Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei Chapter 4705: Go for retirement


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A-Nian didn’t have any special feelings about the gift, but Mu Qianxi was particularly looking forward to it.

The gift given by the Zhuanhun Ancestral Tree is absolutely extraordinary.

A variety of emotional threads that A Nian could never break through before were clinging to him and unable to get rid of them.

But now, it seems to be broken.

It’s not that it breaks, but it all rushes towards Yuma.

When it comes into contact with Nightmare, all of them are transformed into nightmares due to Nightmare’s ability.

In the beginning, it was just those creatures shrouded in nightmare.

Later on, the soul-turning ancestral tree expanded.

All the negative emotions that came towards Anian were generously given to Xiang.


“It’s so strong! I’m going to die.”

Having been hungry for so many years, I almost felt like vomiting.

“It turns out there are so many people in this world! So many creatures, too many, too many, no more, no more… burp…”

“A-Nian, do you feel much better?”

“Senior Zhuanhun Ancestral Tree, is this permanent?”

Mu Qianxi was very pleasantly surprised. Sure enough, Jiang was still very good at it. Senior Zhuanhun Ancestral Tree’s skill was so beautiful. Tiandao was furious, “You… Soul-turning Ancestral Tree, why do you do this kind of thing? You are not always compassionate, even if you protect garbage souls, you just let so many living beings suffer even more.” negative emotions

Emotional torture? “The Zhuanhun Ancestral Tree replied: “If all living beings want to strengthen themselves, they can only cross over by themselves. The Eternal Artifact is certainly powerful, but you don’t ask him to carry it so that all living beings can live an easy life and not be defeated by negative emotions. It’s all because of your dark selfishness, don’t think

I don’t know. ”

“Yes! I just want to see what it looks like when the Eternal Artifact is defeated? It’s very interesting to see Eternal in pain so much that he doesn’t want to live anymore. But I can’t figure it out, why are you helping the Eternal Chain?”

After having his thoughts exposed, Tiandao no longer concealed it.

Mu Qianxi took a deep breath. Do you really want to kill this thing?

Unfortunately, this thing is difficult to deal with.

I wonder if Shuijingying and the others will be able to stop this **** from ever existing after she has completely recovered and she has become super powerful?

The Zhuanhun Ancestral Tree replied: “Where’s my old man! In fact, I don’t have a very good heart. I have been suppressed and plotted by you for so long, and I don’t do anything to retaliate against you. That would be too aggrieved.”

Anyway, Tiandao did too many disgusting things and was repelled.

The clay figurines are still earthy! What’s more, the soul-turning ancestral tree has existed for tens of thousands of years.

“That depends, are you willing to do it?” Tiandao was furious.

“Nama, are you willing to take the blame?” Mu Qianxi communicated with Yan.

After eating enough, Xiang, who was no longer going crazy with hunger, finally regained his sanity.

Yan replied: “When I first met you, my decision to cooperate with you was indeed the right one!

“Not only am I free, but I can also have enough to eat. It’s great! Taking the blame or something? For me, it’s just eating!”

“But don’t you feel so exhausted that you are going to die?” Mu Qianxi said.

“I’ve been hungry for too long, and it’s a blessing to be able to die! From now on, there will be a steady stream of food delivered to my door, so I can lie down and eat leisurely. It’s so happy. It doesn’t matter if I’m full, just rest and eat again.” Xiang is extremely happy now. .

It is particularly painful for Anian because he is too sensitive and his ability to empathize is too strong.

For Nightmare, it’s like eating from a buffet, and it has no empathy at all.

Mu Qianxi smiled at Tiandao and said, “I agree!”

Tiandao’s current face is extremely unlucky.

It never took the nightmare seriously, it just felt that it was tightly shut down.

On the day it is released, just watch it go crazy, there is no other use.

It paid more attention to Iko and Matsuri, who would have expected that this thing wouldn’t listen to it.

In the end, the person who took the blame for Eternal Chain did so happily.

Nama agreed, and the next step was easy, the soul-turning ancestral tree took action.

The emotional threads of countless creatures entangled A-Nian, and were now transferred to Nightmare.

These negative emotions will naturally not disappear, but will be turned into their own nightmares, and their bad emotions will be digested by themselves.

Whether there will be any adverse consequences depends on each person’s destiny and character.

Originally, these are their own affairs and have nothing to do with Anian. They are the demons made by heaven. Ah Nian’s smile was a little more genuine, and he said to the Zhuanhun Ancestral Tree: “What a great gift. I’m flattered. Thank you. I will never worry or disappoint my companions again, and I can stay with them for a long time.” Everyone, stay with me

Master. ”

“Senior Zhuanhun Ancestral Tree, you are really amazing. My friends and I are very grateful to you.” Mu Qianxi smiled brightly.

A thick layer of dark clouds parted, revealing a sunny sky.

From now on, Anian will not have to suffer the torture that tortures him so much.

As for everything he endured before, it must have had an impact on Anian, and it was not small.

It doesn’t matter. With everyone together in the future, A-Nian will be able to slowly and completely come out of the shadow of the past.

Suddenly, Mu Qianxi felt that the presence of the soul-changing ancestral tree was getting weaker and weaker.

A tree of its size becomes transparent and cannot be touched.

“Qingying, the tree of life!” They are still there.

But when the power of life fell, its condition did not improve at all.

Mu Qianxi’s eyes dimmed, “Senior Zhuanhun Ancestral Tree, you did a great thing that created the way of death. You saved A-Nian, but the price…is the price that you disappear?”

Tiandao said angrily: “You old guy, you would rather sacrifice yourself to complete the Eternal Chain, and you won’t deal with me, right?”

The Zhuanhun Ancestral Tree smiled and said, “Child, I have no connection with the Eternal Chain and other eternal artifacts. I am not familiar with them, but I will not sacrifice myself like that.

“Me! It’s just that I’m old and retired. I will return to the sea of ​​reincarnation to take care of my old age. Don’t look like I’m going to lose my soul.

“I have been working hard for so long, why don’t you let me take care of you when you are old? The future of this world depends on you young people! I can’t help or intervene, so come on!”

Originally, the law of reincarnation is basically complete, and it should be retired to provide for old age.

Naihe was trapped here by the sacrifice created by Heavenly Dao, and now he has got what he wanted.

“Really?” Mu Qianxi looked into the sky and asked the similar people of the Soul-Transforming Ancestral Tree.

“Qian Xi, it’s true! Although I don’t understand the law of reincarnation, it’s still very different. I’m retiring! I also want to retire and no longer provide a steady stream of vitality to the world.” The tree of life used envy. replied in a tone of voice.

It’s just that when people retire, they can go to the Sea of ​​Samsara to take care of themselves, but it seems like there’s no place to go!

Dig a hole and bury yourself?

“No! You have to stay with Qian and protect her!” The Tree of Life was tempted by the soul-turning ancestral tree to want to retire, but Qingying refused.

“Okay, okay! Protect her and respond to her requests. I don’t ask for anything else. I beg her to be great in the future and find me a good place to retire.” Tree of Life replied.

The soul-turning ancestral tree returned to the sea of ​​samsara with those ancient souls that had not yet entered reincarnation.

Those souls are sent to reincarnation.

And it is a comfortable way to retire!

Mu Qianxi brought Jiuye and Xiaobai to the Tree of Life, “Do you still have power? Control their physical bodies.”

Then, looking at another white shadow, “Xiao Bai, do you still want this body? Your sword soul looks very strong, super powerful.”

Gu Baiyi nodded slightly, “I want it, but… not now!”

He looked at the sky warily, and there was a terrifying master who made all ancient swords feel the sword heart trembling, approaching here quickly. Tiandao suddenly burst into laughter, “Qian Xi, even if you break free and return to your own body, your heavenly blessing has really been sacrificed! Without the divine blessing, do you think you can escape death again and again? Do you seek victory in danger?”


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