Ghost King’s Medical Consort Chapter 1049: Nether Ghost Lord【3】



Mu Qianyue stood in the hall generously, letting him look up and down, with a calm and relaxed look in her eyes.


After a while, the Nether Ghost Lord looked away suspiciously.


Seeing this, Mu Qianyue couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief, only to realize that the clothes on her back were already wet with sweat.


The Nether Ghost Lord’s eyes seemed calm just now, but it was actually full of oppressive aura. He kept scanning her body back and forth, like a scanner, which made her very worried.


What surprised her was that the Nether Ghost Master didn’t find out her human identity!


Jiujiu’s technique of concealing aura is really not ordinary, and he even avoided the detection of the ghost master.


Seeing that Situ Mo was partial to Mu Qianyue, Concubine Mei quickly flashed a trace of jealousy in her eyes, a sneer on the corners of her lips, and said coquettishly to the ghost master, “Master Ghost Master, this woman looks very different, no. Do you know if you can give it to me?”


Situ Mo’s face changed greatly when he heard the words, “Concubine Mei, she is this new batch of Shura Kings, and she is not something that is given at will.”


“Young Master Situ, why are you so excited? I won’t eat her.” Concubine Mei covered her mouth and chuckled, but the jealousy in her eyes deepened.


Hearing that, Mu Qianyue’s eyes narrowed slightly, and a trace of doubt flashed in her eyes. Although she didn’t know what Concubine Mei wanted to do, her intuition told her that it was definitely not a good thing. You can see it!


This is a woman’s intuition, commonly known as the sixth sense.


“Master Ghost Lord, please give her to me. I am alone in this Nine Pillow Gate all day long. I am really lonely. Now I have finally come to a female Shura King, who can accompany me. Let’s chat and relieve the boredom.”


The ghost master of the Netherworld was lusted after by her, and his eyes full of desire turned around her chest. Then he looked up at Situ Mo and said, “Then you will follow…”


He was interrupted by Situ Mo before he could finish speaking.




“Why not?” Concubine Mei asked coldly.


The ghost master also cast a suspicious look at him.


Situ Mo’s eyes flashed, and after a moment, he raised his head to look directly at the person above, and said with a firm gaze, “Because she is the person I like.”


The Nether Ghost Lord was stunned when he heard the words, and Concubine Mei’s face darkened instantly. She gritted her teeth secretly, and seemed to be very annoyed, but she hid her emotions well and didn’t reveal a single point.


“Master Ghost Master, I have never asked you anything since I was a child, but this time I beg you to give her to me as a wife.” Situ Mo said lightly.


“Okay.” Nether Ghost Master said, but Concubine Mei was reluctant. “Master Ghost Master, she was clearly the one that I liked first… You just promised others…”


“Okay, Concubine Mei, it’s rare for Mo’er to have a woman who’s heartbroken. You can leave it to her. In the future, I’ll find a few women to chat with you to relieve your boredom.” The ghost master said disapprovingly.


Concubine Mei gritted her teeth secretly when she heard the words, and she was very unhappy, but she had a decent smile on her face, “I will follow the instructions of the ghost master.”


“Thank you, Lord Guizhu.” Situ Mo let out a sigh of relief.


Except for Mu Qianyue, all eleven people, including Blue, were assigned corresponding positions. On the other hand, Mu Qianyue was placed in Situ Mo’s Mo Yu Palace.




Left out of the Hall of Pity, passing the Ghost Martial Arts Field, Mu Qianyue walked in front, Situ Mo followed me happily, “Xiaoyueyue, wait for me.”


He chased after three or two steps, looked at Mu Qianyue and smiled, “This is not the direction to Moyu Palace, come with me.”


Mu Qianyue raised her head and looked at him coldly, with two anger surging in her dark eyes, her expression was cold and disdainful, “Situ Mo, do you think you can trap me with this trick?”


Situ Mo’s face changed slightly, and he quickly regained his natural expression. He leaned close to Mu Qianyue’s ear, his voice was soft but full of threats, “If you want to save Nalan Jing, you’d better be obedient. Cooperate with me.”


Hearing this, a look of surprise flashed across Mu Qianyue’s face. She didn’t think Situ Mo would be so kind to save Nalan Jing.


“What do you want?”


“Marry me, and I’ll find a way to save him!” Under the setting sun, the corners of his mouth raised a touch of arrogance.


“Oh, wishful thinking.” Mu Qianyue left a sentence coldly and turned away.


After Mu Qianyue left, a figure came out from behind the trees, “Situ Mo, she doesn’t seem to like you!”


Situ Mo frowned displeasedly when he heard the words, turned around coldly, his eyes fell on her with irony and contempt, “Mei Fei, you’d better not hit her, otherwise even if you are the ghost master’s woman, I won’t let you go!”


Mei Fei’s face changed suddenly, with a look of anger and disbelief in her eyes, and she roared at him, “Situ Mo, are you really in love with her?”


“What’s your business?” The corner of Situ Mo’s mouth evoked a sinister meaning.


Mei Fei’s body trembled, her eyes filled with disbelief, her face was pale, she seemed to mutter to herself, and she questioned the person in front of her in an angry voice, “Impossible, you can’t fall in love with Others, you said that you have no heart and will not fall in love with anyone!”


“Yes, that’s what I said. I once thought I didn’t have a heart, but I didn’t think I would.” Speaking of which, the indifference in Situ Mo’s eyes gradually became gentler. This scene Even more, Mei Fei was deeply affected.


However, Situ Mo didn’t even look at her and turned to leave.


Seeing the figure of Situ Mo leaving, Concubine Mei’s face instantly sank, with deep jealousy and anger surging in her eyes.


Why? Why isn’t that person me? We grew up together as childhood sweethearts. I have a crush on you for more than a hundred years and have been with you for so long, yet you say you have no heart…


She was willing to give everything for her, but he never bothered to give her a glance.


In order to take revenge on him and make him regret, she became the woman of the ghost master, the most honorable concubine in the nether prison, and loved by thousands, but he still dismissed himself.


I thought he was cold-hearted and unloving, but I never thought he would be tempted by another woman!


This is something she will never allow!




The Netherworld at night is as usual, full of eerie aura.


Mu Qianyue ran directly to the Si Ming Hall, using stealth to hide in the air, and soon came to the Si Ming Hall. In the distance, she saw a slender figure standing at the gate of the courtyard, a slender figure. It looked a bit familiar.


With the light blue moonlight, I finally saw the figure’s face clearly, it was Situ Mo.


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