded, “Alright, they won’t be back for a while anyway. One 10,000-year-old black locust tree is enough for them to chop down for three days and three nights.”


So the two of them sat in the long corridor in the distance and began to make tea and drink tea.


Perhaps it was because Si Ming also came from the human world, so he and Situ Mo had a very good taste in this direction, and the two people, one big and one small, chatting and drinking tea seemed very harmonious.


I don’t know if it was an illusion or not, but Mu Qianyue felt that Situ Mo deliberately spread their arms apart. With a movement of her body, she hurriedly performed a stealth attack and quickly exited the Si Ming Palace.


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