Ghost King’s Medical Consort Chapter 1047: Netherworld Ghost Lord【1】



“You must have done something to anger my mother!” Jiujiu snorted angrily, her figure flashed, and she suddenly disappeared from the spot.


Bunir was startled, and before he could see clearly, he only felt a flower in front of his eyes, and the next moment, a mighty force like a giant mountain stomped on his chest and stepped out directly. a huge black hole.


Countless magical powers scattered from the black hole in his chest, and Bunir let out a heart-piercing scream of pain.


Suddenly, Jiujiu frowned and looked up at the sky in the distance, which was the direction of Shura City.


Immediately, he put away his feet and restrained his breath. At this moment, he looked like a well-behaved baby next door, but his little face carved with pink and jade still had a hint of coldness. If you dare to be disrespectful to my mother next time, I will definitely kill you!”


The figure moved and swept away into the sky. Before leaving, a black fireball slammed into the city lord’s mansion below.


The city lord’s mansion, which was finally built, turned into a mess in the next moment. The black flames were burning, and the scorching temperature almost burned them, scaring the Shura guards and Dharma protectors. Call, run around.


Looking at the City Lord’s Mansion, which he finally rebuilt, he fell into a boundless sea of ​​fire at this moment, and it burned into a mess in the blink of an eye.


I was seriously injured, but I was shocked and angry at the moment. I was furious for a while, and spit out a mouthful of black blood, and then closed my eyes, and completely fainted from anger.


The City Lord’s Mansion was destroyed twice, and Bunir naturally couldn’t bear the blow.


Last time there was Netherworld Water, but this time there is no Netherworld Water. The fire spread rapidly, directly burning the entire city lord’s mansion to ashes, leaving no armor, all hidden treasures, treasures, all Burn it clean! !


If he knew that the consequences of chasing Mu Qianyue were so serious, he probably wouldn’t dare to give him a hundred courage.


Not only did I not get the slightest benefit, but I ended up with such a miserable end.




At the same time, in the Si Ming Temple.


“Nalanjing, don’t struggle so hard, just grab it as soon as possible! Obediently let me devour your soul, don’t worry, this process will not be painful at all, but will be very happy, let us melt Let’s be one, I will take you to the pinnacle of strength, become the master of this world, let us control this world together, how about it?” The ghost master’s eyes flashed with a deep and strange light, not blinking. Han looked at Nalan Jing excitedly.


What he said also brought a strange temptation. His voice seemed to have penetrating power, penetrating into his mind bit by bit, as if he wanted to slowly eat away his will and his belief.


Nalanjing’s lips curled into a sneer, “Old Ghost Nether, do you think it’s possible? Without you, I can still be the master of this world, and you are destined to be just a loser! I advise you not to fight. My soul’s idea, want to occupy my body? You don’t have that ability!”


His body belongs to him, belongs to Yue’er!


Apart from Yue’er, no one else can get their hands on it!


A little bit, a little bit, he can completely break free of this **** soul chain and leave this hell!


He had a feeling, a strange feeling, that Yue’er had come to the Netherworld! This feeling is very strong!


He must get out of here as soon as possible, otherwise what if Yue’er is in danger?


“Humph! Don’t be complacent, it won’t exceed ten days at most! I will definitely be able to swallow your soul alive!” The ghost master of the ghost said angrily.


If Nalanjing takes the initiative to devour himself, this is the best, it can be effortless, and it will blend very well.


But this **** Nalan Jing, no matter what he says, he just won’t cooperate!


Humph, do you think that if you don’t cooperate, you can’t do anything about it?


Soon, I can devour him myself!


At this moment, the ghost master of the Netherworld suddenly frowned, and he felt a familiar feeling that he had not seen for a long time. It felt like…


His eyes flickered, and a flash of horror flashed quickly in his eyes, it was him!


He’s back! !


Impossible! He obviously blew himself to death six thousand years ago, and both his soul and body were shattered…


But just now he clearly felt the breath of that person! !


Don’t care about anything else anymore, the ghost master of the ghosts has a sullen face and hurriedly walked out of the Siming Palace. When he left the Siming Palace and stood on the Jiuyou Peak of Jiuyoumen, the breath disappeared, and in a flash Gone, as if it never appeared at all!


Jiujiu was walking in Shura City, and the ice flame was still transformed into a bracelet, wrapped around his wrist. There was a hint of excitement in his voice, “Little Master, I feel it! Master is in that direction!”


Jiujiu raised his head and looked in the direction Bingyan said, that is the direction of Jiuyoumen!


My mother really came here!


“Little master, shall we go to the master now?” Bingyan couldn’t help asking.


I don’t know how the master is there, whether he has successfully entered Jiuyoumen, and whether he needs support. Thinking of this, he can’t help but feel a little anxious in his heart, and he can’t wait to fly to the master’s side immediately.


The beautiful purple eyes narrowed slightly, and Jiujiu shook his head, “Not yet! I just accepted the inheritance, a lot of power has not been digested, the breath is very unstable, I need to find a place to digest it well. Yan, pay close attention to your mother’s breath these days, and call me immediately if something happens! I’ll find a place to practice first.”


“Okay.” Bingyan nodded without hesitation.


He looked up and looked at Jiujiu with a hint of doubt and surprise in his eyes.


It’s really strange for Jiujiu’s identity. He was originally an emperor’s warrior, but after accepting the inheritance, he suddenly reached the realm of an emperor’s warrior!


This is still he only accepts 40% of the inheritance power!


Forty percent of the power is so terrifying, if it is ten percent, I can’t even imagine what level it is!


I didn’t expect the master to give birth to a very big pervert! With such strength, he can advance to the rank very quickly, much faster than him!


I used to think that my talent was very good, but now compared with the little master, I can’t see it!


Mother, Daddy, you wait for me, Jiujiu will definitely come to you!


There was a look of uncompromising determination in the purple eyes.




Mu Qianyue was sitting in the yard, her brows furrowed. At this moment, all she could think about was how to enter the Siming Hall without knowing it.


“Xiao Yueyue, are you still used to being here?” Situ Mo walked in with a smile on his face.


I have nothing to do these few days. Situ Mo will always go to her place to walk around, saying that she is coming to see her and cultivate her relationship, but Mu Qianyue thinks that he is clearly monitoring her and not letting her She had the opportunity to inquire about the situation of the Si Ming Temple.


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