Fix Smile Order Chapter 1: The flying dragon is in the sky



In the seventh year of Jinglong, the world was peaceful.


In the morning, Tang Tianyuan went to the Imperial Academy Yingmao as usual. Summer is here and the sky is getting longer. When he went out, the sun had already risen halfway, glowing red, like a hot palm, gently touching the world.


How did you ask him to see the sun?


Because he was standing on the wall…


Tang Tianyuan doesn’t have any special hobbies. He used to like to go to the front door. But now… He turned his head to look east, and as expected, there were a few carriages crowded at the door.


Some carriages are simple and luxurious, and there is one with pink tassels hanging down and decorated with flowers, for fear that others will not know that a woman is sitting in it.


Precisely, all of these carriages should be women.


Tang Tianyuan had his hands behind his back, even though he was standing on the wall, his beauty was still not reduced by half. He raised his head and quietly looked at the copper-colored fish-scale clouds in the sky that were dyed by the sun. The breeze blew slowly, stirring his robes, and the air was filled with the scent of unknown flowers. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, feeling a little better because of the refreshing floral fragrance, the corners of his mouth curved a slight arc, but then he seemed to think of something, and the arc was quickly suppressed again.


Two years ago, Tang Tianyuan was twenty.


According to the convention, the top three in the top 1 – that is, the champion, the second place, and the third flower will be paraded together. In the play, it is said that the champion is “to become famous all over the world”, but this time, Tanhua Lang stole the limelight of the champion. The reason is simple: among the three, the third flower looks the best.


Tang Tianyuan has always been a talented person, especially the heroic spirit between his eyebrows. If he puts it in the crowd, he can immediately create the effect of standing out from the crowd. The champion is in his forties and bearded. He has a short stature and well-proportioned dark skin. Compared with these two, Tang Tianyuan looks even more handsome.


At the same time, Tang Tianyuan was talked about and deeply remembered by the people of the capital as well as his family background: he was the son of the cabinet chief.


The first assistant in the cabinet is equivalent to the prime minister, the absolute minister of the country, one person under ten thousand people. Tang Tianyuan has such a father, and he can study hard and pass the Jinshi exam himself, which shows that this person is studious and motivated. Compared with a group of scoundrels in the capital who only know how to fight cock-fighting lackeys and drink flowers and wine, Tang Tianyuan’s image is almost radiant.


Good looks, good family background, good character, and talented and willing to make progress. This is simply the ultimate mate selection criteria for women.


Just so, Tang Tianyuan hasn’t married yet.


Therefore, the number of matchmakers who came to tell Tang Tianyuan about their relationship gradually increased. This is nothing, men should be married and women should be married. But I don’t know since when, some girls who came to Tang Mansion have gathered at the gate, waiting for Tang Tianyuan to catch a glimpse of his heroic appearance when he came in and out. They all sat in the carriage and did not show their faces. They only lifted the curtains of the carriage to take a look when Tang Tianyuan passed by, accompanied by Yingying Chacha’s charming smile.


Usually at this time, Tang Tianyuan always bowed his head and walked away, pretending that he didn’t know anything. Some girls were more daring and deliberately threw a handkerchief and purse in front of Tang Tianyuan when he passed by. In this regard, he had to pretend to be blind.


He thinks they are probably just on a whim, and when the limelight passes, they will be quiet.


Soon he finds out how naive he is.


There are more and more carriages at the entrance of Tang Mansion, even the back door is not missed. The more people there are, the more complicated the composition is. Some people even saw the women in the brothel come to watch. Finally, some women who didn’t care much about fame and festivals were unwilling to just watch from a distance and began to get out of the carriage to molest Tang Tianyuan.


It’s really flirting, not only with frivolous words, but also with hands touching his face. Pity him, Tang Tianyuan, who has lived for more than 20 years, has not really touched a woman, and was suddenly molested by a group of girls like this, which is really embarrassing. But this kind of thing is not easy to report to the official. He is a big man, and he can’t argue with women, so he has to hide from a distance.


Actually, no matter how outstanding Tang Tianyuan is, he alone cannot create such a bizarre scene. There are other reasons for Tang Tianyuan’s growing fame and admirers.


Thinking of this reason, he felt even more powerless, and really didn’t want to mention it.


Tang Tianyuan stood on the wall and was sad for a while, then quickly jumped down and took the path to the Hanlin Academy. His home is not far from the Hanlin Academy, and it is not worth riding a horse, and he does not like to take a sedan chair.


There is a bookstore opposite the Hanlin Academy. It hasn’t opened yet, but a lot of people have gathered at the door, forming a long queue. I must be snapping up some good book. Tang Tianyuan swept across the team curiously, and saw that at the top of the line was the second-ranked brother who used to be the same as him and is now his colleague.


Tang Tianyuan walked over and said hello to the second brother.


The second brother was eating buns. When he saw Tang Tianyuan, he cheerfully asked him if he wanted to eat buns. Tang Tianyuan shook his head and asked, “What are you lining up to buy here?”


“Good book!” The second-ranking brother replied with bright eyes, “It’s Miao Miaosheng’s new book “Tang Feilong Fengyue Suppressing Bandits”.” The title of the book is a bit tricky, like a tongue twister, what the second-ranking brother said. Difficult, sprayed several saliva.


Tang Tianyuan took out a handkerchief and wiped it on his face, squinting and gritted his teeth.


Wonderful, wonderful, raw.


His gnashing of teeth was drowned out by the chatter of the crowd. The second brother’s thoughts were all on the buns and the book, and he didn’t notice Tang Tianyuan’s abnormality. He added, “Actually, this book can be bought elsewhere, but today this The bookstore sells an exclusive version of inscribed poems. The title page of each book has a poem inscribed by Miao Miaosheng, and it is also stamped with a private seal. It is the only copy in the whole capital, and there is no semicolon in this one… You come Not one?”


As he was talking, the bookstore opened. There were too many people queuing outside, so the guy had to set up a table at the door and put stacks of new books on it. The few words on the cover are exactly “Tang Feilong Fengyue Suppressing Bandits” that Tang Tianyuan couldn’t bear to take a closer look at.


There is a commotion in the crowd. A person behind the second brother heard their conversation and looked at Tang Tianyuan badly, “Do you want to cut the queue? Although we all know that Tang Feilong is your Tang Tianyuan, you can’t cut the queue.”


“I won’t cut the line, you guys continue.” Tang Tianyuan turned his head and wanted to leave.


“Don’t go!” The second brother pulled him back with great loyalty, while taking out a piece of silver and throwing it to the bookstore clerk, “I’ll buy two!”


The guy took the money and said with a smile, “I’m honored for your patronage. One person can buy up to three copies. Would you like another copy? I’ll save money.”


The second-place brother took three books and left the team, and shoved one of them into Tang Tianyuan’s arms, “Don’t be polite to me.”


Who is being polite to you… Tang Tianyuan was speechless and wanted to return the book to him, but he was beaten to death and refused to accept it.


Tang Tianyuan just carried this hot book into the Hanlin Academy. He really didn’t understand why so many people were willing to pay two or three times the price just to buy an extra page of poems. That Miao Miaosheng is a pervert, how can his writing be so good. Thinking of this, Tang Tianyuan deliberately opened the book, wanting to despise Miao Miaosheng’s calligraphy.


…it’s not bad.


Tang Tianyuan himself is quite accomplished in calligraphy, and his reputation is not small. Now I see Miao Miaosheng’s calligraphy. Although it is written in a hurry, it is clear and strong, and it is very unusual.


Ghostwriting, it must be ghostwriting.


He threw the book on the table and picked up another book to read.


And the second-place brother couldn’t wait to sit in his public seat, opening his precious new book with bright eyes.


Tang Tianyuan and the second-ranking brother were the editors of the Hanlin Academy at the same time, and they had the same positions, so they shared an office room. The two are facing each other, and usually they can see each other as long as they look up. According to the second-place brother, every time he looks up, he can see a man 10,000 times more handsome than himself, and he must find some spiritual support to survive. So he met Miao Miaosheng.


This wonderful life is not ordinary. The time he appeared was not long after Tang Tianyuan High School was the third flower and became famous all over the world. No one knows his life, and no one has seen his true face, but when he mentions his name, it is like thunder. This Miao Miaosheng has written several storybooks. Although they are also novels of Fengyue, they are different from ordinary talents and beautiful women. The images of men and women in them are very real and full; the plots are also unique and unexpected; meet the needs of elegant people. Therefore, his books have been very popular in the past two years. Every time a new book comes out, it will trigger a rush to buy. This is naturally what booksellers everywhere are happy to see.


Part of the reason why Miao Miaosheng’s book is so popular is due to the popularity of Tang Tianyuan. In each of his books, the protagonist’s name is “Tang Feilong”. “Book of Changes” said, “The flying dragon is in the sky”, doesn’t Tang Feilong mean Tang Tianyuan? Of course, this explanation is far-fetched, but you only need to open the book and read it to know the difference. Then Tang Feilong and Tang Tianyuan were born in the same year, and they were also the sons of the first assistant in the cabinet. At least when most people read Miao Miaosheng’s books, they unconsciously imagine Tang Feilong as Tang Tianyuan.


Therefore, there is a wonderful mutual promotion between Miao Miaosheng’s book and Tang Tianyuan. Thanks to Miao Miaosheng, there are countless people who want to give birth to Tang Tianyuan’s children, and they can tie a bow tie three times around the capital. Therefore, it is not surprising that so many people can gather at the gate of Tang Mansion, and some of them come to molest Tang Tianyuan.


People are afraid of being famous, pigs are afraid of being strong, and being a celebrity has to pay a price. Tang Tianyuan understands this. He really doesn’t mind being written twice, but that Miao Miaosheng has written something! In the first book, Tang Feilong is a modest gentleman on the surface, but he likes to be molested by women; in the second book, Tang Feilong is a weak boy who coughs half a mouthful of blood while walking three steps; the third book is even more bizarre, Tang Feilong was directly written as insane, he was alone during the day and another at night. Now that the fourth book is written, Tang Feilong has started to suppress the bandits, and suppressing the bandits will suppress the bandits, what is the matter with Guan Fengyue!


Tang Tianyuan really didn’t know what he would write this time with the evil taste of Miaomiaosheng, in short, he couldn’t bear to read it.


Looking up at the second-place brother on the opposite side, he was very engaged. Because he was too excited, the second brother squatted on the chair, holding a book in one hand and covering his mouth with the other, his eyes glowing, and bursts of smirk came out. That action, that expression, and that black and natural temperament, it was like the Great Sage Monkey King had seen his favorite female monkey.


Tang Tianyuan couldn’t bear to look at him even more, so he lowered his head, held his forehead in a daze, and his eyes fell on the book “Tang Feilong Fengyue Suppressing Bandits” on the table.


Finally, he reaches for it.


Every time, every time! Tang Tianyuan shouted desperately in his heart. He didn’t want to watch it every time, but he couldn’t help but watch it every time!


Opening the book, the opening chapter turned out to be quite normal. This is not Miao Miao Sheng’s style. Tang Tianyuan looked down with a heart, and when he saw the third chapter, Miao Miaosheng finally couldn’t help showing his true colors. Tang Feilong, as the imperial palace, fell into the hands of the bandits in the process of suppressing the bandits. This is not the point. The point is that the bandit leader is a broken sleeve. The black boss with broken sleeves stripped Tang Feilong naked and tied it to the bed. When he was about to do that unscrupulous thing, the heroine of the book arrived in time and rescued him.


Take off, light, get off, tied, in, bed, on…


As if completing a certain ceremony, Tang Tianyuan let out a long breath and slowly closed the book. There was such an exciting plot in the third chapter, and he really didn’t have the courage to watch it any longer.


To be honest, Tang Tianyuan suspects that Miao Miaosheng is a pervert who likes to cut off his sleeves, which is not the case in Fengyue novels written by normal men. When Tang Tianyuan read Miao Miaosheng’s book, he always felt the discomfort of being targeted by perverts. The black boss eight achievements in this book are the self-support of Miao Miaosheng, who wants to borrow the plot in the book for a perverted addiction.


Tang Tianyuan accidentally made up his mind about an old man with a grizzled beard, a grumpy face, and a wry smile.


He really couldn’t take it anymore.


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